Thursday, January 06, 2011

Share some love

Say you really, really loved someone, with all your heart. You know how good it feels? Then say the other person decided that being with you was no longer what they wanted. You know how gut- and heart-wrenchingly terrible that feels? In times like that, you need all the support you can get.

Please give sweet HKW some virtual hugs.


Say you've gotten recognition for doing something you find fulfilling, like blogging. Say it's from BlogHer. That would make you feel kind of great, wouldn't it?

Let's offer The Empress and Taming Insanity congratulations!


Say you're turning 30, and while 30 is a fretty milestone, you know who you are, and you recognize and embrace the good and the bad. And you're going on a tropical vacation. In January.

Wish Lemmonex a safe trip and a happy birthday!


  1. Love makes the world go round, ya know.

  2. Love and hugs to everyone. I didn't know Lemmonex was back! Hadn't she quit blogging for a while? Glad to see her again!

  3. Ahhh....


    So I typically check in on your blog when I can read a week's worth of posts and get a good dose of Gloria. It's my system, don't judge.

    I don't always comment but I always read. I started reading when you were about 27 weeks pregnant with J and before I had a blog. I read because I enjoyed it. It's a nice respite from my life. Your words are personal and funny and touching in a way I don't think I can get to. I love reading here.

    So, when I just now got down to this post and saw my name, I shit you not, I held my breath. And tried not to squeal. And it meant more to me than the BlogHer thing. I shit you not.

    So, thanks.


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