Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A modest birthday wish. I mean, aside from world peace

Today I am a little older and a little wiser! Or anyway, older.

I'd like to thank you for seeing me into another year. Most of you I have never met in person, and yet you have been endlessly supportive and lovely and funny and genuinely, an important part of my life.

This sounds silly sending out into cyberspace - "Hi! Thanks everyone out there I don't know!" But those of you who blog know it can be such an affirmation of the kindness in the world, and that it connects you to such wonderful people. Call me sappy. I don't care.

I feel like I've gotten so much from all of you, and yet, greedily, I'd like to ask for a little more. So if you'd be willing to grant me a birthday wish, I would greatly appreciate it.

What I would like from you is some little piece of information, some clue about you. Some of you played this last year. If you did, I would love it if you'd indulge me anyway. Update me. I might ask for this for as long as I blog.

There are those of you who I know in person, or have at least met face-to-face. And there are those of you I feel like I know, because I read your blogs. Or because you comment and make me think and giggle and give me a little glimpse into you.

And there are lots of you I know absolutely nothing about. But I assume we must have something in common, or you wouldn't be visiting LG.

What I am always most curious about is how you wound up here and what made you come back. And if there's anything you'd like to see more of, what that might be.

But being a person who loves surprises, I am open to anything. So if you could tell me something, any little thing about you, really, I'd love it.

Seriously anything. Like maybe what time you got up today, or your favorite snack food, or a book you like, or how you take your coffee, or perhaps even what color underwear you're wearing - anything at all, I'd love to know. You could argue that this really tells me nothing about you, but I would have to disagree.

Every choice says something. Even if I don't know precisely what. In all candor, I just like knowing things about people who visit.

Thanks for reading, and for seeing me through the ups and downs and arounds of the past year.

Big hugs to all!



  1. Happy Birthday to a kind and open woman.

    Something about me: Blogging has made me more open and vulnerable than I have ever been. Strange that I can share certain things with strangers, but cannot with "real" people. It scares the bejesus out of me, but the writing of people like you tells me I can be brave.

  2. Happiest of happy days to you! I'm celebrating your existence right now.

    Tidbit: The color currently decorating my toes is called "Don't Wine, Yukon Do It!" This gives me more joy than is probably healthy. :o)

  3. I read LG because you write the way a best girlfriend would tell a story out loud. And it's always hilarious and/or insightful.

    About me: I ran 6 miles before work this morning and the first thing I did when I got to the office was check my blogroll and DC Blogs!

  4. Lemmonex - Thank you. That's such a lovely thing to say! I prize openness, and you definitely are, at least in this world. Big hugs to you.

    Dagny - Thank you thank you, my friend. And I am certain I'd be getting the same amount of joy from the toe color. :)

    CharlotteHarris - Wow, thanks! I really appreciate that! As for the 6 miles - good for you!

  5. Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo.

    I am an intermittent reader of LG and for the life of me don't know why I haven't had you in my reader before now. I have always enjoyed reading. Be prepared to see me more often.

    I will be celebrating 40 on Saturday. So I'm an old old blogger.

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

    And tidbit: I bit off all my nails during the gymnastics last night and today I'm embarrassed to show my hands.

    And I adore your blog. You're always funny and interesting and thoughtful.

  7. Happy Birthday!
    I've just recently found your blog and enjoy reading it because you are very funny!

  8. Oh, yay! Happy happy!

    I read because you are the comedienne I aspire to be. I can see you doing and saying the things you describe. And I think you are adorable.

    And I decided against underwear today. Can't believe you'd actually want to know that, but who am I to deny a Birthday Girl her wish?

  9. Happy Birthday, Lisa!!!!!!

    Hey - it just occurred to me that I found you because of the foot fetish post.

    How fitting is that after the last few posts I've written? Sorry about yesterday's downer post. I'm glad you agree about invading Canada for their maple syrup.

    Hmmmm. I'll bet there's a maple syrup fetish out there somewhere....

    Enjoy your day!

    ---the other Lisa

  10. Red - Thanks - I'm glad you'll be coming back! And Leo is the best best sign! Not that I'm biased...As for age, I am close on your heels. I hope your birthday is a great one!

    Jo - Owie ow. That sounds painful. I hope they grown soon. And thank you, thank you, my friend!

    Trinity2 - I'm glad to hear that! Thanks!

    FreckledK - Thank you so much, my sweet. I am extremely flattered to hear that coming from you. As for the undies - you made me laugh out loud, which is really the best present one could hope for.

    DCup - Hahahaha! That's right! And yes, so fitting. I've learned a lot (of shocking things) from you lately. As for the downers, we all have them, and pulling emotion out of others is powerful. Thanks for the good wishes. Here's hoping we all wind up with too much maple syrup, and that it doesn't have to be taken by force. :)

  11. Happy Birthday!!!

    I found your blog through Dump the Chump. I stayed because I enjoy your writing style and your posts. :-)

    Something about me: Marion is laying on top of me right now. She calls it "Climb on Mommy time!" I'll be covered in bruises tonight!

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  13. I'm viewing your blog on my linux computer at work. I had an apple with peanut butter for my morning snack.

  14. Good Morning and Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for sharing, I love reading about your life. A little something about me... I could probably eat my weight in otter pops, but they make me thirsty.

  15. Happy birthday Lisa!


    ...ummh. I had some crappy nachos for lunch yesterday, while stuck at the airport. I hope you aren't fly through JFK or CDG (Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport) on your honeymoon. I really really dislike both those airports, though CDG is probably worse.

  16. MrsMac - Thank you! I miss Dump the Chump! As for Marion, she is little and oh so cute, but you're not all that big for climbing, and I bet you will have a ton of bruises!

    Mateo - Hi! Apple and peanut butter (or really, anything and peanut butter) is one of my favorite snacks!

    Maiden Metallurgist - Thanks! And hahaha - your weight in Otter Pops - that really makes me laugh.

    VVK - Thank you! Hugs to you! I don't mind CDG - at least there's good coffee and chocolate and you have the cultural bit of people speaking French. JFK I loathe.

  17. Happy Birthday!

    I honestly can't remember how I found your blog, but I have continued reading it because you are a wonderful story teller and are the kind of person I would enjoy spending time with (because of the last comment, I want to type 'enjoy being stranded in an airport with' instead. I've actually had a lot of that in my life, and good company makes it much nicer.)

    As for a fact about me: I am in the middle of moving to Atlanta for grad school and read this post while drinking coffee from the Australian Bakery down the street, waiting for my bedroom furniture to be delivered.

  18. P.S. The worst airport I have ever been in (several times, unfortunately) is Heathrow. The last time I flew through there, they lost my luggage for two weeks. If flying to London, just use Gatwick.

  19. P.S. The worst airport I have ever been in (several times, unfortunately) is Heathrow. The last time I flew through there, they lost my luggage for two weeks. If flying to London, just use Gatwick.

  20. I found your blog from a link on Manolo's Shoe Blog a long while back and I visit regularly because I think your writing is outstanding and I both thoroughly enjoy and admire your ability to be open and introspective and funny about both the difficult and the wonderful things in your life.

    As someone who has struggled with depression and some childhood trauma, I find your ability and willingness to reveal what's true for you inspiring.

    Also, I find some of the same unusual topics like weird diseases and the scatological tend to oddly fascinate me too...

  21. Dogum gunun kutlu olsun! (Happy Birthday in Turkish. According to Google.)

    I think it says a lot about you to ask for insight and why people read LG. The stories, laughter and smiles, creativity, thoughts and surprises are just a few reasons I read LG.

    I'm reading Little Women for the first time, wearing new sandals (bright pink satin slides which are really fun) and anxiously await for 2 new camera lenses on-order to arrive (a practical lens and a fish-eye) this Friday.

  22. happy birthday lisa! i read because you're a great story-teller and, like any good personal blogger, you've gotten me invested :)

    my tidbit - i went to bed at 8:30 pm last night. yes. because i am nine years old or something.

  23. I read you everyday. Even if I only have time for one blog, it's yours I read.

    something about me?

    I love my handwriting, particularly on restaurant receipts. Something about the silkiness of the paper and the way the ink flows across just makes me happy.

  24. Hi Lisa! I've been reading your blog for about a year and I think I found it while looking through DC Bloggers. A factoid about me? After moving out to California from Texas last year for grad school, I joined and met the greatest most unconventional and intelligent guy, exactly what I was never sure I'd find, especially online. As I type this, I'm sitting in a trailer I'm living with him in until we finish renovating a 12x18-foot house. I feel a little crazy for doing it, but happy nonetheless.

  25. I can't remember when or how I first found your blog; either it's really been that long or my memory really is fading, could be either one. But much like the commenters above, you're required reading for me now. But in a good way, not like a textbook or something. So happy birthday, and thanks for continuing to write and share, and doing it so well.

    When I was in middle school, my English teacher made me enter a spelling bee. About four rounds in, I purposefully misspelled "occurred" just so I could leave.

  26. Hi Lisa! The DC Metro Paper once had a quote, and I visited. At the time, I had also just moved to DC and was dealing with issues (some guy related)...finding your blog seemed serendipitous? You are a wonderful writer, both funny and relatable!! Some days I find myself waiting for your site to be updated! I am truly happy to see all the happiness in your current life. Somehow, I feel like I know you enough to know you deserve it :)

    Something small about me…while on vacation, I ended up with big, red, welty bug bites that would not go away! While catching up on your blog, I realized they were likely chigger bites and treated accordingly. Not the most pleasant thing to share, but good to know your blog also dispenses timely and practical medical advice. Also, I like tea and chocolate. And wine (but who doesn’t…).

    Happy Birthday!!

  27. Happy Birthday Lisa!

    I love your blog -- you just seem like someone who looks at the world a bit the way that I do and a great story teller. Your hypotheticals are also fantastic, am so happy for you and Nick!

    Had lunch at Finemondo downtown today with my Dad and planning a girls dinner tonight - taking full advantage of restaurant week!

  28. Happy Birthday Lisa . . . I too am very happy to have found your ever-amusing blog.

    Something about me: A good typo can make my day - my most recent find was at a medical facility where the back door had a large sign on it that read "EMERGENGY."

  29. Happy Birthday! Mine's tomorrow. August is a great birthday month!

  30. My favorite toast (works mostly for birthdays and weddings) - May the best of your yesterdays be the worst of your tomorrows - Happy Birthday.

    Tidbit about me: I will work for frozen Peppermint Patties.

  31. Happy Birthday, Lisa :)

    As long as you keep me laughing the way you do, I will always read. I love your stories so very much.

    A tidbit about me: In 12 hours of traveling yesterday, all I ate was a blueberry bagel with peanut butter, a Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bar, and a bag of trail mix.

    Needless to say, I was starvingwhen I woke up (at nearly 10 a.m.) this morning.

  32. Happy birthday!

    I think I may have found you through DC Blogs. What hooked me was your post about considering foot prostitution--hysterical.

    A tidbit: As well adjusted as I think I am, I don't think I'll ever outgrow my sibling rivalry.

  33. Happy birthday! I found your blog through DC Blogs, and I love the writing and especially your honesty. Too many bloggers (and people in general) try to create the illusion of the perfect share the great and the not-so-great. Thanks!

  34. Happy Birthday!!! I love reading your blog, so keep up the good work!

    About me: I didn't drink coffee until grad school. If someone would pay me to work in the scuba industry, I'd leave behind science in an instant. I had breakfast for dinner last night. I think the labradoodle is the best. damn. dog. ever!

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  36. Happy Birthday, Lisa!

    I read because you blog the way I used to, before painful life stuff got in between me and my writing muse. I read you and a handful of others to remind myself that other women are able to blog through the hard times, and that gives me hope that one day I will come back to my personal writing.

    Tidbit: I have an inability to hang up my towel after I shower - it always ends up on the floor and stays there until I find it still damp when I get home from work.

  37. Happy birthday, Lisa! I found your blog via the Express and now check it daily because it's so much fun to read. :-) My tidbit: I work out like a fiend because I have the world's largest sweet tooth and always allow indulgences!

  38. Why I started reading your blog: I clicked through Dagny's blogroll.

    Why I keep reading your blog: 'cause sometimes it seems like you're secretly reading my mind (the timing and content of your procrastination post was down-right eerie).

    Random fact about me: I have a total girl crush on Cat Deeley.

    Happy Birthday!

  39. You all are so incredibly wonderful. These are the best birthday gifts - you made me feel fantastic and truly special. I want to hug you all!

    Christine - Thank you. I like that a lot! And yes, good to be stranded with good people. I've been OK with Heathrow, and don't know if I've ever gone through Gatwick or not. But losing luggage for two weeks is inexcusable.

    Cheryl - Oh, wow - that was a wile ago! Thank you - I truly appreciate that. I think we all struggle with things, and for me, it's much easier to be candid. It gives the issues (former secrets) less power, I think.

    HKW - I love that! Hee hee! Teşekkür ederim!, sağol! (Thank you, according to some random internet dictionary.) I loved Little Women, although some of it frustrated me, as I recall. And yay on the lenses! Exciting!

    kate.d. - Wow, that's a huge compliment! Thank you! And sometimes we all need the 8:30s.

    Slightly Disorganized - Thank you, my sweet. As I've said, I can't wait to meet you and give you a huge in-person hug! And very curious about the handwriting!

    amanda - That is a GREAT story! I am so happy for you! It all happens when you least expect it - even though I completely hated everyone who said that to me before it actually happened to me. I will check out the blog, for sure!

    WiB - Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a friend! And the spelling bee? That is so YOU!

    Alaina - Oh, thank you so much for the kind words! What wonderful things to tell me! Makes me feel so good! And I will try to keep up the timely medical advice! :) Aren't chiggers the incredibly itchiest ever ever?

    Laura - Thank you, thank you! Yum for restaurant week! I've not yet taken advantage this week, but we are going to Proof tonight, which I love love love!

    LJ - Thank you! And HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have an emergengy! Quick! Get help!

    Jennifer - Happy Birthday to you! August is the BEST birthday month! (Except that lots of friends are always out of town....)

    Restaurant Refugee - I love that toast! If you don't mind, I'm going to use it! And will bear in mind the frozen Peppermint Patties. Have you had Benedicks Bittermints? (I don't know if my spelling is right - but soooo delicious!)

    Brown Eyed Girlie - Thank you so much! I will try! And that is a LOT of not eating much. I am certain you were starving. Travel and food - very starvey in the last several years.

    lacochran's evil twin - Hey, thanks! I still love that post. And it was a serious backup for a while. As for family stuff, there are bits and pieces that never go away, no matter what.

    Laura D - Thank you! I am pretty much who I am, it's true. Sometimes things are great and sometimes they suck ass, and blogging about it lightens my load, so I'm really happy to have a place to put it! And people who offer support!

    Sarah - Thank you - I will try! Wow, that is some serious interest in scuba, considering your profound commitment to science! And breakfast for dinner is my favorite! And I don't know any labradoodles personally.

    Sarah Hanson - I do hope you are able to get back to your personal writing. It sounds like something that you really valued. As for the towel, that makes me feel much better. I always hang up my towel, but there are a plethora of other seemingly simple things I find myself completely unable to do.

    Sarah - How are there so many Sarahs here!? I am delighted! And my workouts are often sweet-tooth motivated. I'm so glad to hear someone else does that!

    Gabrielle - I love when I read something that makes me feel that way! Thank you for telling me that! And I have to check out Cat Deeley...I don't know who she is!

  40. Happy b-day Lisa!
    I found you through... err... I can't remember anymore, but I think I've been reading since the first month. You are totally on my daily rounds, and one of the few blogs I comment on-- you are so sweet and welcoming, and your group of commenters are pretty nice too.
    Random tidbit- I have really long toes, long enough to weave together like fingers- with a saucer second toe, so I usually don't wear toe showing sandals- no matter if I have a pedicure or not (no foot prostitution for me). BUT this pregancy summer, I am a sandal wearing toe flashing fool.

  41. Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday. I found you throught the foot prostitution post that was linked on some place. I love pinks and roses and all related colors. And my friends make fun of me for liking dark, latin total opposite.

  42. FYI - Cat Deeley is the charming and delightful host of the American version of "So You Think You Can Dance" and I want to be her when I grow up (notwithstanding the fact that she's only a year older than I am).

  43. So Owl wrote... and this is what he wrote:


    Pooh looked on admiringly.
    "I'm just saying 'A Happy Birthday,'" said Owl carelessly.
    "It's a nice long one," said Pooh.

    And that's from one of my favorite books. I've been getting a huge kick out of re-reading childhood favorites on the pretext that I'm finding books for the little one.

    I got up today around 10:30 or so. She who is 20 months old slept until about noon -- but then she was up a lot last night with the teething. (As was I.)

    My underwear today is blue and red striped. FreckledK's comment made me laugh too! It reminded me of something I learned from a favorite college roommate: if you're having a bad day (at work, school, out in the world), go to the restroom, take off your underwear, and throw them away! Instant cheerer-upper!

    And, and and and, today is my fourth wedding anniversary. Happy happy day to us both! :)

  44. Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope it's lovely and filled with cocktails and cake. Lots of them!!

    I think you already know quite a bit about me, some of the big stuff anyway, but I guess what you don't know is the day to day stuff. Like the fact that I wear headbands a lot and that I really like hoop earrings. Also? I mix my cereals together and love to read US Weekly.

  45. Hi Lisa,
    Happy Birthday!

    I came across your blog actually on a search for ED-recovery resources. But I stayed because I love your writing, and your world-view. I like your wackiness, it appeals to my own sense of humor.

    Tidbit: I have a pan of fabulous chicken enchiladas in the oven as I post, and will probably eat one in front of the Olympics.

  46. Happy day to you Lisa! I rarely comment, but I read regularly via the HKW link, and you might remember I'm the girl from Chicago who said keep sticking with it to find the guy that's right for you a while back.

    My show and tell for the day -- I'm 10 weeks into a 12 week maternity leave even though I worked today. I hated the idea of going back last night, but when I was in my meeting, I regained my "high" of being in my professional world, so I think I can go back again in 2 weeks! Whew! b/c Chicago ain't cheap. and, unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your constituents, I'm flying in and out of Heathrow in September.. my first time in the UK!

    And congrats on the upcoming nuptials!


    i can't remember how i got here the first time, maybe google reader?

    i can't think of much to share because i have a pounding headache from not getting enough sleep while my family is here (which i wouldn't trade btw). i guess that's something about me i can say, i Can't Stand the web acronyms everyone uses... they make me cringe. but the more i blog the more i find myself typing OMG and BTW etc, etc. but it still drives me nuts.

  48. Happy birthday, Lisa!

    I don't remember how I got to your blog either, but I read it because your writing has that wonderful combination of insightful yet so funny!

    Something about me: I just met someone in real life whose blog I had been reading for a couple of years now. It was definitely a cool experience.

  49. In true "this is how I blog now" style, I am late to wish you a happy birthday. I should have done so when I saw the reminder on facebook on Tuesday, but somehow thought, "no, I'll remember." That's a little something about me - I still haven't learned to do today what could be put off until tomorrow!

    This year holds so many wonderful things in store for you - it's great to see someone counting and enjoying her blessings in just such a way as you do!

  50. Happy Belated Bithday! (Though I firmly believe you're allowed to celebrate for an entire week)

    I'll tell you two things:

    1. I will not use 'short-cut' words in text messages. I find them to be signs of laziness and lack of education. Harsh judgements maybe, but there you are.

    2. I'm a waiter and I enjoy making up fantastical stories about my life experiences when guests start asking me about myself. Keeps my creative juices flowing...

    Oh, and I started reading your blog after I saw you quoted in Express.

  51. I'm a day late and very sorry. I spent the last two days ill and unable to spend my work day reading blogs!

    Happiest of birthdays to you, unknown friend! I hope it was all you wanted it to be!

    Fact: I always wear black ankle socks with my dress slacks to work. It looks like I'm wearing dress socks, but I'm not! And they are so much more comfortable!

  52. We're getting married on the same day this year!

  53. Oh, gosh. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond!

    Mary - I am so glad you do comment! The people who visit really are good people. As for the toes - that makes me laugh out loud. A toe flashing fool. Hahahaha!

    Donatella - Happy belated birthday! And does anyone NOT like dark, latin men? I fully support your taste!

    Gabrielle - Ahhh - I know who she is! Nick loves that show!!!

    A.S. - Oh, thank you sweetie! You make me laugh. Next time I am having a bad day, I am totally taking off my underwear and throwing it away! That is a fantastic solution and just thinking about it makes me gigle every time I think of it. Good luck with the teething! To both of you!

    Nicole - Thank you! More cocktails than cake, but it all worked out nicely! I am starting to love hoop earrings! My mom gave me a couple she wore all the time in the 70s! And US Weekly - super guilty pleasure. But such a pleasure!

    RayGunGirl - Yes - I know you from a previous comment! I am glad to hear that. Thanks very much! And chicken enchiladas - oh, yum!

    Carrie - You have no idea, but I think of that comment often. It really meant a lot to me. Thank you! I am glad you've liked maternity leave enough to not want it to end, and glad you had a great enough reminder that you want to be back in the professional world. Good luck with it! As for Heathrow, I have this to say. I have spent a lot of time waiting for flights there and the nice thing is, you can buy tons of delicious chocolate in duty free AND you can sit and eat it and read a book while drinking yummy beer at the airport pub. If you like to do that sort of thing.

    notsojenny - I am kind of with you on the not liking the OMGs and BTWs - except that I hover between extreme dislike and huge enjoyment. I hope all has been great with the family, even if it's worn you out.

    Alexandreena - Oh, thank you! YES - that is super fun, isn't it? Every once in a while I have that pleasure, and it's such a delight.

    Mood Indigo - Hah - thank you! I am much older than you and have still not learned to do today what could be put off until tomorrow! And I suck at birthday remembering, always. This year holds huge things for both of us, my friend!

    thatgirl - I am with you on the harsh judgement. And yet sometimes I do them, just because I feel like it. I love saying "K" in lieu of "OK" - it makes me feel like I'm getting away with something. Because I am a big dork. As for the making up stories - so impressed with you! I could never pull it off!

    Simple Scholar - Thank you! Sorry you were ill, but thank you for the good wishes!

    Anonymous - We are in great company! I have two dear friends who will be at my wedding who have that date as their wedding anniversary! And know a couple more people getting married the 27th!

  54. Oh my, well, I'm a few days late to the party...happy birthday!...and I check in a couple times a week without commenting but I suppose this is as good a time as any to chime in.

    Let's see...well, I guess I'll give the detail that I race bikes. On the road. Like the Tour de France but in smaller circles. I just got back from the national championships, which sounds cooler than it actually is.

    And since I'm late to the party I'll give another: I have two cats. A manx and a tuxedo cats (and since having the latter I've decided that tuxedo cats are inherently evil, but in the cutest way...).

    Also, I overuse ellipsis.

  55. Happy belated birthday Lisa

    May the goddess of good fortune shine on you for another year.

    Tidbit about me: I accidently threw out all our silverware during a kitchen renovation.
    Now when we have posh parties I don't know how hubby can resist not setting my place with paper plates and plastic flatware.

    Tidbit 2 about me: I cannot bring myself to touch a turtle neck sweater let alone wear one.

  56. Something about me: I hate coffee. Never drink it, but I love Chai (which for the longest time I thought was some sort of coffee, until I found out it was tea).


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