Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And I have slept so much better ever since

We have tickets to and from Istanbul. And that's still as far as we've gotten.

We have not yet worked out where we're staying in Istanbul, or for how long, or which other cities (beyond Ephesus, which is supposed to be extraordinary) we want to visit while we're there.

We do, however, have one piece of the trip firmly under control.

While we were at Nick's parents' house a couple weeks ago, we were talking to his dad about our honeymoon travels. He asked where we were connecting. Nick said he thought Frankfurt.

It turns out his dad, in his years of travel for work, has gone through that airport a million times. They started talking details - what time we're getting in, how long the layover is, etc.

While this detailed exchange was going on, Betty and I got into a far more interesting conversation with his mother about Turkish rugs and crafts.

At some point Nick interrupted. And said, "Sweetie! My dad knows exactly where we should have lunch on our layover!"

Big sigh of relief. Lord knows we wouldn't want to miss a meal.


  1. Istanbul kicks all kinds of ass. I went there in November so the weather wasn't quite cooperative and I only had 2 day but amazing amazing city. One of my favorites. Have fun!

  2. Do share! I"m flying through Frankfurt on my way back from CA in October :-)

  3. haha... M has a habit of pulling that too. i highly recommend to people not mentioning where they're travelling, ever. he'll go into tirades about where to eat in the airport, where to eat just outside of the airport if you have a long layover, where to eat if you're staying there, you get the point.
    the man's a hard core foodie and assumes everyone else is too. me? i just get cinnabon and wait.

  4. Yay honeymoon! One meal down, many to go. Plus hotel and destinations :) The trip will be amazing!

  5. I am with Nick. I get really nervous if I don't where my next meal is coming from...always smart to have a plan. Me hungry is NOT pretty.

  6. Jo - Cool - I'm so glad to hear you loved it! Hopefully in early Oct we will have nice weather.

    MrsMac - Will scope out the food situation and let you know! :)

    notsojenny - Me, too! Would much rather have the cinnabon and read a book!

    HKW - HAha - that's what I'm going to say in our travels! One meal down...two meals down...

    Lemmonex - I will pass this on. I've been totally making fun of him for this.

  7. Sounds to me like Nick might just be keeping something in mind, no?

    I mean, if *I* knew that about someone, I'd make sure there was at least a jar of chocolat-noisette goodness on hand. :o)

    Istanbul will be amazing - I'm so excited for you!

  8. Dagny - HA - I love you I love you I love you! He has only seem glimpses of this - we've never flown over a big wide ocean together. Ohhh - but you make me think - can eat leftover wedding cake!!!

  9. I totally think it's okay to plan on itinerary based on food. In fact, I would probably choose a city or two to go to based on restaurants there. But then again, I'm a little crazy. (Crazy in love with food...)

  10. Frankfurt! Where I live! Jaaaa!

    If you like, I can comment on the lunch restaurant your future father-in-law suggested ;-) gotten me interested now..

    Have fun!


  11. well. airport food is better than plane food.
    just saying.

  12. My dad spends a ton of time in Turkey for business, so let me know if you want any suggestions. And oy, I'm jealous about the rugs and crafts and such. Me love.

  13. Istanbul!! How marvelous!

    I completely applaude having the food choices lined up and ready. There's nothing worse than having to scrounge for food, in a foreign country, on a time-limit no less. And if you are at all like me, any leftover wedding cake would be loooooooooong gone before Frankfurt!

  14. OK, you all have made Nick feel totally vindicated.

    Slightly Disorganized - Yes, yes, you have a point. Nick is endlessly delighted by this.

    Wendy - I will totally take you up on that offer. We would love suggestions.

    Ryane - We can't wait. Absolutely can't wait. As for food-scrounging, food is just so (deliberately) low on my priority list. And at the top if Nick's. Our wedding cake, however, should kick ass.


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