Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrity crushes

Celebrity crushes are an odd thing, aren't they? They're no threat to your relationship; they don't even affect your real world. I'm not quite sure what they're about.

But they're fun. I like having them.

So in Chicago I developed a massive celebrity crush on Magic Johnson.

Truly. The man is incredibly good looking. And so charismatic. And he radiates kindness. He really does.

I announced this immediately upon arrival home. "I have a new celebrity crush!"

And instead of being interested in my new crush, Nick asked, "What? Did you have an old celebrity crush?"

When I thought he knew full well it was Jon Stewart. He is not so much for the celebrity crush, that one.

So anyway.

Magic Johnson was scheduled to speak at one of our sessions on the work he's done to revitalize urban communities. We'd also invited him to our community service project, in which we were refurbishing an elementary school. And he accepted.

Honestly, he walked in the door and smiled, and you just felt like he was so glad to be there. If he was faking it, he faked a long number of hours really well. He walked around shaking hands, thanking people for their work. He talked to the kids who were there.

He smiled the whole time - and his smile is like sunshine. He signed autographs. He posed for every picture anyone asked him to.

At no moment did he act like he was too important or too busy for any of this. Rather, he looked at you like you were exactly who he wanted to be speaking with, and that all was for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds.

Not to get all Candide on you.

He's clearly so passionate about rebuilding urban communities, about providing education, jobs, and opportunities. It's not that he's not making money - of course he is. But he's turned his attention to populations that have definitely been under-served and lacking in possibilities.

I was to accompany the photographer to the next event so that we'd get there before Magic Johnson arrived.

On an aside - I need Lisa-style directions, and anyway, nobody should trust me to find anything. Most people already knew this. Those who didn't learned last week, when I led the photographer the exact wrong way. Thus keeping Magic Johnson waiting. Fortunately, he's a kind man. But I still heard about it from my colleagues for the rest of the conference.

But rewind to our project.

I'd like to say I'm not one to be starstruck, but I got stuck watching him choose Clif bars.

I'm not kidding.

There were all these snacks and beverages, and just as he was about to head to the next event, he was offered some for the road. I happened to be grabbing bottles of water for the photographer, bus driver, and myself just as he was doing this.

I know I went into slow motion, dazed, all, wow! I'm watching Magic Johnson pick out snacks!

It was definitely an Us Magazine "The stars! They're just like us! They eat Clif bars!" kind of moment. Except that instead of being caught looking his worst all puffy-eyed and in sweats, as those pictures usually depict, he looked all sparkly and happy, and, well, magic.

There I was all, "Ohh, I bet he's going to go for peanut toffee crunch...That's a good one." (Although myself, I prefer oatmeal raisin walnut.)

My reverie was broken as one of our VPs said, "Lisa. Lisa! I think the photographer needs to leave."

Out loud I said, "Oh, sorry! I'm ready!"

But in my head I was all, "But now I'm never going to know if he chooses the peanut butter kind! Or maybe he'll pick chocolate! Or...!"



  1. If I ever met Javier Bardem they woudl have to use the jaws of life to pull me off.

    I met Fran Drescher (I have a really random and disturbing obsession with The Nanny) and I was tongue tied. My ex said it is the only time he has seen me speechless. I went speechless for the freaking Nanny.

  2. I know that feeling. The best news I heard all weekend was that Salma Hayek has finally decided to leave that billionaire boyfriend of hers. It is only a matter of time now.

  3. Lemmonex - Ok, both the "jaws of life" and you getting speechless for the Nanny are completely hilarious!

    Restaurant Refugee - She's leaving him? Wow. You know, if I were a guy or a lesbian, I would be madly in love with her. She is exactly who I would love to look like.

  4. what are clif bars?

    so does this mean you don't have a list? you know, the celebrities that are in the clear. magic and jon, that's a start of a good list :-)

  5. Oh, I totally understand the crush. He has such a beautiful, shiny skull!! Don't you just want to touch it?
    He is topped, on my list of celeb crushes, by Colin Powell. And, once upon a time, I was crushing just the tiniest bit for Ben Stein (or really, Ben's brain). I wonder which Clif bar Colin would pick?

  6. mrsmac - Oh, Clif bars are so good - they're energy bars. But yummy with a good texture. And I know, weird, but I don't have a list. Or anyway, now I have a list of two.:)

    Susan - I really did want to! But I'd have to have stood on a ladder! Man is he tall! Hahah - I love the wondering of the Clif bar.

  7. Wow - Magic Johnson! Lovely to hear he's so generous and nice. Your job sounds rewarding.

    Christian Bale is a new celebrity crush for me. Batman is my favorite comic hero - being nocturnal and all. And I'd love to hear Christian talk about "Empire of the Sun".

  8. How about Stephen Colbert? Cute AND funny. AND smart.

  9. I'm trying to figure out who I'd go crazy for and I'm not having much luck. Except I keep thinking it would be Bradley Whitford. But mostly because of how I feel about The West Wing. I would definitely, definitely watch him choose Clif Bars.

  10. Rest Ref- you are going to have to fight me for her.

  11. LJ - I'm sorry to say I find him irritating. So many of my friends love him but he just doesn't do it for me. He's a little delicate or something.

    Nicole - Bradley Whitford on West Wing is definitely a clever choice. I'd watch him choose Clif bars as well.

    Livitluvit - Heh.

  12. Mine would be a tie between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. I have a thing for Brits...what can I say??

  13. rob Lowe. But only as Sam Seaborn on the WW. I'd watch him paint walls and then watch him watch it dry. That's how strong my love is.


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