Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One boob correction and two details or maybe three

Correction: Boobs. I had a long chat with Maude yesterday and it turns out I was wrong about the boobs.

I mean, yes, the women did roll them up like tin cans. But Maude said they rolled them under, rather than up. This seems like it would be a lot more difficult to execute.

She agreed, but said that it was aesthetically more pleasing. Which I guess would be true. I revised the picture to reflect this - you can judge.

I just felt you ought to know. I'd hate to mislead any of you.

Detail: Truth of Mood. Also, please bear in mind how truth of mood I am.

I always mean what I say, emphatically and entirely, the moment I say it. So last week, when Nick emailed me the picture of Cheladas, and asked if he should buy some, I said, "No way in hell. Don't even think you're going to kiss me with beer tomato clam breath."

And then like 12 hours later I was all, "So, we should totally try this! Would you bring some home?"

I don't mean to be difficult. It's more like I've already forgotten my prior position. Yes, a number of men in my past found this challenging.

Fortunately, Nick is strong like bull.

Detail: Fall hikes. It's not that I hate hiking, or even hate fall that much. I mean, it makes me nervous, because it's pre-winter. These are the fall dreads.

My issue is with the people who don't understand depression, who think that telling you things like "Cheer up!" "Go dancing!" "Snap out of it!" is helpful. They are the same ones who say, "Oh, just take a nice hike! That'll make you feel good!"

I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from hiking in the fall. Take your nice fall hike and send me a picture. Seriously. I promise I don't sit around all "Fuck the fucking fall hiker fucks!"

This reminds me! Fall! Fucking Shoulder Season! What I would really like to know is, how is a person to get dressed anymore? Do you know how hard it is to dress for fall when it insists on being hot and humid?


  1. The only concession I make to the season is that I don't wear white pants or skirts. But if it's hot and humid, I dress in light clothes. My go-to combo is a camisole/tank with a sweater/button down/blazer for inside the office.

    This whole darkish-when-I-leave-for-work thing is NOT GOOD. I plan to self-madicate with baked goods. Because unlike a fall hike, sugar DOES make me feel better, albeit temporarily.

  2. I appreciate the boob correction. I love LG art. Does this get old, me telling you this?

    I admire how truthful you are. Your perspective is fascinating, especially (not despite) when it goes from "hell no" to "definitely!" :)

    Big hug to you! I'm annoyed at people at work who keep telling me to "rest" because I can't get over this awful cold. Like I can take a nap under my desk or stay home for 10 days straight.

  3. Do you think they all roll them under, or its like the great toilet paper debate with the over or under decision?

  4. do they tie them in a knot do they tie them in a bow? Do they throw them over the shoulder like a continental soldier do their boobs hang low....sorry your post just made me start singing this song from my childhood .....lol sad really.
    Spring has finally sprung here so its warming up so I am sending you lots of warm spring thoughts to try and alleviate your fall dreads. That is all.

  5. Jessica - Yah, I'm not wearing white either. But I am struggling with the pant situation. I don't have inbetweeny ones.

    As for the dark...grrr.

    HKW - Never! It never never never gets old!

    Big hug to YOU! I assume you have the same cold Jordan had, which he gave to me...it is the cold of eternity, like winter in Narnia. Seemingly endless.

    Lisa - Hahahahahaha! I would think that people might have personal preferences. Certainly.

    Go-Betty - Now you have ME singing that song! It is pretty funny.

    So glad spring has finally arrived for you! Oh, delicious spring!

  6. Your "like winter in Narnia" comment just made me laugh. Which unfortunately involved snot. Feel better soon!

  7. God, again with the rolled-up boobs! It's a fucking riot and will never, ever get old.

  8. I can get the pre-winter blues about 3 weeks into Fall myself. Hiking wouldn't help. ;)

  9. So with the boob thing, it makes more sense - I am thinking you could kinda tuck them in place that way.

    As for hiking, I just figured out recently that hiking is a fancy word for walking in a natural setting. Perhaps you should respond to the "Hey, Cheer up" people with "Take a hike" which in my mind is the equivalent of fuck off.

    Fall, fall? Oh I wish, I soooooo want to go fall shopping especially for boots but, alas... its Florida. I will never get to wear them and it drepresses me to no end.

  10. Sophie's Sean9/29/2010 1:01 PM

    I recognize the Truth of Mood in Sophie. She can be quick and nimble in her plans like a dolphin. I'm more like an ocean freighter, taking a long time to change direction. Sometimes I'm like a train.

  11. I totally get what you mean re: fall hikes and fucking fall hikers. I mean, yeah, I'm really happy that fucking yoga makes you feel better, Mom. I have nothing against fucking yoga. I just don't want to participate. Gawd.

  12. All of my clothes are WRONG. All of them.


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