Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blowing Kisses

I took this picture of my dad and nephew this past Christmas. They got matching sweaters as presents.

My nephew is actually gorgeous; he just looks a little toady in this picture. But I love how my dad looks.

This is how I like to think of him. Smiling, laughing, full of life.

Last night my dad asked the nurse call my mom. He wanted to tell her that he loves her. He still can't talk, so the nurse said the words.

Then the nurse put the phone up to my dad's ear so my mom could tell him back that she loves him. And he made kissing noises into the phone.

He can't talk, but he can blow kisses.

Every day is better.


  1. *big hug for everyone involved*
    (...including the nephew. Nephews are awesome.)

  2. (tearing up a bit over here)

    That's just beautiful and wonderful. And your nephew is adorable! I like his socks. :o)

  3. The positive signs are coming fast and furious. Sounds like y'all are out of the woods now, although I'm sure it doesn't quite seem like it yet. I'm glad things are getting better.

  4. This hits me so hard...I'm so happy to read that he's progressing. SO happy.

  5. Your dad seems like a great guy. That gesture alone shows pure love. I sincerely hope everything works out well for you, him and your family. Be strong, and beautiful post. :)

  6. VVK - Thank you! Yay! And yes, nephews rock.

    Dagny - Thank you. And I love his socks too. He and I have similar taste, it turns out. :)

    LMNt - It does seem like it, doesn't it? Everyone is impressed with how he's doing.

    INPY - Thank you, thank you.

    MM - Thank you so much. He is a great guy, he really is.

  7. YYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! This is good news. What a wonderful picture of your dad and nephew.

    It was so good to meet you this week. Thanks so much for coming out to Crystal City.

    I'm looking forward to continuing good news about your dad.

    Big hug to you.

  8. D - Meeting you was such a treat and a fun mini distraction from my life this week! And it was easy to swing through Crystal City on my way back out to VA. I'm glad your meetings here went well and you're home safe and sound!


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