Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Get to the point

I started getting acupuncture last Saturday.

Here's what's annoying about it: My husband.

Nick likes to say things like, "You know, Lisa likes her acupuncturist, but she talks too much. Lisa has to tell her to get to the point."

Or, "I was on pins and needles waiting to hear how it went."

Or, "Oh, sweetheart. I'm just needling you."

Really. I can't remember the rest. They're equally punny.

So last night, when Nick and Betty were talking about cooking a leg of lamb or a duck for Sunday dinner (both equally gross, in my opinion), I saw my chance.

"Not duck!"

"Why not?"

"I think duck is foul."


  1. I love to pun. Drives my husband nuts!

  2. Hahaaaa you guys should get your own reality show...

  3. Wait, do you love the actual acupuncture part? I'm starting it this month and I'm basically terrified.

  4. Good one Lisa :) I'm terrified of acupuncture and don't think I could sit still long enough. Which might be the point, no pun.

  5. You will love having evidence of his punnery in later years.

  6. Sooo, I guess you're having the lamb? Trust me, it's not that baaaaaaad.

  7. I hope he appreciated your efforts.

  8. You totally made my day. I'm a HUGE fan of puns!

  9. Oh ewwwweeee...So phunny! but I agree, duck is foul!

  10. Oh, that Nick is so o-pun-ionated!

    (Sorry - couldn't resist)

  11. LMAO My closest friend and I pun all the time , constantly, we cant be together for 5 mins before it starts and very few can keep up and most roll their eyes and give up on us as we crack ourselves up laughing. Our children have grown up with this and they are incredibly quick to join in but also end up rolling their eyes and walking away at some point.....ok maybe we are OTT but its really lots of fun and keeps the mind quick.

  12. PS How did you get on at the Dr's re the tiredness etc?

  13. Maiden Metallurgist - I actually love puns as well. I'm just a little tired of these pokes.

    frugalveganmom - We're not that interesting, alas. I report the highlights.

    nicole - Yes. For me, it's relaxing. I don't watch the needles being put in though. And then I close my eyes and relax. Seriously - I hate needles, and it's all fine.

    HKW - Hahaha! You could do it. They're so fine and you barely feel them. And then you just lie there on this table with your eyes closed. It's kind of like getting a massage.

    Kate - Yes. I will always love it.

    FoggyDew - Totally laughed out loud. Baaaaaaad.

    Hillary - Not really - he gave me a huuuge eye roll.

    Tia - Good puns are such a delight!

    Lynn - He's very punny. And duck is foul! Phoul!

    Keenie Beanie - Hahahaha! He is.

    Go-Betty - That is the best. Nick and I take turns rolling our eyes at each other. But I appreciate the cleverness. :)

    And I go tomorrow for blood tests. My doc was out earlier this week.

  14. We must never get Nick and MathMan in the same room.

  15. Well, at least you got some measure of payback. ;)

  16. My sister's husband is a lexicographer - writes dictionaries (!). And is waaaay to clever for his own good. That household is a maze of puns and word plays - its great fun but exhausting!!

    Hope you feeling okay. Hugs from here across the oceans. xxx


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