Friday, April 13, 2012

38 weeks. Filter is gone. Long, long gone.

Yah, so when I woke up this morning, I was pretty sure my belly had doubled in size. I realize that's unrealistic, but it feels like it has.I had no intention of doing a tummy picture this week, but I couldn't resist, because I'm just astounded by the enormity. Even though I've been told I was even bigger with Jordan.

So once again, here I am in Michele's office. Skinny, glamorous, so fucking fit, high-heel wearing Michele's office. This time all, the hell?

Maybe my stomach hasn't actually doubled, but it is definitely bigger than yesterday. Seriously, a lot.It's like there's this huge tender bulls-eye around my belly button, too. I keep bumping that one hurty spot. Because my stomach sticks out so much farther than I think it does.

A friend of mine told me weeks ago that this baby sits lower than Jordan did, and I'm just lately realizing that it's true. Because now that my tummy is this big, there's so little room below it to keep my pants up. I'm constantly scooting them up on the sides.

I lumbered into the kitchen the other morning, one hand on each side of my waistband, complaining to Nick. "It's so annoying! My pants slide down constantly because my stomach is so big it pushes them down! But I suppose you already know all about what I'm talking about."


"Did you really just say that to me?"

(Crap. I did. But so totally not maliciously. can probably commiserate? Kind of thing?)

"Oh, God! Not on purpose! By accident! Water's boiling! Tea? I love you!"

No graceful recovery.


  1. I think you need to have that baby now. Before you say much of anything else. Just read aloud to Nick tonight. And read a lot this weekend too if you have to, you know?
    I think that would just be best for everybody.

  2. Okay, well, I guess it's good there's 7 days in the week. I don't think today is one of the 3-5 :)

    Lovely photos of you. You're adorable! The first one is priceless, love the expression on your face.

  3. Beautiful! Also, hahahaha whoops!

    Confidential to BG: you come on out the moment your mom says the house is ready, you hear?

    We called our first one BG before she was born, and once when we were talking with my 8 year old nephew about possible names, he said "I think you should name her Beegee! Beegee is a nice name."

  4. ha! the way your clothes fall in this photo it looks like you've strapped on one of those fake bellies!
    also, as soon as i read that she was sitting low i unconsciously started doing kegels.
    it's getting so close!! i can't wait to hear that she's arrived (and OF COURSE i'm DYING to know her name!!!!)

  5. When you say something like that, you can follow it up with my family's most oft-repeated phrase: "Not in a mean way." It really comes in handy. :)

  6. Now THAT's a belly! I love it!! You look absolutely fantastic, Lisa. Gorgeous!


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