Monday, October 11, 2010

In need of shoe help with the fierce urgency of now

I know this is such a rich-country problem, and you might choke on my frivolosity, but we are going to a black-tie wedding and I am wearing a black dress and I have no shoes.

OK, not no shoes. But since I get dressed up pretty much never, when I pulled out my dressy and dressy-ish shoes, here's what I found: two metallics and one red with rhinestones.

Who am I?

The red ones are doing something funny and puckery in the back, which can't be a surprise, as I bought them 10 years ago for like $12. But you'd have to look to notice at night. I think. BUT that means I have to wear a black shawl, when I'd rather wear a color, but don't have red.The bronze ones I love, but I think they're too clunky for the dress. No?
And the silver, which are totally comfortable, and which I wore to my wedding (and which I bought for Maude's wedding seven years ago) might look too summery. And also kind of dated.

Even though I'm not trendy, I don't want to look dated.

I am going to wear that strappy low-backed drapey black dress that I wore to my high school reunion. Betty says my S&M shoes are Not Appropriate. And I think this is true.

So. Can I wear any of these?

I fear not, which means I need to find, purchase, and pack shoes before 6 am on Friday.

(Also very likely to ask you for help on the dressy casual rehearsal dinner. Dressy casual. Dressy? Or casual? No! Both! But that's a whole nother topic.)



  1. Of those 3, I vote silver. Excellent toes, BTW. (And I mean that in a totally "Love that color" way and not creepy toe fetish way. Ok. I'll shut up now)

  2. Thank you! A friend and I got pedicures this weekend. It's one of the myriad OPI reds.

    As for silver, I do like them, but I am feeling like a dressy black pair would probably be SO much better...

  3. Red is my fave. But since red is out, I vote for the silver too. What is outdated about them? Everyone will be looking at your dazzling smile and cute hair and your back. I am totally in awe of your back (and I mean that in a totally "Love how in shape you are" way and not in a creepy stalker way :-)
    Have fun Lisa!!

  4. I like the bronze ones - I think they provide a textural contrast to the dress, you know? But if you want something new...

    Zappos has been pretty good about upgrading my shipping to overnight even when I choose regular, and they have these, which are fun:
    or these:

    If you don't want to chance it, I'd call them to order and ask about shipping options. Good luck!

  5. Wait! Why can't you wear the black ones? Those are killer.

  6. I'd go with the silver. But then since I'm a guy you may want to go with just about anything else then. I don't think we're known to be intelligent in this area.

  7. It's only monday! Think of all the fun shoe shopping you can do in the next four days! Shoe shopping is gooooood!

  8. I hate formal weddings. "oh hi, we're getting married and want to make sure you're as uncomfortable as possible"

    I like all but the bronze ones.

    Dressy casusal = cute skirt and comfy top.

  9. Love the silver, and don't think they're outdated at all. And like the other poster said, in that dress, and with your back, who is going to be looking at the shoes anyway?
    But if you are looking for a good reason to buy new shoes, heck, order away! I usually oder several pairs and just return whatever doesn't fit (love Zappos for that!).

  10. I like all of the shoe options and fully support new shoe purchase if there's time. To be helpful, 1 being highest, #1 silver, #2 gold and #3 red (for more shawl options). I like the black too but am not sure if they are on the list. Have a great time!

  11. My money would be on black ones if you're going to wear a shawl that would be a color other than black-but what do I know? Of the three you have, I love the silver most but think all three would work. Some help, huh. Pretty tootsies!

  12. I like the black and the bronze ones. I do think the others are a bit more summery. The black look like they might be hard to dance in for very long(?) You could wear the black and bring the bronze.

    Such a spread on opinons, we're probably not much help. But isn't it nice to have an occasion to look forward to!

  13. I like the black best, but any of them would work (except I agree the gold one are a bit clunky).

    But no shame in buying new shoes when the ones you have are 10+ years old!

    OR - you could get a new scarf/shawl, and you might get more use out of it than new dress shoes? I wear these things almost every day to work to keep from freezing.

  14. Silver. Not outdated. And it's not really fall yet. But I don't agree with Betty. S & M shoes are ALWAYS in style.

  15. I like the silver and also the red. Your pedicure looks great!

  16. I vote buy new ones. You've been kind of shoe focused lately and it's not like you really spend that much money on yourself.

    I think that the red would be funny and a nice way to mix it up if you have to keep one of these.

    But ultimately, I think your desire for new shoes will just increase every time you pass up an opportunity to buy some. So indulge and have fun.

    My two cents.

  17. Buy some black ones! Where's the wedding?

  18. Black ones definitley. Second favorite are the silver. Red, ehh. And gold, I agree, are too clunky!

  19. Definitely Black, anything else draws attention to the shoes rather than the dress, and that is a killer dress!

  20. They're being so unfair to the bronze/gold ones! I think they're just seeming clunky because they're being viewed right next to the skinny-straps. I think the golds are so darling, and the blacks, Va-Voom!

    Looking at the whole picture, head down to toe, they'd add more balance/weight to the solid black dress.

    Of course the skinny-straps do show off the pedicure, so that's a bonus, but depending on the weather, too, it's a consideration; if it's really cold out, they'd seem summery.
    I can't shut up now, 'cause I just got off work early, am sipping a wine, and thinking about how it's been sooo long since I dressed up and went out. Hope ya don't mind, but I'm living vicariously through you today.

    Also, I forgot to say that you look so gorgeous in that photo. Really beautiful!

  21. wear the red ones and buy a red shawl - should come in cheaper then new shoes - just a thought

  22. I say go with the red ones. Black shawl with red shoes is totally okay, I think, if you can find a red little-something-else to wear with the ensemble (earrings?). I also like the silver. But I am really not up on what's current, so take all of this with a HUGE grain of salt. (Living in the midwest has done a number on what I know about current fashions...) Have fun!

  23. Sooo....I headed out yesterday afternoon and found some shoes. I decided that it was time - with 10 and 7 year old shoes, it's not like I've been shoe crazy. Plus, as a friend pointed out, the wedding is in the Midwest. It could be COLD.

    Lynn - You are awesome! I've always done weights and a lot of work for my back - I'm so glad it shows!

    Jessica - I love how you always have amazing suggestions.I love those super high ones...but I just know they are the knid of shoes I hate halfway through the night. I found some simple black Nine West heels.

    Dana - They have a lot of hardware and are just too S&M for a nice wedding. I love them though and they're totally comf.

    Just Plain Tired - I love those shoes and they are so comfy. But I think they're too open. It'll be in Minneapolis - which I neglected to mention.

    Jill - I remember the good old days when that would mean several evenings of shopping...and multiple shoes!

    Tia - Oh, I LOVE getting dressed up. I was so happy it's black tie! And thanks for the dressy casual input!

    Susan H - Hahaha - that's a nice thought. I have to feel good in my shoes, though. I found a simple black pair.

    HKW - Thank you for the support. That's totally the direction I chose - but I needed the moral support, for sure.

    kayare - Totally helpful. Seriously. Black is the way to go.

    tamater sammich - Those black just aren't appropriate but I found some understated but pretty ones that will look really nice.

    I love that you were living vicariously through me. I do that to so many people who go out regularly. :) And thank you for teh kind words - and the defense of the clunky shoes! They're great shoes, just not with a delicate dress.

    frugal vegan mom - You are so right about no shame. I embraced that and have new shoes. I love the shawls I have, so no need for a new one.

    Kate - Hahahaha! Yes, S&M is probably always in style but maybe not so much at a black tie wedding in Minneapolis.

    Angel Jam - Thank you. I love the pedi! I get them so rarely and they're such a treat.

    KLZ - I totally took your advice. You're right that I've been shoe focused, and I don't spend a lot on myself. I decided it's kind of like not eating any sweets while on a diet - you just binge if you deny yourself too long.

    Laura B - I did! Minneapolis. Very excited for the trip!

    Babymomma - Agree with you entirely.

    Russ - Ah, hugs to you, my friend. I'm going with black. And I love that dress like crazy.

    Anonymous - I decided on black with a pink or blue shawl. I just got this image of looking like a matador in red and black.

    Karen - I need color. Head to (almost) toe black would just pull me down. I'm pretty excited about what I've decided on. Also, I know nothing about latest fashion except that it involves leopard print, which I fricking love. Seriously love and WANT.

    Miranda - I'm so glad! :) I've worn them for very happy things, and I really like them.


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