Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 40 birthday tummy

I like last night's photo better, as I had to take my own tummy pic today, as Nick let me sleep in. For reasons you will see below.

So the tummy picture, taken in the bathroom mirror, is not exactly the way I wanted to document 40 weeks. But you do what you can.But before launching into my story, thank you all so much. I just LOVE all the stories you shared. Thank you, really. They were all little birthday presents and Betty and I had such a good time reading them.

However, I commented back to very few because we read many of them on my BlackBerry during our four or so hours at the hospital yesterday.

NOT because I was having a baby - no! But because the minute Betty arrived at my house with a bag of chocolate bars and a lovely purple orchid!, I realized I was bleeding.

Which caused my OB to direct me straight to the hospital.

Where they gave me the biggest maxi-pad on the planet, in order to monitor the blood business, and hooked me up for a non-stress test and a contraction-measuring monitor.

The baby, his heartbeat is awesome. And I was having mild and completely random contractions. Who knew?

They then sent me downstairs for an ultrasound and a biophysical profile of the kid.

On a stretcher. I got wheeled everywhere. Not a palanquin, but close!


The little dude looks to be extremely healthy. Everything they measured was totally normal and good and strong. Also, his testicles are huge.

The ultrasound woman asked if I know the gender, and I said, "Yah, a boy."

She replied, "Oh, it's quite a boy all right. I was just didn't know if you'd wanted to know. Look. His legs are apart. We call this the turtle view."

Much like looking at clouds, you could see how they decided the view from above (below?) was a turtle shell and head poking forward.

So he passed all these tests, and they did some more heart monitoring. And said they still didn't know why I was bleeding, but it was tapering, and so they offered me two options.

One: be induced, likely have a long labor, and stick around until I finally had a baby.

Two: go home, have my birthday dinner (because yes, I kept asking) and in all likelihood return to throw it up while in labor later.

I chose option two. With the signed promise to return if there was any more bleeding, contractions, decreased fetal movement. And the hope of launching into labor.

There was none of the above. Which didn't mean I wasn't up every hour checking. Which is why Nick snuck out early, leaving me in exhausted sleep.

So for my birthday, I rocked those platforms, had a fantastic dinner, and really, really loved my birthday start to finish. Even with the hospital bits.

And now it's Friday, and if you could think good, healthy, pro-labor (sounds so British politics, doesn't it?) thoughts for us, I'd really appreciate it.

And if I am having a baby, I will certainly let you know.

I so appreciate you caring about us and checking in regularly. Happy weekend, all!


  1. Baby baby baby!

    I hope you make it into the hospital and don't have him in your car in the parking lot the way my mom had my baby brother. I hear that usually only happens with seconds, thirds, fourths, etc., but you never know.

    Baby baby baby!

  2. Sheesh, you are impressive. I'll be about 38 weeks on New Years, and I'm sure I'll be home on the couch, whining about being too uncomfortable to go out. I'll have to channel my best "Lisa," strap on my cutest heels and force myself up and out.

    Also, how teeny are your legs!? You look so great!

    Best wishes for some labor action very soon!

  3. You look incredible -- love the satiny top for the bday dinner. I can't believe The Boy faked you out like that, though. Little stinker. I'm betting it's not long now.

  4. I've been MIA, so Happy Belated Birthday!

    Also, I will be thinking about you this weekend. You look gorgeous in that both photos.

    If I have any good luck at all, I am sending it your way. xoxo

  5. You look great!

    I really hope you have the opportunity to barf that birthday dinner. Pro-labor thoughts your way!

  6. you look super hot and super cute, hope you had a fantabulous dinner. The bubba will come when he wants, just enjoy and go with it! have some Guinness ;-) love soph

  7. seriously, every week i just can't get over how fake pregnant you look. i mean if i saw you out in public all dressed (awesome top by the way) i would swear you were some freak who stuffed a pillow under their shirt. it's not until you hike your shirt up that it's believable that the tummy is yours... you just don't look as far along as you are!

  8. you look gorgeous in your birthday shot!

  9. Thinking very strong "have baby" thoughts!

    Glad you are ok though. And you look fantastic!

  10. You look fantastic! I'll be thinking happy birthday boy thoughts all day today, so that maybe you'll be walking through the grocery store, looking for a zucchini or some grapes and the boy will be like, "Hmmmm... This feels about right. I think I'm done!" And out he comes!

  11. As much as I've hoped for baby sooner rather than later, I'm glad to hear that all is well AND you got to have a lovely birthday dinner.

    Now, Sir Baby, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, please make your healthy, happy appearance posthaste!

  12. I think it will be soon! I think it will, I think it will!

    I'll be thinking of you and praying for you and The Boy this weekend. We love you Lisa!

  13. Also, I want to be pregnant so that I can have those boobs in that top. Or maybe just my boobs in that top. Not pregnant. That would be fine too.

    Is it bad to ask where you got it??? Maybe they make a non maternity version!

  14. ditto on the kudos, beautiful top!

    come on labor! ready! let's go!

    (imagine me doing a cheerleader impersonation, maybe you will laugh so hard the labor will kick in) :) :) :)

  15. Oh, and baby boys tend to have ginormous testicles when they're born. I remember Jason coming back from the nursery right after Zeke was born, exclaiming "his balls are HUGE!" with a big grin on his face.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday! You look great...and seriously...your thighs look so small. So I'm still really holding out for the 16th...and I have to admit that if I check my reader on Monday and you're all "I'm still Here" I will be a little disappointed. It's not long now though. Hang in there. And congrats on the large testicles. I'll be thinking of you, Nick and the boy and hoping he decides it's time soon.

  17. I missed out on yesterday's bday post. Happy belated bday!

    My bday story began with my mom seeing a cockroach on a highchair at a resteraunt she was at with my dad and yr-old older sister. Sara was about to be put into said higchair when she spotted the bug and started freaking out. Roach + 1 week overdue preg lady = INSTANT LABOR for her.

    I attribute this to why I'm HORRIFICALLY afraid of bugs or anything creepy crawly.

    5 hrs later, there I was!

  18. Looking radiant and gorgeous, as always! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday - even with the hospital thing. Sending good baby vibes your way...

  19. I'm thinking Baby Thoughts for you!

  20. you are one sexy mama! i can't believe how good you look for 40 weeks. color me jealous!

  21. I've told you before how great you look, but I'll never tire of it. You look great, and I hope you and Nick had a lovely dinner.

    Dear Little Baby One, seriously, do your mom a solid and get this thing going already.

  22. Yay! Happy Belated Birthday! And glad the little boy is good and you're good and you still look beautiful!!!!!!

  23. Argh! Just back from the OB's office. More blood today, no dilation, no good reason for it. But another ultrasound and the boy is still fine...

    bbElf - Apparently the first ones tend to be late and take a while. So I'm not planning on having him in the car. Although at the moment, I'd probably take that...:)

    Anonymous - I would NOT be doing it on NYE. I would totally support you whining on the couch. I hated last NYE pregnant, and I was barely showing. I think at this point I'd be so bitter with people being all drunk and idiotic and bumping into my belly that I seriously would stab somoene. So honestly, see how you feel and go with it.

    Wendy - Thank you! I love that top and was glad to get a little dressed up. And eveyone, all the OBs, keep saying the same - not long! Fingers crossed.

    As for his balls - hilarious. I had no idea. I was all, oh, no, freak of nature! And Nick of course was like, great, that's my boy!

    Fearless - I appreciate it, I do! And I hope you are well!

    Susan - Not so far. But was very happy to eat it!

    And thank you!

    Soph - Thank you. And Guinness sounds fantastic at the moment. Mmmm.

    notsojenny - That makes me laugh. In person, especially when you see me move, I look veryvery real pregnant.

    Hillary - Thank you, lady!

    Marie - Thank you!

    Miss Dallas - I hope, I hope! Thanks for the good thoughts.

    Dagny - Yes, it worked out well. I was like, I want a baby or a birthday, but all these endless tests, no no and more no!

    Hopefully you hold some sway with the boy in there.

    Rindy - I love you, too!

    And your boobs would look great in this top. It's not maternity. I got it at TJ Maxx, and it's a brand called Simple, which I'd never heard of. Post-preg I am planning to take it in on the sides (of the boobs) and totally enjoy it.

    xuxE - How much would I love to see you cheerleading. Or maybe just some old Kappa rush songs??? That would definitely get me laughing.

    Megan - Thank you! You and I both. I do not want to be STILL HERE on Monday. I want the baby in hand, not in utero!

    Peace Turkey - Ugh ugh ugh! Roaches make me hysterical. I can totally identify!

    Lynn - You know I am always thankful for the kind thoughts from Betty's home state!

    Lily - I appreciate it!

    mrsmac - Thank you! :)

    restaurant refugee - You know I eat it up with an enormous serving spoon!

    And thanks for the words to the boy. Hopefully he's listening.

    Jules - Thank you thank you! :)

  24. I'm thinking you should maybe just keep him in there. In that picture you balance so much better next to Nick with that big belly.

  25. I missed out yesterday, too! My stories:

    I've just realized that I know more about my own conception than my own birth. Is that wrong? I don't remember my mom ever telling me about the day I was born, but she once told me about the day I was conceived. It had been 7 years since they'd had my sister, and decided it was about time for #2. So my mom went off her birth control pills and started counting months to determine when to start trying. This was spring-time, and foremost on her mind was that she did *not* want a "Christmas" baby. She did her math, determined when they needed to have sex, and proceeded. Except, she counted wrong. She had accidentaly skipped a month when counting, and she realized this WHILE they were in the middle of having sex. Except...too late. My dad had She knew that very instant that she was going to get pregnant. Sure enough....three weeks later she saw that little pink line on the stick.

    So, I was due somewhere around December 15th, but I was a stubborn little thing. Christmas Eve rolled around and my mom was still very much pregnant, and very much nervous that she'd go into labor that night or the next day. She was so tensed up and worried about it, in fact, that when washing and drying the dinner dishes that night, she managed to snap a stem off her crystal wine glass because she was holding it too tightly while drying it. At that point my grandmother told her to go sit down and relax or else she *was* going to go into labor.

    Turns out she had nothing to worry about.... I wasn't born until the 30th.

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday, and good luck to you!

  26. yup it's official: you're the most beautiful pregnant woman i've ever seen. happy birthday! i'm so excited for you.

  27. Still looking great! I'd write more, but I have a sleeping baby in one arm. I do want to add that you shouldn't take in the sides of that beautiful shirt right away, because your boobs haven't even BEGUN to get big yet. Just wait until your milk comes in!

  28. Glad you had a fantastic birthday, and I'll be sending you happy labor thoughts all weekend!

  29. Happy Birthday and hope your boy celebrates a happy birth-day soon! I'm impressed that you've decided to try to stick it out at least for now because 40 weeks sure does seem like a long time. So many have mentioned it and I have to chime in too--you really look radiant and beautiful. Take care and hope he decides to make his entrance soon!

  30. You are beautiful and look amazing. Thinking pro-labor thoughts for you. how exciting!

  31. love both pictures! hey - today would be a good birthday for a certain baby!!

  32. Maude - I think that's true. Plus the 5" platforms help as well.

    Karen - Wow. That's some calculation/miscalculation on your mom's part. I think being an almost-New Year's baby is easier (present and celebration-wise) than a Christmas baby. I'm sure she's glad you held out!

    Luna - That's right! Mine haven't gotten very big, but apparently you have no idea, pre-milk!

    Sarah - Thanks so much! Please keep them coming!

    Daisy - Thank you! I appreciate it. 40 weeks plus is now seeming pretty eternal.

    Anonymous - Thank you so much!

    LJ - Today would be a great day!

  33. I know you normally don't Twitter, but as I am away this weekend, maybe you can shoot one out for us Twitter-holics if something happens??

  34. I love reading your blog! I don't even know you and can't wait for you to have your baby. Thank you for entertaining me with your stories and musings. Sending positive thoughts for an eazy labor (when that happens) and keep us updated when 'the boy' arrives!


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