Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more spatula

There is something about spatulas that Jordan finds so intriguing. This is a kid who loves him a spatula.

They've always been one of his favorite things to play with. He used to pronounce it "shashla." He'd reach up in the air, "Want shasla!" Or he'd just say, "SHAAASHHLAAAA!"

But his language skills have advanced and he has learned how to say please, which he says probably 50 percent of the time.

So now he heads into the kitchen every day with his request. "Have spatula please."

One of us hands him one. Sometimes he'll reject the one you give him, and you have to pull them out one by one until one of them is deemed acceptable.

(Also, lest you think we own a freakish number of spatulas, let me explain. Any large plastic or wooden spoon, stirrer, whatever is considered a spatula.)

So he'll finally accept one. And then sometimes he'll just feel like one is not enough. So he'll say, "Another one spatula please."

It's polite but very matter of fact. This is a necessary object I'm asking for here. It's kind of like on those hospital shows where the doctor is all, "Forceps. Suction."

Somehow life is more complete with a spatula in hand.

So over the weekend we had friends over with their daughter, Kirthi. I was in the kitchen getting water.

Jordan came marching in and said, "Spatula, please."

"OK. Here you go."

He held out his other and and said, "Another one spatula. For Kirthi."

He clearly likes her.


  1. Sarah (Sarahleighrabbit)7/06/2011 5:01 PM

    LOL! I love it...spatulas are awesome, especially the silicone heat resistant ones. :)

  2. Fisher Price, eat your heart out! Childhood is so lovely, when a spatula can make one's day, and there are plenty to share with your friends.

    Not to compare your child with my cats, but this is not unlike when I spend money to get fun little "cat" toys to try and entertain them. However, they are far more interested in a piece of onion skin that fell to the floor when I was making dinner. Whatever works, eh?

  3. Aww, I love this post from start to finish - such a sweet and funny story. Such a gentleman, your Jordan.

  4. For Chance our little dude, it doesn't matter what it is ... as long as he can use it to stir his pretend meal in a bowl which he also asks for. Only it sounds like bow instead of bowl. He doesn't say spatula either, just poon, for spoon. Or an Orc for fork. :)

    Gotta love it!

  5. Obviously Jordan felt Kirthi was lacking in some experiences and felt it his important duty to introduce her to the wonder that is the SPATULA!
    I like the word SPATULA! its a good word and a lot of fun.

  6. Sarah - Yes! The silicone ones are great! I have orange ones. :)

    Lynn - Perhaps! A gene he may have inherited from...nowhere I can think of.

    Keenie Beanie - I compare my kid to a dog all the time, so no worries on the cat comparison. It is kind of bizarre what kids and animals find compelling. You can never tell.

    HK - Aww, thank you! He is a huge sweetheart.

    Lynn - Yes! And at some point he'll mess up and ask for the spatula!

    Moue - That is adorable! Completely adorable!

    Go-Betty - Yes, I think you are right. He was concerned that her world was not complete. And it is kind of an odd word, isn't it? SPATULA!

  7. I'm just delighted that he's saying "please." Well-mannered children are the very best kind of children (who clearly have the very best kind of parents).

  8. Aaaaw. Young love. And spatulas. Such a sweet story.

  9. Has he learned to bang them on pots yet?

  10. Have you never heard of Spatula City!? ;)

    You must view this video at once:

    Spatulas are a very important item in our household. Some cooks are quite particular...

    FYI, outside of Spatula City, Target actually has the best spatula selection... (not including the upscale cooking stores).

    And, no, I will never actually admit to having watched that awesome "Weird Al" Yankovic movie...

  11. freckledk - There is a lot of reminding. But please and spatula go together pretty regularly.

    Cheryl - He's not the best sharer, and I was delighted he wanted to make sure she had one, too! Although maybe he just wanted to make sure she didn't take his...

    JoeinVegas - He is strongly encouraged not to bang them. Because his first target is always the windows.

    nys - Noo! That's fabulous! How come I never heard of Spatula City??? I'm pretty sure I bought mine at TJ Maxx. And then we got a few for our wedding from Williams Sonoma. Fancy!


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