Monday, October 15, 2018

Day one of wear, Dr. Martens

I was super, super excited about my new Dr. Martens boots. Until the design flaked off on the first wear.

I'd heard how great they were from so many friends.

In June, I walked by a Dr. Martens store in Philadelphia. These New Order album cover Dr. Martens were in the window. They were glowing.

I'd never owned Dr. Martens boots before, and friends have raved about them. 

The woman at the store was charming. She was so excited I was buying them. She said until they were sprayed, you shouldn't get them wet. 

I'm between sizes, so she recommended an insole. And since I bought the insole, she sprayed them for me free of charge to seal them. 

And then it was a million degrees in DC, and not cool enough to wear my new Docs. Until last week.

So I wore them. Friends said it would take about a week or two of wear to break them in, and then they'd be magical.

It rained on my walk home. And the design started flaking off. 

They ended up looking like this. See all those silver spots?

What the hell?
So I called Dr. Martens, and they had me email them pictures and an explanation. And then they sent me an email with this:

*The return process generally takes 4-6 weeks.
*We do not make repairs.
*We offer exchanges only, no refunds.
*Be aware, that if the style and/or color you have returned is no longer available we will substitute a comparable style.
*We are unable to make accommodations based on individual style preferences for replacements.
*We cannot return your original shoe if they are found defective.
*If the boots are found to be damaged due to a wear and tear issue, they are unfortunately returned to you.
What kind of customer service is this?

The return process takes 4-6 WEEKS.

They decide if your boots were defective, and if so, they'll replace them.

They told me on the phone they no longer have the style I bought. This email says they'll send you a "comparable style"--and they won't accommodate your preference. 


I  don't want some random replacement boots that someone else chooses for me. I wanted these boots. Until the design flaked off. 

Now they look terrible.

Who wants Dr. Martens boots you can't wear in the rain?

Friends have told me their Dr. Martens have lasted years, even decades. They wear them for everything, and they're great in winter.

What kind of quality is this? And are you kidding me with the customer service?

Why would I ever buy Dr. Martens again?