Friday, May 22, 2009

Week 28 tummy

I know it might be a weird thing to say, but I'm so thankful I'm this pregnant right now.

The boy has been kicking and squirming, and it's just the best reminder that something fantastic is happening. It feels so good to have these regular nudges saying, "Hey, get ready! I'm going to be joining you all very soon!"

And I've also realized I'm so happy I'm having a BOY. Somehow, this is incredibly helpful.

As some of you know, I've long hoped that he looks like my side of the family. Or at very least, doesn't have Nick's older sister's nose. Or (either of) Nick's father's chin(s).

Because I try to trust in the goodness of the universe, let's assume neither will happen. And everyone has said I'll think he's cute anyway.

But I hope fervently that he has little recognizable pieces of my dad in him. That would make me really happy.

It's been a strange week of goodbye and reconnection, and yesterday I had a long talk with B, my most important relationship person prior to Nick. And longest, really, as he and I were together, even not including the on-off, many years more than I've known Nick.

He knows me really well. Or did, up to a firm and painful cutoff point. And still does, in many ways. He knows my core.

It's a story for another time, really, but it was so positive and cathartic to talk. His memories are of how interesting, charming, and generous my father was. These are good to hear.

But back on point: while discussing the kid as part of our catch-up, he assured me of the following. That while he's never met Nick, he knows how strong I am. And he fully expects my strong, stubborn genes to win out.

I decided to take it as a compliment.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!


  1. Trust me, sometimes those genes do win out. My husband has brown eyes, brown hair and olive skin. All dominant genes, right? Not quite. My daugther has yellow blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin (I really was hoping she'd get his skin) Now, you can argue that those genes exist in my hubby as well, but I believe that my (and my mom's) genes just kicked the other genes' butt!

    Happy Memorial day and I'm glad the boy is giving you some happiness!!!

  2. Hahaha Lisa are you that confident that Nick's sister will never read this blog?

    I'm so glad to hear the baby is bringing you some comfort and your family have been in my thoughts a lot these past few days.


  3. sounds like a compliment to me!

  4. Of course it's a compliment. And I'm so glad you got to have that conversation.

    Also, you look beautiful.

  5. I love the tummy photos. A major reason I love them is that you can still see shadows of your hard core stomach muscles... right on the side of where the baby is. That's intense. And an outward expression of how strong you are.

    Pregnant belly AND a lil bit of 6 pack abs = kickass!

  6. You've got me crying again over here. So glad you're glad about the BOY! Kick kick kick!

  7. Looking good Lisa, I'm so glad you've been able to find some comfort this week. And I don't think there's any way the boy will turn out bad considering who his parents are.

  8. The genes definitely win out. I am the spitting image of my Dad's mom who died when he was in college and it makes him so happy to watch me grow up into a woman that looks and acts a lot like his mom.

    I'm sure your little boy will grow up either looking or taking on the strong beautiful traits of your family and avoiding the less desirable ones of Nick's sister's nose and father's multiple chins :)

  9. I knew halfway through my pregnancy that I was probably goiing to be a single mom, and so I wanted a girl really, really bad. About a week before I delivered, I found out it was to be a boy. Actually, how I realized this, was a dream I had. HE popped out, and when I awoke, I knew. I was so scared about my ability to do as good a job. But it worked out just fine. What others told you about all doubts or disappointments dissapearing at first sight was true for me, too.

    Your blog is the first one I spent more than a minute with. I was hooked really fast, just glued to it, like I said, that week I was ill this winter. It still seems odd to me how I feel, how I actually care about you, somebody who I (although I learning: "never say never") will probably never meet. I'll be out in the garden and suddenly think "I wonder how the East Coast Gang is getting along? And when was that due date? Did she say?"

    If friends say they're coming out my way and will bring a new friend they want me to meet, the joke is "No, not more freinds! I already have more friends than I have time for!" ...And here I find myself thinking of you as a friend.

    Because you're such a cool gal, WoW, you have a lot of folks around the world, thinking fond thoughts and sending great energy your way! My style of prayer might be unorthodox, but you're in there!

  10. SO good to see the boy! i thought of you as i chose a grape soda this afternoon . . . for what it's worth (absolutely nothing, say it again), my son is the spitting image of me, and my daughter looks very much like my husband, (aka her father). your baby will be ADORABLE!!

  11. Your little sticky outy belly button is adorable.

  12. If my experience is any indication, Zeke is a dead ringer for me (albeit with Jason's coloring, which isn't a bad thing). Your boy will be adorable, regardless.

  13. Definitely a compliment, and I bet ANYTHING he's right. I can't WAIT to see this little bugger once he pops out!!!

  14. I love your belly pics! And I love that you're looking forward to seeing all of the people in your life in your little boy!!!

  15. I was thinking the same thing as Wendy. The Actor is the male me in looks and personality. Think me with all that testosterone.

    When you get a chance, may I have you address?

  16. Baby Boys rock Lisa and yours will be as gorgeous as. I mean look at you and Nick how could he be anything but cute as. My boy is 16 in a few months and planning this huge party and I keep thinking to myself
    "where has the time gone"
    Also my dad died when I was 19 and although it was years later that my son was born he has his grandads eyes and looks and certain little mannerisms that are my dad to a T. Every now and then he will do or say something that makes me think that dad isnt so far away afterall, just in the next room. :)


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