Monday, August 03, 2009

STILL here

This is what people keep saying to me at the office.

"You're STILL here?!"

I'm still here.

Betty and our dear family friend Pat were both sure August 2 would be the day. They both had this feeling.

So I woke up yesterday morning looking for signs. Nothin'. All day, hopeful. Nothin'.

I'm still here.

Several people have suggested it'll happen on the full moon, which is the 6th. Apparently a lot of women go into labor on the full moon.

On the downside, maternity wards are packed. The ER is full of crazies. And people come into the hospital with all kinds of bizarro stuff.

From what I hear.

On another downside, my friend Eileen - who I haven't seen in 18 years! - is coming on Friday for the weekend. She's lives in CA and will be out here for work.

Would be awesome if he arrived just a wee bit before, so she could meet him. Or right after. But obviously, so not under my control.

David thinks it'll happen at 4 pm on Friday.

A lot of my friends keep saying they're sure it'll happen soon. Some have specific days.

Others remind me of the fact that first babies tend to go to term, if not past it.

And yes, I have scheduled an induction for the Friday the 14. My OB is at the hospital on Fridays, and I felt like just past due date is fair.

I know there are good reasons to just wait. I know it ups your odds for a C-section.

There are people who think the induction is a Very. Bad. Idea.

(Also, I'm pretty bummed about the idea of spending the night of my 40th birthday in the hospital with Cervidil in my hoo-ha.)

I feel like if I get to next Wednesday and feel like I can keep waiting, I will cancel it. But otherwise, that's the plan.

Because I'm one of the few people who seems to be really concerned about the possible ginormity of my progeny. I suppose because it's all, um, closest to home for me.

Which is why I've posted this picture, taken on our honeymoon. As a reminder. Nick, AKA The Father is twice my size, if not bigger. Before I got pregnant, he was twice my weight, plus some.

His bones, they are enormous. All his people are giants.

This makes me so not inclined to be all, "Stay in there and fatten up as long as you like, my pretty!"


  1. Does Nick ride the metro? because i'm pretty sure his hulking manness was on my metro the other afternoon. But I didn't want to be weird stalker blogger fan girl if it wasnt him.

    A full moon is a lot better than having your kid born on July 1 or 2 (like me) when doctors switch rotations. My mom spent the entire time she was in labor telling doctors where to find stuff because they were so new they didnt know where stuff was. talking about disconcerting! Plus think about all the crazy blog matter you'd get with a full moon at the hospital!

    Good luck letting the bun bake!

  2. Nick is only occasionally on metro, and I don't think at all last week, so it must've been another fine specimen of hulking manness. But if you ever see an enormous wall of seersucker passing you by, odds are, it's him.

    THAT would freak me out no end. I want doctors who know where things are and make me feel like I'm in good hands.

    As for the full moon, I'll take what I can get. And yes, blog about it later.:)

  3. heh.

    He's going to want that roast beef sandwich, stat.

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he arrives sooner rather than later.

    Also, Rindy reminded me of something - if you *do* induce, make sure you have a decent amount to eat beforehand. No matter how long it takes, once you're started, they won't give you food for a really, really long time.

    I recommend Nutella.

  5. That picture is so funny- Nick actually looks gigantic.

  6. hmm... amusingly, my older sister was both taller, and heavier at birth than I was. She is now about a foot shorter, and roughly one third of my weight. So he may not have to be born huge, even if he inherits Nick's size.

  7. i too thought yesterday would be the day . . . maybe i was wrong, and it will be TODAY!!

  8. Rindy - I have recently discovered the joys of Reuben sandwiches myself, so at this point, I can understand.

    Dagny - I have been told this! Eat as much as you can beforehand!

    I've actually been fretting about it - WHAT can I eat that can hold me for hours and hours? I think it has to be protein, actually.

    Maiden Metallurgist - He is! He is!

    VVK - That would be ideal. He was a huge baby, but I suppose you don't have to be.

    LJ - They were absolutely certain. Today would be great. No indication so far, though...

  9. So exciting! Don't get too worried about being induced if it does happen. Everyone told me the same thing (it would be a bad idea, take a long time, etc) but I was induced with my first 2 days late and it was a breeze! It only took 7 hours from start to finish (not being dilated at all to giving birth) and I was able to eat right after.

    Can't wait to hear, hang in there!

  10. All those times you talked about how giant Nick was, I never really believed you. Until now. The other pictures don't show the size difference so much.

    And I'm selfishly sad that your induction date is only three days before my birthday. Can't you just cross your legs until the 17th?

    Spoken like a childless woman.

  11. You should just be all "Your MOM'S still here!" when people say that, which will totally confuse them because it sounds a leeetle bit like you might be suggesting their mom is in your vajayjay.

    At least they'll leave you alone...

  12. Katie - Thank you so much for sharing that. I am really glad to hear it.

    Alex - He's a bit thinner than he was there. But still, a huge person, and not even just compared to me.

    And I feel like if he comes on anyone's birthday, I want it to be mine!!

    LiLu - This amuses me greatly, but I just wouldn't be able to pull it off. You totally could, I know.

  13. yah, i'd say you that's a sizaeable difference in you two : ) (haha, sizeable)
    the only time i ever put a date on when i think someone's baby will come out is when there's money involved. gambling makes anything acceptable

  14. I have no idea why, but I'd put money on it happening this weekend. Fingers crossed that it's sooner rather than later.

  15. SHIT!! The man really is a giant. How tall is he?
    Other pics have not really emphasised the difference in height but oh my!! you must get a crick in your neck looking up at him.

  16. My wee gal came at 38 weeks. We thought she was early but when she came out the pediatrician said she was post term so go figure. Good luck! Oh and she chose 4th july to make her entrance so i guess she'll think all the fireworks are specially for her. Would be pretty cool if if came on yr birthday...

  17. These last days feel long,I know, have the squid on the 6th,my birthday!
    My first was a 10 lb 13 0z whopper of a kid. Unexpected size, sunnyside up. In retrospect,a c section should have been done.
    As for induction...try other methods before pit.Ahem:
    The most fun is what got you all here in the first place,as far as comfort levels allow.
    Food is a good idea, but nothing in labor that you will hate seeing again.
    Rest,sleep all that you can these last weeks.
    And congratulations!

  18. Jesus. Looking at the picture of you and Nick, I shivered. Good luck? Or something.

  19. Re: "There are people who think the induction is a Very. Bad. Idea."
    4 years ago, my (now grown up) foster daughter got scared half to death with 'Birth Tales' - especially about the possibility of having to have a cesarian. Until I pointed out that one person's opinion was based on a 40 yr old experience, another's story took place in a poor rural hospital.
    No situation you hear about will be exactly like your own. With anecdotal evidence, details may be omitted or inaccurate.

    The way I figure it, if the doctor you chose isn't worried, why should you be?

    Prayers for you - all the way from Canada!

  20. They generally don't come out THAT tall, do they? :)

    Sending good thoughts!

  21. That picture is amazing! Some people have a mirror that makes them look "skinny" you have a husband :) And no, I did not just call your husband the opposite of skinny! But my he is tall!


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