Monday, January 06, 2014

How's your day going? I mean really?

"How are you?" "How's it going?" "What's up?"

We say this as a greeting. We say it in passing. Mots of the time, what we mean is, "Hello!"

And when asked our automatic response tends to be something along the lines of: "Fine, thanks. You?" "Not bad." Or maybe, "It's Monday."

This is the exchange we expect, I think. Every once in a while you might say, "How's it going?" and the person will shock you with a response like bursting into tears, or saying something like, "My dog died."

I know I've done this to people. Sometimes you are carrying something so close to the surface that you cannot manage a normal response.

But sometimes, sometimes you ask, and you get real answers. I'm sharing something I posted on Facebook this morning. Really, I was venting, and maybe looking for a little sympathy.

The real-life, candid, thoughtful answers I got absolutely delighted me. I could so relate to all of the responses, and some of them made me giggle, and one of them made me so glad that he hadn't vomited on me while on my shoulders in a department store (you win with the puke, Lesley).

We've all got our stuff going on, you know?  So, how are YOU today?

Yah, so my morning began with my son vomiting at the breakfast table. How's your day going?

Ha ha! Better than in the bed where you'd have to change the sheets. See? Always a positive side!

I hope he feels better soon!

Yikes! -15 degrees here and husband with the flu. Thanks for asking;)

yelled at Zoe so loud this morning I think I woke up the neighbours. I just can't do mornings anymore, they are Sean's domain. Really, just put on your frikking snowsuit!!!!

I had a long commute in today, but believe me I'd rather have that than deal with puke at the table. Hang in there.

Well, our son locked his bedroom door and refused to get up, so missed the bus and had to be driven...

Gotta love these kids, but probably easier than your morning! I still remember the stomach bugs. Could tell you some good stories - like the time Chloe was on Stephans shoulders at the 'Macy's' equivalent store in Germany and threw up all over him (that was our first experience w a stomach bug - fun times!!)

Kory Danielle
Well i have been home with all 4 kids since december 20th, they canceled school again today!! So here we are again home together.

I'm trying to figure out how to answer Angie's questions about death and dying. Nana, I can manage, but she asks things like "Do kids die?" I'm at a loss.

Kids bitched and moaned about waking up because it's been two weeks since they needed to. Youngest threw a fit about his socks (but he always does). The puppy ate a book. And I'm overcome by a surprise but heavy bout of sadness. Yay Monday.

Oh no sorry. Hope he's feeling better.

My dog decided to eat something out of the trash last night, so I put her in Time-Out. Now she's not speaking to me this morning.

Stepped on glass and cut my foot and have been trying to stop the boys from killing each other all day (its only noon).

Kids school got canceled due to yet another snow day... Uuuggghhh... Hope your day gets better... Hugs...

how do you do time out Bobby Evans - I need that for my dog?

Amy, my dog knows when she's in trouble and she puts herself in Time-Out. She just walks into her room and sits in the corner. She is still avoiding me today.

Bobby, I wish I had that control over my dog. My daughter left to go back to college Sunday so he is down.Won't be happy around me, won't eat for days and he wont even be in the same room with me right now. he gets depressed when she comes back and forth. I can take this but he behavorial problems are about to drive me up the wall (sheltered dog - from a dog hoarders - 2 years old). I have no life anymore!!

Hugs to you and Jordan! I feel okay but woke up without a voice. If only there were a gentleman caller to use this husky sexy voice on, but alas no. Stay cozy Lisa

Came home from Denver to have a nasty, loud argument with my 20yo son. Here I go again. Bigger the kid, bigger the problem. But still, I wish Jordan feeling better real soon and that it does not make its rounds at your house!

awwweeesome...ugh. We had a haircutting incident this weekend, but vomit tops.


  1. I always ask people "how's it goin?" and mean it. We were actually very good today, despite it being like minus 40 windchill. Jane and I stayed in all day, putzing around. Nathan came home and I went to a hot yoga class. Now we are going to drink tea with whiskey and watch Breaking Bad.
    Sorry to hear about the puke though! Jane threw up for the first time ever right before Thanksgiving, on my head, when I was taking her boot off. It almost went in my eye!

    1. MINUS 40 WINDCHILL! Yikes!

      I am certain that it was very terrible, but oh, you made me laugh. Getting your head puked on, almost in your eye! So gross!

  2. Replies
    1. I loved the whole exchange. Really enjoyed it. Loved hearing what was going on with people, and I loved the dog problems!


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