Friday, July 29, 2011

We movin' on up in the world like elevators

The elevator pieces arrived yesterday! They put many of them together! They are putting them more together as I type!

Tomorrow, my invisible friends, we may have liftoff!

The coral room is on the ground floor, and the blue room is Betty's. There's another blue room that it goes through as well, but that seemed superfluous. How many people are interested in pieces of elevator in two very similar rooms?So.

There was, as you may imagine, great commotion and excitement at our house yesterday. Alas, I was at the office. I rushed home after work to see it.

I got home just minutes before an old family friend arrived.

Betty greeted us both and said, "They put the elevator in and I learned to make pesto!"

The friend, she was confused. As you yourself may be. How do these two connect? Nick, had he been there, would've asked the same thing.

Because he does not yet speak Betty. Yet.

This is the news of the day. Offered (but not necessarily) in order of importance: Elevator! Pesto! Cool!


Also cool: the motor hole. I don't know if there's more to it, but that whole elevator runs with one little engine at the top. Kind of crazy, huh?Also crazy: the fact that it is supposed to be 95 degrees tomorrow and people are excited about the relief from all this heat.

Even more crazy: It is July 29 and what is going on with those teabagging asswipe doucheballs on Capitol Hill? But I'm not really a political type.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Totally cool! How did you wait this long to post about the elevator lift-off eve?!

    And I love pesto.

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Oh, we only found out on Wednesday that it was actually going to happen. And I had no idea it would be partway in yesterday. And the guys today said they're going to come back tomorrow and it should be functional.

    In other words, nobody tells me anything. And I'd have blogged earlier but today was very very busy.

  3. You need to post a video of the elevator in use. Yes, you must.
    While you're at it, solve the debt ceiling crisis. Please.

  4. Okay, I must have missed something, because I'm all like, WTF? Elevator? Who is Betty? Oh boy I need to get caught up on your blog. :) But it looks awesome anyways!

  5. Could YOU run for office LG? I'd vote for you. I know you'd water down those fucking teabaggers till they finally drowned in their own spittle.

    Umm and if you ever need a elevator porter/kid spoiling aunt please don't hesitate to call.

    Stay Cool!

  6. OMG! I'm so happy for you and the elevator. Seriously, this is going to be so much fun! And Pesto? I LOVE pesto! It is really one of those miracle foods you can spread on bread, or put into pasta, marinade chicken in and just in general slather yourself with. I love it!

    As for the Capitol -- fire them all and start fresh. None of them seem to be doing more than posturing these days. Ugh. I'm tired of everyone on both sides saying the sky is falling. YES, I can see that -- but you jackwagons aren't doing anything REAL about it.

    Also, with Big J and his cars -- does he say NASCAR yet? Does he enjoy watching them on the t.v.? Chance can't help himself. He wakes up asking for Nascar. Saturday is his favorite day because it's NASCAR all day. :P

  7. we shall arive monday for elevator testing. the little man is well-versed in "mommom's other house push 5", which would be the shore house. he is nothing if not informed of his whereabouts at all times. he will have no problem with your 'vator once he learns at what floor it tops out! a genius, he is! or...well, anyway, congrats on getting an actual flying machine into your holes in your house, and happy almost second bday, dodan! (aaahhh! how did they get to be 2?!?!?????)

  8. thats just brilliant! i've never seen one, I don't think they have these in australia,it would have been brilliant for a high set house with basement type rooms built in under that I used to have , really didn't have room for a staircase without losing a room upstairs and not havin the required headhight for council approval for stairs either.

  9. It is so freakin cold over here I just ate a pie, I never eat brought pies! (Ok my cold is nowhere near your kind of cold but I am a semi tropical beast by nature)
    Anyways I am loving what you have done to your house i.e that elevator makes me wanna buy a tall house just so I can have one. All space like and time travelly.
    Sorry about your national debt crisis and your teabagging politicians, would offer to send you some of ours but ours are even more limp wristed and nanny state than yours I think.

  10. Dana - Apparently tomorrow they will make it work. I will definitely post a video once we are up and downing in it.

    Shelly - The elevator project started a few months ago, I think. And Betty is my mom. :)

    Lynn - Ah, that's flattering. However. I have way too much documented nudity and poor judgment in my past to ever run for office. Also, I hate politics.

    And I will definitely call on you if Jordan needs some extra spoiling. :)

    Moue - I think we are going to do a lot of pointless up and down trips once it starts working, just because we're excited about the novelty. And pesto is like magic. So yummy.

    Poor Jordan lives with parents who know nothing about NASCAR so he has never, ever heard of it. And actually, I don't know that I could handle it if he got into it, so I might keep him in the dark...

    Coleen - Come Tuesday - still not quite working! Fingers crossed for Tuesday.

    And I know, right? How did they all of a sudden get to two???

    IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY - We had a regular elevator guy come out and measure, and he said we didn't have space for a normal elevator, but we should look into these pneumatic ones. Much cheaper, less labor, and takes less space. And I like how it looks!

    Go-Betty - Cold is cold, and my tolerance for it is low - probably about like yours. I do love how the elevator is all modern and such, and I love our house...but in my ideal world, it would not be so vertical. Lots of stairs, lots of divisions.

    As for our crisis - thank you. Lord knows what's going to happen.

  11. What is the other blue room that the elevator goes through? I'm picturing you and Nick asleep as Betty silently floats through your room on her way up the the third floor.


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