Thursday, July 10, 2008

54 different directions! At the same time! Time! Need more time! And less caffeine! And maybe some gin!

I'm all runny-aroundy today trying to get ready to head to Chicago tomorrow morning.

On an ordinary day, I move fast. You can only imagine what a little whirlwind I am lately. The other day one of those parking police guys laughed at me walking by as fast as my short legs can move me.

"Slow down! You could get a ticket!"

It made me giggle and was a good way to pull me out of my super-intense forward motion.

But right now I feel like, geez, I just got back from Maine, and barely got all my clothes clean, and now I have this five-day work trip that I'm just not ready for.

So much to do. Not enough time!

Because, you know when you're trying to get out of the office for a big meeting, and you have all your own things to deal with - and you could adequately get them all done without a problem, but then people drop random stuff on your pile for you to contend with immediately and you need to step in because someone else is gone and also, oh, look, someone needs you to revise something that you already sent out and you have to get that donerightaway! so you can print a number of copies to take with you and you're already juggling 17 things even without having to redo work because other people didn't actually run things by the people on their end before saying sure! it's correct! send it out! and then on top of that you need to pack and you're trying to get all your wedding invitations sent out because now you are really really down to the wire and seriously, who knew that all of this stuff would take so much time - time! which is really what you're lacking, and if you just had a little more time. . .

It makes you want to just dump it all into a run on sentence, pour yourself a large glass of gin, and sit in a corner and swill it, you know?


  1. i remember that feeling from when i used to travel 70% for my job. unpacking, laundry, repacking, out the door. it was a great time and i miss it but oh how i bitched about it back then. it's crazy when you feel like you never get to just sit down and relax!

    have some gin on the flight : )

  2. Remember the ducks! (in ME, the cute little ducks passing)

  3. notsojenny - I can't *imagine* travelling that much! This frazzles me! Heh. Not on the flight - I have to work. But maybe tomorrow night.

    VVK - Hugs back, my friend. :)

    HKW - That is such a fantastic reminder! Thank you!

  4. I really don't like gin. Or moving too fast in many different directions. Good luck with the trip and the stress and the little-leg- fast-walking-ticket-getting.


  5. Even though I also don't like gin, I have noticed that a proportionate increase in productivity may be measured by an equally proportionate increase in alcohol units.

    I'm not saying you will necessarily be any further along with what you have to do, but I think you will feel like you are further along, thus freeing your mind up to focus on more things at once.

    I think.

    Have a fun trip!

  6. I haven't commented in a while! But the fact that you get to go to Chicago and I don't creates just enough envy to stir me out of my comment-less lethargy! Hope you have a wonderful trip! I'm so jealous! Chicago is my favorite city in the whole world!

  7. Nicole - Yah, a lot of people don't, it turns out. I think all that time in India gave me a taste for it. Thanks! :)

    Ryane - Thank you! It is true. There is always a shocking amount of alcohol consumed on these trips - maybe that's why?

    Simple Scholar - Thank you! I love love love Chicago as well! I'm really hoping to have a little time to get out and about.


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