Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vacation! Bucolic beauty! Makes me a little twitchy...

We're going to Maine! In a couple minutes!

Maine! I've never been! It looks so beautiful in pictures!

We fly to Boston and then drive. The tickets were pretty spendy flying to Portland. But it's going to be a gorgeous drive. I've never spent any time in New England! Yay!

My parents have rented a place there for a week. We're joining them for three days.

They keep calling and saying, "I can't hear you! Hello? Hello?"

Cell reception seems to be spotty.

Nick asked if I'd like to leave laptops at home. Has he met me? And then he just said that we might not get internet anyway.

Twitch, twitch.

What kind of place is this Maine?

Anyway, happy happy 4th of July to all of you! Big hugs and if you're a firework setter offer, please remember all those kids who blew off limbs and eyes and such in those safety films they used to show in school.


  1. Are you spending any time in Boston? It's really pretty here this time of year... once you get past the monsoons. But I think you're safe for today.

  2. I was a foreign exchange in Brunswick, ME when I was 15/16. There was no public transportation there whatsoever and the town had one taxi cab. Moving from Rio/Brasilia with millions of people where you can get public transportation from anywhere, and hail a cab in two seconds, it was a shock.

    But the place was beautiful!!!

  3. Maine is gor-ge-ous!! Enjoy and happy 4th!!

  4. Ooops -- I was a foreign exchange student. Forgot the student part...

  5. Hope you have a fun, safe, not so twitchy time!

  6. Oh fun!! Please please...can you post a pic or two when you get back?
    BTW - did you ever resolve the honeymoon location issue?

  7. I'm completely obsessed with my computer when at home in the 'burbs, but the minute I get to the Cape, relaxation mode sets in and I could care less than I'm without technology.

    Maine is beautiful - enjoy it free of computers, Blacberries, and such. And yes, pictures! Lots!

  8. Have fun in ME, take photos! Landscapes! I won't be carrying the watermelon July 4th but I'll gladly have a slice.

  9. Ohh! I just got back from visiting Maine!! It's lovely- and the food is YUMMY (my hunger has gone into overdrive) but we only spent 2 days there.
    On the way to Portland there is the Stonewall Kitchen (Route 1) tons of samples, and we picked up snacky stuff for our hotel.
    If you're spending any time in Portland see if you can get reservations for 555- it was wonderful, and the wine list looked very popular (not that I partook, but lots of wine drinkers). I had the tasting menu and Dan picked out the Ceasar Salad, Mussells and Macaroni with Truffles and Lobster-all different and amazing (the salad was grilled). Good thing he shared because I would have cried if he didn't.
    Anyway, Duckfat was also really great, but I imagine that to be more up Nick's alley (fries- fried in duckfat) but I think they have some good salads.
    Last time I was in Portland I hopped on a ferry and then explored one of the islands- I think you can rent bicycles to make that easier.
    Also if you end up in Freeport (cheesy but it's like a vortex)
    Alan Edmonds has a shoe store (Dan has superwide feet and they are the only maker who has EEE. Somehow I think Nick might have big feet, perhaps because he's 6'4") they had some great prices on shoes- $300 shoes were on sale for $100.
    Geeze, that was a long comment- Have a great trip!

  10. I meant Blackberries.

    Stupid typos.

  11. Happy 4th! Have a great time! I was in Portland once, briefly, on my way to Quebec City. It was very nice, hope you didn't hit too much traffic!

  12. Everything about this post makes me love you.

    "Twitch, twitch. What kind of place is this Maine?"

    Also? this post made you sound a little British. Which is pretty spectacular.

  13. Wow - At Logan on the way home and now have enough internet to comment back!

    UnderCoverElizabeth - Unfortunately, no time in Boston. I was only in Boston once when I was maybe 16 - I definitely would like to come to Boston just to see it. What a cool city.

    Beach Bum - It's like reading over your own typos - I totally inserted "student" when I read "foreign exchange." Wow - I can't imagine coming here from such an immense and cosmopolitan place. It is incredibly gorgeous, but what a cultural switch!

    Ryane - You are not kidding. Maine is one of the prettiest places I've ever been. Hope you had a great 4th!

    DCup - It was so fun and very safe. I hope yours was as well. This much rural makes me twitch, though. It's so beautiful and serene and I'm all, yes, it's incredibly gorgeous, but why the fuck can't I have internet?

    Susan - We did take pictures! Ohh, we took pictures. Every time we turned around something was prettier than the last thing. Somehow. Even though the landscape doesn't vary THAT much. And yes! Just really really decided! Turkey!

    HKW - No carrying of watermelons, but I had a slice, too! Man, do I love watermelon! And yes, pics to come! And I'm sure you'd have taken more landscapes, but I did take some and will post!

    East Coast Teacher - I don't have a Blackberry (yet - next week I get one for work) and really, the internet signal was so weak it took forever for anything to load. So we were as technologically isolated as I've been in years. I think in two more days I'd have chilled out enough to not be all fretty about it. Man, can you see a lot of stars!

    Mary - Your comment was awesome and I so wish I'd posted this Weds and had all the input before we took off. I've passed your recommendations on to my parents, though, who are staying several more days. Man, I wish we were. We stopped in Portland for lunch on the way up. I am so sad that we missed Stonewall Kitchen but we ate really, really well. My mom and I spent a couple hours in Portland yesterday but really just window shopping and poking our nose...because we spent the bulk of our time in Freeport, As you said, cheesy but like a Vortex, and the truth is, I'd have gone again if we were there more time. So many bargains! Like magic! Alas, Nick opted for the kayaking with my dad and I can't buy shoes for him. But next time, for sure.

    mrsmac - Traffic today was kind of sucky but mostly it was all good. I have never been to Quebec and just learned how close it is to here! I am dying to go.

    Nicole - You know I am pure nuts about you, always. I very much appreciate your support! :)The three people I was with - my beloved and my parents - see it as sort of a character flaw that I get all twitchy.

  14. Character flaw? nonsense.

    The twitchy types are the pretty types.


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