Monday, July 07, 2008

Maine, Maine, and more Maine. Plus a couple of my people.

I really really wanted to get these up because I leave for Chicago the end of the week, and if it doesn't happen before then, it won't.

And does anyone else find putting pictures in order in Blogger is super irritating?

So very low on text or much organization, but briefly, let me tell you. We stayed on one of those fingers sticking out into the water. This is the cabin where we stayed. All the photos except a couple of Nick's childhood summer camp were taken right in our back yard.

And I love this tree. It was next door.

Super cool swirls on this tree trunk.

The seaweed is kind of creepy and so fascinating.

Close up of one of the rocks.
Nick went to summer camp here for years and years. There were no showers, and they used to bathe in the lake. Even now, they have no internet or phones. It's all about being rural and outdoorsy. Eeee. He loved it.

Somehow, all the old camp people we ran into could tell just by looking at me that I'm not the camp type. Odd, that.

And I have to put this up because she's just so cute you want to squeeze her. Betty found some nice wood down by the water.


  1. Sooooo pretty. Sigh. It just looks like the perfect summer weekend. Thanks for posting the pics.
    And on a side note, Betty has a super cute purse!!!

  2. Beautiful photos! Glad yall had a nice time in Maine. I like the
    2nd photo of a tree at dusk, the one above the bark swirls. The branches make an "L" for Lisa :)

  3. that tree you love is very neat... great picture of it too (with the clouds and whatnot)

    and ps. (not sure how creepy this will sound, but here goes...)these are the first images i've really seen of you and your Betty- she's gorgeous! it's so nice to know that you won't loose your looks as you age! (because some people as pretty as you, their Betty's? not so hot)
    lucky you and lucky nick : )

    *apologies for any blogger creepieness implied*

  4. Yay! pictures!

    You all look great! And what a lovely place.

  5. Susan - It was a perfect summer weekend, for sure. Thank you for saying that! We made that purse!

    HKW - Glad you liked them! Ha - yes - L for Lisa - yay!

    notsojenny - No, not creepy at all. Thanks, that's nice of you. I think my Betty is just the cutest thing ever. :)

    DCup - Thanks! Yes, lovely, so lovely! I am so wishing I were there rather than in my little grey cube right now.

  6. Some of your close ups (tree bark, seaweed) remind me of a pretty good photo exhibit at the Phillips.

    Glad you had a good time!

  7. Great photos, looks like a blast! And good for Betty! ;-)

    And a big fat YES to this!
    And does anyone else find putting pictures in order in Blogger is super irritating?

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  9. Putting photos up on blogger makes me want to reach for my hari kari knife.

    Betty is adorable. She reminds me of my mom, who I also think is insanely cute.

  10. What a wild and gorgeous coastline! And I love all the pictures of you and your people, especially the one of Betty in the red coat. Thank you for sharing. :)

  11. lacochran - Hey, cool! Thanks!

    mrsmac - It was a blast! I know - isn't the picture thing incredibly irritating? Why does it have to be so damn annoying? It puts the newest ones first, and moving them is difficult. Grrrrrrr.

    Wendy - Ha! I'm glad you practice self-restraint. We'd miss you.

    I have to admit, except for remembering your mom swimming laps, I don't remember what she looks like. But I am sure she's super cute!

    A.S. - It is really dramatic, isn't it? And I love that one of Betty in red, too. :)

  12. I had to show my husband the pictures of Nick's summer camp to make sure it wasn't his summer camp. I was hoping for one of those freaky interweb connections, but no dice, as evidently every boy's camp of a certain era bathed in lakes, and had cabins nestled in the (piney) woods.

    I bet Nick knows a lot of songs from that era too, with refrains about the sun setting over the lake and obscure Ivy League references.

    It's okay, you should still marry him.

    Karen, random reader

  13. Great pictures. Even greater than the pictures? the fact that you called them your people.

  14. That camp is too cool. I expected to see Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichol at any second...;-)

  15. Chiming in on how cute your mother is! She looks really huggable- like I imagine small children running to her all of the time for hugs.
    P.S. After our trip to Freeport and then a really cool rummage sale in Western Mass. we ended up having to ship some things home. But my bronze coal scuttle and new shoes will make me the talk of the town:)


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