Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why, sir, I would never question the size of your hedge fund!

We have some very impressive people from the world of finance present at our conferences.

This morning a handsome, distinguished, no-nonsense, investment banker suit kind of guy was one of our presenters. He needed to find the co-presenter, and I said the guy was probably on the second floor. We were on the third floor.

He said, "I'll go down to find him. Have you taken the stairs? Or do they have stairs anywhere around here?"

The elevators in this hotel took a long time. And it is irritating to take an elevator one flight. I take the stairs everywhere. Everywhere except hotels and unfamiliar office buildings. Because they can be isolated and creepy.

I replied, "They do but I haven't taken them. I don't take the stairs in hotels. I don't feel safe."


"I would if I were a man, though."

"Now I feel obligated to take them. Just to prove myself."

He had a little tiny twinkle in his very serious eye, but he said this without missing a beat or breaking a smile. And I blushed. I really did.

And now, my friends, now I am going out into the wide world of Chicago. The conference is over, the weather is beautiful, and I'm pulling on my sneaks and running along the lake.

And then my wild - truly, hilariously wild - friend Kelli is going to pick me up, and we are going to create some havoc.

I just hope we don't run into Mr. Hedge Fund after a couple cocktails.


  1. You better be working on that assignment I gave you before you left. If you haven't yet, that would be a good kind of havoc for you and Kelli.


  2. I hope you DO run into him!!

  3. One day I'll be someone's Mr. Hedge Fund.

  4. Go find him...

    Also, there are only a few good parts of Chicago:

    1) The Museums and the Art Institute.

    2) The sports and rivalries.

    3) Devon Ave and its ethnic restaurants. If you want good south Indian food, try Mysore Woodlands on Devon: (773) 338-8160

    4) The beach at sunrise when there is nobody around.

  5. LMNt - Umm. In theory...

    G&D - Alas, we did not!

    HIN- Yes! And if you're still blogging you can be Hedge Fund Improvement Ninja!

    VVK - Disagree. I really like what I've seen of Chicago! But I'm also ready to get back to my DC life.

  6. VK forgot the BEST part; WRIGLEY!!!! The Ivy...day games...the history...I love that park.


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