Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday thoughts, arbitrarily numbered

  1. April fills me with dread. I started hating it three years ago, and I can't say last year improved it for me at all.

  2. Big J is feeling better. He's almost back to sunshine.

  3. I have cabbage on my boob. I don't think anyone at work has any idea. I keep wondering if I smell weird, though.

  4. I worked out in my toe shoes and was told I look like a Mutant Ninja Mama. I quite like the idea.

  5. Procrastination has, once again, got me in a rush-rush. I need deadlines and pressure to get stuff done.

  6. Azaleas and rhododendrons are blooming. I love them so much - particularly the pink ones. Turns out they're poisonous, though, so don't eat them.

  7. This back-and-forth-y weather is making me a little nutso. Cotton dresses? Sandals? Sweaters? Boots? The hell?

  8. And why do they call it "shoulder season"?

  9. One of my colleagues keeps bringing in Us Magazine, People, etc. and leaving them in the kitchen. I've realized I don't know who a lot of the "stars" are anymore. This makes me feel old.

  10. Also, I find it impossible to understand why people give a shit about Kate Gosselin. I don't wish her ill. I just wish she'd fade away.

  11. And finally, I think I'd be OK with violent torture or hard labor as punishment for spamming. I keep turning word verification on and off. It's so annoying, I know. But so is deleting hundreds of spam comments.


  1. 'And why do they call it "shoulder season"?'

    I believe this come from the travel industry. You have high season (when all the tourists are there and prices are high) and the inverse, low season, and what is in between creates a shoulder from high to low.

    That's my guess and I'm sticking with it.

  2. I have never heard of this shoulder season, and while lacochran's explanation makes sense, I'm going to enjoy my amusing mental image for a bit longer.

    What, you can't imagine a shoulder shrub?

  3. I also do not know who many of the stars are. They are all young whippersnappers and they all look the same. Is it appropriate to say I hope that your boobs feel better soon?

  4. I think it's called shoulder season cause this is when ladies begin showing their shoulders again. Could be...

    The only thing a person who uses their uterus as a clown car deserves is an investigation by child services.

    I couldn't help myself:

    Hopefully you won't delete this one.

  5. I agree about Kate. I don't know anyone voting for her, yet she doesn't know how to leave. She isn't pleasant to watch on TV, that is for sure.

  6. I have never heard of this shoulder season of which you speak. Also, I agree with you that April sucks. I'm ready for it to be over now.

  7. - i've never heard "shoulder season" either
    - i still want those toe shoes thanks to you
    - the weather is ridonk. i want to wear all my dresses but it's too chilly now
    - watching the Kate Gosslin dancing clips is painful. just painful.

  8. lacochran - I dunno. That seems like a dip rather than a shoulder to me. But I appreciate the speculation

    Dagny - The person I learned this term from is from CT, so I assumed it was a New England term. But if you don't know it...

    I'm all for a shoulder shrub. And shoulder mowing when summer arrives.

    Jane - They do all look the same! You are right! And the boys are boys, not men!

    And I appreciate it. I have no idea about appropriateness.

    FoggyDew - I thought it was about bare shoulders, but then I thought, shoulder seasons are spring and fall, and fall would be when you stop baring them...

    Ohhh, thank you! I haven't seen that clip in YEEEARRRS!

    cfoxes - I really don't understand the appeal. The notprettinss! The grimacing!

    Hillary - Hmm. I have to go back to the source. How come nobody has heard of it?

    notsjenny - The toe shoes are great. You'll eventually get a pair and you'll thank me. Seriously.

    And dresses! I want to wear pretty dresses! I am over this cold business!

  9. Did I miss something? What's with the cabbage on the boob? Cabbage? I love spring too!

  10. oops! shoulda read the cabbage on the boob link first. Got it: )

  11. De-lurking here to say I knew *immediately* what the cabbage was about... A million years ago when my milk came in (my boy is 11 now!), I put cabbage leaves on my boobs, which were so hot (literally, not just metaphorically) that after about a half hour they were wilted. I kept thinking "how weird; I'm cooking cabbage in my bra." I'm half Polish, so I also thought it was fitting somehow... Hope you feel better soon!
    P.S. I also hate April. (I'm a univ. prof., and it's now 3 weeks to finals, and I'm so sleep-deprived it reminds me of when the boy was a baby...)

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  15. Yes, please just make (ask?) Kate go away. #5 describes one of my worst traits. Give me a little pressure and a deadline, and I can make it happen. Glad Big J is coming around. :)

  16. Kate - I should've explained. I know it's random.

    Karen - Thanks for commenting! Yes! The heat! The cabbage cooking! So bizarre.

    Good luck with the home stretch of the semester.

    Kayare - I just don't understand the fascination.

    And the pressure - I get all stressed out, and then I get shit done. Otherwise, I can dick around endlessly.

  17. I have had to quit asking my kids who celebrities are. As if they don't know I'm ancient and un-hip without my help.

    I've had luck with making any of my comments on posts older than 6 days require comment approval.

    I say that and now I'll get spammed.

  18. As I'd never had heard the expression "shoulder season", I looked it up on the internet. That's what I found:

    "Shoulder season. An abbreviated season that falls between the high season and low season and offers fares and rates between those of the other seasons."

    I even found German websites referring to it, so the travel agents in my home country call this time perioud "sholder season" as well. In English.


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