Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Because who doesn't love breasts and kidnapping and love curses and coming out?

If you are in DC and want a free evening of stories, I'm inviting you to the performance of our Story District storytelling class tomorrow night.

It's at 7:00 pm on October 21 at an art gallery, Studio 1469, in Columbia Heights.

Though the address is 1469 Harvard Street, directions say you enter through the back, on the 15th Street alley. Which makes it sound sort of like you're finding an unmarked door and doing the special knock and slipping the doorman cash so you can come in an drink bathtub gin.

(Apparently it's confusing enough that they made a funny little YouTube video showing you how to get there.)

In reality, you can come in for free and drink whatever you want, as it's BYO.

There are 10 of us who will be telling stories. I didn't know any of these people before the class began five weeks ago. In the process of  delving deep for story creation, we've become friends. These people are interesting, smart, and hilarious.

Story topics include: breasts; coming out; exorcism; kidnapping; a love curse; travel; war; and much, much more. Some have poignant moments, but way more laugh-out-loud ones.

There is something for pretty much everyone. Unless you're not not a laugh-out-louder. If so, this isn't for you. But it's for everyone else.

I'm nervous and excited and I plan to have a great time!

Bring a friend, a drink, a snack and come join us tomorrow night!

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