Friday, April 30, 2010

Feats of strength

I know this week has been very up-and-downy for a lot of people.

Apparently Venus is in retrograde. Is the problem.

I heard this from a friend who got it from her yoga instructor. So my details, they are basically nonexistent.

But here we are. I so appreciated all your input on my downdown post the other day. I'm working on plan. Of life.

This makes me feel good.

And my sweetie boy is a sweetie boy. And the sun is shining. And Betty has snipped peonies from the front yard of the Mean Girls next door. They look gorgeous in our kitchen. Heh.

And the weekend is supposed to be warm and delicious.

Happy Friday, all!


  1. Peonies are so pretty! And stolen ones are even better. I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy your weekend.

  2. That table is the greatest toy ever. Zeke has been playing with his since he was about 8 months old, and he *still* goes back and plays with it every once and a while.

    Glad you're feeling like things are looking up. :)

  3. I love how big he smiles when he looks over at you. I would imagine it's hard to not feel like things are pretty good, when smiles like that are in your world.

  4. I love Big J's face when you tell him it went away. He's all "WTF?" then "It's OK, you're here!"

    I want to hear about your life plan. I need a life plan.

  5. Yes, life has been up and down for me lately. Venus, get in gear!

    Peonies are my favorite flower - go Betty :)

    Love the video, he's so happy hanging out with his Mom!

  6. I cut lilacs from the meanies that live next door to me.

    Big J has the sweetest light up the room smile and those chubby little fists look delicious! Happy Friday!

  7. I'm usually not very nom-nomy on other people's babies but I'm pretty sure I could not resist J's chubby cheeks. What a cutie :)

  8. sunshine and peonies are definite uppers! a happy baby doesn't hurt either, glad you feel cheered up!

  9. venus is in retrograde? this sounds like something that would interest me. i will research.

    so happy you're feeling better lisa!! and i'm excited for your "plan of life."

  10. Susan H - And these women really are mean. I totally promote filching their flowers. I bet they don't even see them.

    Wendy - I am glad to hear that. My friend Kaysha lent it to us and he is loving it.

    Yah, thanks. It's a relief.

    Dagny - Even on really bad days, he smiles and in the moment, my life is perfect. Seriously.

    Lisa - I am working on it! It's not as long-term or elaborate as people who are actual planners. But I am trying to figure out how to carve out writing time and how to head in the direction I want to go...

    HKW - They are gorgeous! Betty grows them, and brought some over. But we swiped some of theirs just because.

    kayare - Ohhh, lilacs. I love them so.

    His little beam just lights up my life. His chubby little fists do tend to be kind of grubby though, I must admit.:)

    Hillary - One of these days we'll meet and hopefully J will still be small enough to let you nom his delicious cheeks.

    Lusty Reader - HUGE uppers, that's for sure! Thanks!

    carly - This sounds like something you would be all over. Lemme know.

    And thank you! I am, too.

  11. Peonies are sweeter when lifted from someone who does not deserve them, lol!

    That boy is delightful! Happy weekend!

  12. Babies, and peonies and Venus in retrograde. It is ALL going on. Have a great weekend.


  13. okay, that's it. i'm not taking my BC pills tonight.
    that cutie. the ducky feet. the squishy bumbo chair. i must have them all!
    glad to hear you're focusing on change, it's so hard to do but so worth it!


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