Saturday, April 14, 2007

Non-Stop Party

I'm going to Chicago for work. I'm looking at three days with 400 university accountants. Can you even imagine more of a non-stop party?

I'm having dinner with a high school friend tonight. We were friends in 10th grade and then her family left Delhi and we lost touch until two years ago at a reunion. A group of us went out afterwards and got ridiculous. And she is just as wild and bright and funny as she was in high school. 'm really looking forward to catching up on her life.

I'm flying out of National. Which I refuse to refer to as Reagan. If you're the asshat who fired all those air traffic controllers, how do they have the temerity to name the airport after you? But anyway.

Because I'm flying, oh, I'm prepared. I've been mainlining chocolate from the second I got up this morning. I've got insanely fattening snacks for the flight. I have all my toiletries in little 3 oz. containers. My iPod is charged. I have a fleece for the plane.

And finally, I have a plethora of New Yorkers I've gotten behind on. Just in case anyone sitting next to me is in the military and headed for the middle east or anything.

I've no idea if I'll be blogging or not. But most likely I'll sneak one or two posts in. Because you know, it's that every day and twice on Tuesday kind of thing.


  1. ah, the windy city...hope it isn't terrifying cold...but don't forget to grab some pizza! Can't go wrong there...

  2. Oh god, I'm sooo behind on my New Yorkers, too! Well, have FUN and bundle up!

  3. Moosie - Thanks! It's been good so far! We're having better weather here than you guys in NY.

    G&D - Thanks! I didn't get very far on them. I read Running With Scissors on the plane instead.

  4. ooooh, chicago! how i miss that city! go check out the bean - it may seem like a dumb touristy thing to do (which i guess it kinda is) - but it's actually pretty cool. and avoid navy pier like the plague.


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