Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yes. Just remember to pour a shot for Elijah.

Something interesting happened this week. Quite a number of people wound up at my site through Google searches for tequila and Passover. The most common being "kosher for Passover tequila." Or some wondered, "Is tequila kosher for Passover?"

I wonder if people search for this kind of thing every year? What's the deal with tequila this week?

I'm not any religion. And I'm woefully ignorant about religious ritual. As I've said before, my brother and I were practically raised heathens.

I am, however, helpful. And in favor of tequila.

So, if you're one of the plethora who arrived here through that particular search, I have an answer for you. Yes! There are brands of tequila that are kosher for Passover! The Chicago Rabbinical Council has a list of brands of liquor that are acceptable.

I realize at this point it's not of much help. But print it out or bookmark it and then next year you can easily whip up some kosher for Passover cocktails!

Now, for the one person who arrived here by Googling "kosher for Passover ham" I am sorry to tell you, even I know you're out of luck.

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