Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Always happy to speculate

He got sick before I did, and he got better first as well. I'm still blowing my nose like crazy, but he's still coughing up shocking amounts of phlegm.

Yes, we are both still really gross. And constantly in danger of snotting on ourselves and each other. Ick. But anyway.

"Why do you think I'm still coughing up so much phlegm and you're not?"

I pause. "Hmm. Well, maybe it's because you're a significantly more evil person than I am?"

"Why did I think you'd actually give me a helpful answer?"

Beats me.


  1. Too funny. Sounds like he's, well, full of, you know, (more) crap (than the average person).

    And I say this in the nicest way to LG's love. Really.

  2. Sounds like the two of you are a perfect fit!

    Snot on!

  3. i'm so glad you've found someone you can joke around with in regards to disgusting bodily fluids...true love isn't embarrassed by some pesky phlegm :)

  4. Lisa, you and Mr. Lisa-to-be are such hacks...

    Feel better.

  5. HKW - Hahaha! He is, at least currently, more full of crap than the average person.

    DCup - Hahahaha - snot on! And we do!

    Moosie - You make a very nice point about a gross topic! :)

    Spartacus - Ha. Yes, we're hacks.

  6. Hm. Would you rather be the MORE evil or the LESS evil half of a couple?

  7. Hmm. The truth is, I think much of the time I am the MORE evil one.


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