Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A semi-girlypants shoe post with a dash of there are children starving in Bangladesh

When I was in my 20s, and I quite jobs regularly, I wound up temping a lot.

Temping meant two things: One, I was paid hourly. And two, I was usually so bored.

And so I'd do things like calculate the hours I needed to work in order to buy that skirt I liked at Ann Taylor. Four more hours = one skirt. For example.

I haven't done that in years. For years, my budget has not been quite that tight. I've never been profligate, and so for a long time I've been able to pay my mortgage AND buy food AND things I want.

Our budget has been tight this last year, but really because we took on this big house project. So we've borrowed a shitload. We've spent a lot. But it's all practical, good debt. And we've both spent our lives spending so responsibly.

Now, what I've realized is that I have this huge amount of guilt buying frivolous stuff, and having things that others don't. I seriously have to justify up and down.

Honestly. It's weird, I think. Nick is so proud of our house. He's worked so hard, and he deserves a nice house. And me, I'm proud of it too. But I feel guilty. Because there are so many people without shelter, much less a nice house. Hell, without food or potable water, for that matter.

And yet I hated my time in the Peace Corps. Go figure.

So. I got those shoes above for the wedding. Black, pretty, and very practical. I needed nice black shoes. I could wear them to work.

But seriously. This was after a number of you said black shoes. Or said, oh, for Pete's sake, buy yourself some new shoes. You don't do this all the time.

And I don't. I really don't.

But then, it was like after a long diet when you've been thinking about chocolate for weeks and then you eat so much in one sittiong you're nauseous.

I just couldn't stand not to buy these. Justification: they're 30% off at Nine West, with free shipping. I need something trendy. I love leopard prints. And I AM going to wear them to work.

I cannot wait for them to arrive.


  1. The scroll-down to the second pair of shoes made me laugh out loud. As someone who is on a tight budget (8 out-of-town weddings in a single year), I totally understand. And now I want leopard print heels.

  2. OMG! If I wasn't worried about my feet getting bigger from being pregnant I'd buy those hothothot leopard print shoes rightthissecond. And I'd wear them never because IO work in a steel mill. But you DON'T! So therefore I deem them an entirely necessary purchase.

  3. I need those leopard print shoes. I haven't worn heels in months, surely that's plenty justification to buy, isn't it?

  4. Fun! Love your new shoes, the leopard print are so pretty. Today, I'm wearing black patent leather Mary Jane's from Nine West which I bought at least 5 years ago. So the new heels you bought will last. You should dance the night away at the wedding!

    Your home is gorgeous, well done on all the hard work. I spend all my spending money on furniture or decorating the house, much less on shoes, and I love both.

  5. Um. You are so mean to flaunt these. I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! But I just bid on some vibrams on ebay. Hrmph. You will take a picture of them on your feet with the appropriate outfit, right?

  6. Oh, YUM. They would only be sexier if they were patent leather, I am such a sucker for patent leather! But I have to admire from afar, I have the lowest tolerance ever for wearing heels...

  7. Oh, they are lovely.

    And you completely deserve them!

  8. I've been on a shoe diet and I live in the middle of nowhere North Dakota! I need those. Oh and our water is so bad here I feel very lucky to be able to go to a store and buy water!I wish the whole world water and shoes. Really why is that to much to ask? Okay I'm outta here to find out if they have those sexy babies in my size. Uhh...Thanks Lisa....I think.

  9. Leopard! Yes. You absolutely did not make a huge mistake.

  10. Both pair of shoes are fantastic! I think you should adjust your definition of frivolous so that it doesn't include shoes. Guilt gone!

  11. Listen, you paid up your karma with the stint in the peace corps. Life is to be enjoyed too. Shoes are a part of life.

  12. I love the black ones! My daughter would love the leopard print ones. I don't wear high heels much anymore but I wish I could. Enjoy them!!

  13. This post made me happy. In the pants. I'm sorry! I can't help it. I love Nine West shoes. Fucking Nine West doesn't ship to goddamn Canada though so I'm stuck drooling over the sale page.

  14. Wow. Sexy momma! Just looking at those shoes hurt my ankles. I would take two steps in those shoes and fall over and then urine samples would fall on me.

  15. Annie - Yikes! Eight out-of-town weddings in one year is too much! Too much, I say! (I hope you haven't had to buy bridesmaid dresses as well!)

    Maiden Metallurgist - OH! Congratulations! I am behind in blog reading! But so happy for you! My feet got bigger towards the end, but otherwise I stayed in the same shoes, and am back in my old ones. But heels are a hassle when you have a babyload, plus the steel mill would definitely limit footwear to not this kind.

    Lisa - It is most absolutely justification to buy. If you ever need help justifying, come to me. I just suck at doing it for myself, but I can help others justify just about anything. Also, your thought is totally reasonable.

    HKW - I think those are perfect things to spend spending money on. And Nine West shoes totally last.

    Thanks for the nice words on our house. :)

    Kate - Oops. Sorry! You will enjoy the Vibrams so much more than these, though. Particularly with all your running.

    YES I will take a pic and post once I figure out appropriate outfits!

    frugalveganmom - I love patent as well, but I do love the leopard and that odd pony hair or whatever it's called. The idea of having hairy shoes just amuses me no end.

    Jessica - Thank you, my sweet!

    Lynn - Oh, ish - I remember Minot water being so stinky1 We always bought water when we were there. I'd totally forgotten that.

    And the shoe diet, as I said, is a dangerous thing. Leopard is tasty, I'm telling you.

    Lynsey - Ha! Thank you! I'm so psyched about leopard. I NEED more leopard in my life.

    SarahLeigh - I knew you'd like them!

    Lisa - Why, that's a very practical suggestion! Thank you!

    Sunil - I LOVE that you are commenting on my shoe post! Love!

    Kate - Betty likes the black ones. I know she's going to think the leopard ones are a little too trampy.

    Hillary - Yay! Thanks! I think it's criminal that they won't ship to Canada. You all are right there - how hard can it be?

    Nicole - Shockingly, I'm pretty good at walking in high shoes. My tripping and falling seems to be unrelated to my footwear.

  16. Covet those shoes, both pairs but the leopard ones?? rooarr.

    I love shoes, I need new shoes, I have a tendency to buy a couple of pairs and wear them to death.

  17. I'm thinking you shouldn't lose sleep over the purchase. But oddly enough, with the economy in the shape it's in, I wonder how some people are making it myself, and am thankful I'm doing alright.

  18. Hello, my name is Alexandra, and I have a shoe problem.

    Thank you for the porn this morning.
    Just...thank's been a looooooooong dry spell...

  19. yay! i swear by those NW pumps, they go with EVERYTHING! great choice!

  20. i love them both! you deserve them! which will you wear to the wedding?

  21. All things in moderation. You haven't bought shoes in a while, so I say go nuts. While I in no way profess to know anything about women's footwear, those both appear to be nice additions to your closet. On the other hand, this summer I bought a blu-ray player because I wanted to watch Ironman, but I'd promised myself I wouldn't buy dvds until I got a blu-ray player. Problem solved.


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