Monday, July 25, 2011

And that brings us to the present. In sextuplicate or so, with yellow sticky reminders.

Alive and Kicking

OK, so the AC came back on at the end of the day, and none of the guys dropped dead on the golf course, and in fact, after drinking far too much the night before, they even played doubles tennis the next morning.

Nick was kind of insulted when one of them - who was semi-pro when he was younger - told me over breakfast that Nick's a good tennis player with "cat-like reflexes" and I thought he was kidding.

I love the man, and he's strong like bull, but who knew?


Filed Under Shit I Don't Know Why I Do This Shit

So, here's the deal. I have three email addresses now. The Lemon Gloria one, and then two that are my real name (I know, you totally thought it was Lemon Gloria), one Yahoo and one Gmail. Both of which forward to Yahoo, because I can't have LG@gmail and MyName@gmail open at the same time. So I keep Yahoo and LG open.

Still with me?

And so last week, at your suggestion, I started importing my Yahoo email into Gmail. It pulled a few hundred of them, and then stopped. I thought about not forwarding, but then I thought, oh, I should forward just to be safe.

And then I went away to the charming country club in Charlottesville. Which is full of bucolic charm, if not powerful air conditioning or Internet.

So while they have Internet, the signal was too weak in our room, so essentially I had no access to the World Wide Web which made me a little frothy at the mouthy but then I was all, ferchrissakes, Lisa, just chill the fuck out. Plus I had my iPhone, although I find it tedious and exhausting to read or type email of any particular length on it.

Also I was all busy swimming and eating waffles and drinking milkshakes and shaking with rage in Target.

In other words, I didn't check the email so much.

Here's what happened during that time. I now have almost 1,000 new emails in my Yahoo. I have up to eight copies of all recent emails in my inbox. It's multiple copies, but not the same number for every email.

I think it's all been arriving into one account and forwarding to another and then bouncing to another.

It's bonkers.


And One Further Reason I Don't Work in I/T

Which reminds me. The other day I was in the examining room at the doctor, reading blogs while I waited, and he walked in and looked at my iPhone and burst out laughing.

Because I had a yellow sticky note pasted on the back of it.

What? Saves me from writing on my hand. Which never got me anywhere good in the past. And you know, the funny thing is, I didn't even eat butter on my bread back then.


  1. "strong like bull" lost me after that, because I'm laughing so hard, imagining the eastern European accent. Thanks for the giggle.

  2. 1) you can log in to multiple Gmail accounts at once... you just have to turn the feature on:

    2) your emails are multiplying because you've got a mail loop. If I'm reading what you've written correctly, Gmail is forwarding mail to Yahoo!, and Gmail is also downloading mail from Yahoo!... so things loop.

  3. 3) you should call me and I can help you figure this out. :-)

  4. I, too, am a sticky note on the iPhone person. The "notes" app doesn't cut it for me.

  5. I don't have an iPhone, so no sticky notes for moi. Also, I have only two emails, one that is gmail and one that is hotmail. My Yahoo which I loved and would still have if possible was hacked into. So, there is another no go for me. But I agree with what vvk is saying. You've got a loop going or so my father who is an IT guru has suggested upon hearing of your situation.

    Also ... I dug the Strong Like Bull comment. I can almost hear you saying it, and I died laughing. Thank you!

  6. I put sticky notes on the back of my BlackBerry too! My ex-boyfriend would always tell me how silly it looked but if I was in a hurry it was so much faster to write down whatever it was on a sticky note and slap it on my phone than actually opening the application and typing it all out...

  7. Lisa, you make me laugh hysterically.

    I wouldn't have pegged Nick as a tennis pro, either. Perhaps he should post more on LG about such topics?!

    iPhone comes with the Notes app, looks like legal paper but I use as digital sticky notes....where I parked at the airport, book recommendations or the size of air filters for the house. Handy!

    I think the I/T industry has failed you. At least the portion in charge of email.

  8. You know, you CAN have both LG@gmail and YourName@gmail open at the same time.

    I have my blog's email, my normal email, even a special wedding email I set up so after I was done I could close the account and no longer have to see things from "The Knot" all open at the same time (which reminds me, I should close that email already).

    Go to your mail settings and "send mail as" and make the changes. You will have to log in separately to both accounts after doing that to confirm it. That's all. You can even get your yahoo email on your gmail (but it does import old ass stuff too).

  9. Susan H - I love that expression. :)

    vvk - Thank you. I will do what you suggested and I will definitely call you. I appreciate it.

    Jenn - I like the app very much but I need the physical, stuck-to-the-phone reminder in some circumstances.

    Moue - The contract for my work BlackBerry was up, and I got an iPhone instead and it makes me very happy, although I don't take advantage of its capabilities and would probably be fine with one of those old rotary phones if it were portable. And not so heavy. Would really weigh down my purse.

    And I am certain vvk and your father are right.

    Lynsey - Yes! Exactly! And right there so you can't forget.

    HK - You've met him - you know exactly what I'm talking about. :)

    I do use the notes app for all my lists, and I love it. But when I need a quick quick note, something I need to remember, the sticky serves as such a good physical reminder.

    And I think I'm the problem, not the I/T industry.

    Carla - I'm so happy to know this. And what I really want is the old ass stuff. Much more than the new ass stuff.


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