Tuesday, April 06, 2010

If I had a wish that I could wish for you I'd make a wish for sunshine all the while

And yes, I also love John Denver.


So the week before last, Keenie Beanie gave me a Sunshine award. How pretty is the bright orange Gerber daisy against the blue sky?

And I meant to write this post last week, but then it turned into a very bad no good no sunshiney thoughts kind of week. Grr.

So Keenie Beanie, she lives in what she calls a little house on the prairie. In Oregon, which is somewhere I've never been. She takes lovely photographs - of daffodils and clouds and things like a drop of dew in a plant. She thinks deeply. She cooks with Guinness. What more does one need to know?

So this Sunshine award is to be given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others. (Which of course flatters me no end! Thank you!)

I'm passing on the sunshine - this is just a a tiny fraction of the bloggers who sparkle and inspire me in a variety of ways.

Miranda goes about her life in Africa like it's just normal, because uh, for her it is. And I read her and look at her pictures and just sigh, thinking, oh, oh look, she's gone to Zanzibar! Again! One day I'm going to turn up at Miranda's doorstep. I want so badly to meet her. And peer through her picture window. And buy one of her mom's paintings. Did I mention her mother is an artist?

Having been born in Delhi and having spent so many years there, I felt this immediate connection with Masala Chica. She's Indian and also American and is working on what it means to be both, in a very candid way. She's married to a guy who is half Puerto Rican, and they call their children quartericans. How can you not love this hilariousness?

She Likes Purple has dealt with all kinds of challenges since her baby boy Kyle, a serious cutie-face, was born. She struggles, she thinks, she takes stock of her life and finds grace in small things. She works to be thankful for the things she has. I feel like I should do more of this, and it's nice to be reminded by example.

Trout Towers once described her undergarments as a "rubberized condensing tube." She had me long before rubberized condensing tube, but even if she hadn't, that would've sealed the deal. She raises chickens, she loves music and theatre, she goes to the opera - and is deep enough to actually get it, unlike me, who likes the idea of opera but then thinks, "Oh, enough with the singing, just die of consumption already" while I'm there.

Writing this reminded me that there are so many cool people in my blogworld, and I could go on and on (and on on on) about why I like all of you. And should, regularly.

Except right now I'm supposed to be doing my officjob. Like, rightnowasItype. So I'll stop now.

But it's spring! Spread sunshine!


  1. AM sitting at my desk now, supposedly doing my office job. Thanks for all YOUR sunshine Lisa. Honestly there are days when your blog just makes me realise that there is still laughter and your antics with Nick and the little guy just cant help but smile.
    Hope you have a wonderful glorious long hot summer like we have had here in NZ.

  2. oh yay, i love referral posts! how else do we even come across amazing blogs we never knew about?
    thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Thanks for the kind words and the link-back, Lisa. I'm off now to go discover some great bloggers on your recommendation!

  4. I don't know how you knew this, but all it takes for me to like you is to call my son a serious cutie-face. Sold! Friend for life!

  5. Yay, wow thanks! More great blogs to explore, too, hurrah! You're welcome on my doorstep anytime - and Big J and Lara would hit it off I know it!! Look at all those exclamation marks! Geez!!!!

  6. OH YOU SWEET THING. Thank you. Made my whole day.

  7. Go-Betty - You are just so lovely, you really really are.

    notsojenny - I love referral posts, too!

    Keenie Beanie - Thank you for the award! I really appreciated it.

    Jennie - I am glad! And he is, he is!

    Miranda - There will be so many exclamation marks all around! :)

    Susan - I am so glad! I adore you!

  8. Thank you for the lovely shout out Lisa - you know your rock my bloggy world too, sister :-)


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