Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have heard the mermaids sing, each to each

This Valentine's day, I'm writing a love letter to my blog world. It is long, and maybe sappy. But what do you expect on a day full of pink and candy and hearts and flowers?

Truthfully, this isn't the most cohesive post, and I'm afraid of meandering, but at some point I just gave in to it and so I ask your indulgence. Also, I'm afraid of having overlooked some people. This post got a little unwieldy.

So I'd like to say up front that this isn't an exhaustive list of everyone I read and like, but I think this is a pretty good walk through of those who I knew as real whole people before blogging, and those who I've gotten to know in person or virtually because of it, and with whom I exchange emails, hopes, wishes, dreams.

Also, I haven't been the greatest blog visitor lately, but not because I don't adore you all. I fell in love and fell off the planet a little.

To begin with the beginning, I started this journey in October 2006, with the encouragement of my friend Dave. He blogs about the law and not the minutiae of the day to day, but he was still my staunchest blogging supporter at the outset. Shortly thereafter I learned my friend Steve was a blogger. He's the one who told me the very basics of using Blogger. And I have to give him credit for virtually introducing me to Rich, who I also uh-dore.

I recently introduced Nick (AKA the feeeYONsayy) to my blog world. This caused me to spend some time talking about various bloggers, and what I like about the whole thing. It's funny, you know, telling someone you put your most personal thoughts and feelings up for anyone to see. And then explaining that actually, it's been so good for you in so many ways, and has been almost nothing but positive.

I've been thinking about what I wanted to write about my experiences with other bloggers ever since I met Megan last fall. She'd emailed to say she'd be in town, and suggested we meet. And she was 85 times lovelier, funnier, more delightful than I'd expected. And I'd expected a lot. I knew I'd like her - absolutely no question.

The reason I was confident I'd like in-person Megan was this. The very first "I like your blog" email I ever received was from DCup. We struck up an email friendship, and met up last spring when she came to DC for work. Although we were strangers, she didn't feel like a stranger, and we said hello with a big hug. We sat down, and we didn't start from the beginning - because with what you already know about each other, you start from the middle. And she was just as bright and funny and kind as I expected. (Random facts: Betty giggles every time she reads a comment with DCup attached. "Hee hee hee! DCup!" And I regularly beg her to send her youngest child to live with me if she ever gets sick of her.)

And then, because the world is a random and excellent place, people pop up in the blog world who were actual people in your life, just in a previous time.

Unexpectedly, I've reconnected with a childhood friend - Texpatriate - who I've literally known since I was born. Because of our blogs, we've gotten to know each other as adults. Our parents were in the Peace Corps together in Afghanistan. He is family. We go way, way back.

Another delight is getting reacquainted with high school friends, two of whom, Mark and Wendy, had blogs before we got back in touch. So I've happily been able to get to know them a bit as adults - in more detail than you would just exchanging emails.

Recently a third high school friend, my dear friend Lauren, started blogging. She's always had hilarious stories, and now they're out in cyberspace. Last year she introduced me to Almost Free, who I've only spent a couple crazy fun nights out with, but have gotten to know much better through the blog world and email, and really and truly consider a friend.

My friend Jane from grad school chronicles her son Avery's life. I love love love being able to drop in on him at any time, see what new word he's learned, his new favorite food (we both agree on the wonders of peanut butter), and just generally keep up on their lives. I'm going to see them this weekend, and I absolutely can't wait!

Though we are are far apart, the blogs provide much of the intimacy you lose with lack of proximity.

My friend Celtic Not, who I used to work with, turns out to have a blog as well. We didn't actually work together for that long, but you know how you meet someone, and you just connect in that way that means you will always, always like them and hope the world is kind to them? It's like that.

And then the random world of blogging has introduced me to some of the best people. Nearby, LMNt, who has since left the blog world, became an actual friend of mine, as has Dagny, who regularly says so many things that absolutely resonate with me. VVK and I have the India connection as a starting point, but it extends far beyond that. WiB will often send me notes that make me laugh out loud. Or think. Or both. And I've only met Justin once, and most of the time he is so very far away. But I always hope for the best for him. Same goes for FreckledK, who I recently wished goodbye in the blog world.

Near and far, there are people I feel like I know. Locally, Moosie is someone I want to hug, and not just to wish her strengh in her future work with tax lawyers. I've dated some of those people she'll be working with, and I do feel for her in advance. I also want to hug kate.d., who is on hiatus from blogging.

Far away, I feel like I know HKW, who lives in Texas, and is just incredibly kind, loving, and sweet. I want such good things for her And East Coast Teacher? She's a stronger woman than I. You couldn't drag me kicking and screaming into a classroom at this point. A.S. always has charming thoughts and facts on her blog. And who else do you know who has a monthly palindrome? Massive hugs for that alone.

Last, but so far from least, are Nicole and Slightly Disorganized. I've put them together because they're currently running around southern California with each other having unreasonable amounts of fun. If I were in my early 20s, they are exactly who I'd want to be causing chaos with. I just plain like them.

To everyone I wish love and sparkles and happiness and kindness. And enough chocolate that you actually feel a little ill, but not so ill you resist having just one more.

Big hugs and happy Valentine's day!


  1. Wow, you have so many real life friends who blog! And have met so many bloggie friends in person! I would love to be able to write a post like this after a few years of blogging.

    Um, Lisa? You are always invited to run around and cause chaos with us even though you aren't in your 20s.

    Oh, and I just plain like you too.

  2. I just plain like you too.

    always have.
    always will.

    you can cause chaos with us, althought I should warn you, we are not above getting wasteyface at home and passing out alseep by 11:00.

    Not that ever happened. Not that it happened last weekend.
    Of course not.

    I want you to visit the same time that I visit Almost Free. Now THAT would be fun.

  3. (1) Best wishes. ;o)

    (2) Happiest of Valentine's days to you and your intended. I am ecstatic to have met you, as well.


  4. :-)

    I wish you and your fiance a wonderful Valentines day...



  5. what a great idea for a post! it's great that you've had such a good experience. blogging really is a pretty amazing way to connect with people "in this day and age" (god i sound like my grandmother). it's definitely the interactive side of it i'm missing most while taking this little break.

    happy valentine's day, and keep writing :)

  6. Nicole - I started out thinking I knew two bloggers, and I keep discovering I know more! Or meeting more that I like! And if we are ever in the same place and I can keep up, absolutely I want to cause some chaos with you!

    SD - Ohh, that would be FUN! Maybe when she gets divorced - we can converge and celebrate!

    Dagny - Hugs and hugs to you! :)

    VVK - Big hugs to you, my friend.

    kate.d. - Thank you! It has been, and continues to be, such a good thing in my life. I hope your break is a good one!

  7. This was a lovely way to learn more about the people I encounter regularly in your comments!

    All the best to you and please give a big hug to that AC/DC fan Betty for me!

    Happy Valentines Day, Lisa!

  8. i feel all fluttery and warm on the inside :) i wish we could meet so i could give you those hugs ive saved up for you during all the posts i've read, and someday we will!

  9. Aww, such a lovely valentine Lisa! I'm currently having a slice of banana cream pie, which i brought for my team at work today (we love pie), and this post...welll, it's better than pie!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. DCup - Ahh, thanks - I will! Betty really likes you!

    Moosie - Thank you! One of these days our paths will cross!

    HKW - What a sweet thing to say! Thanks! I LOVE banana cream pie. It was one of my childhood faves. Lots of bananas in Bangladesh.

  11. Oh, how I love you. You, Dags and I should go for margaritas, where I can profess this love in person.

  12. Aw, what a great post. I've been feeling kind of punky today -- chronic depression paying a visit -- and you really cheered me up.
    xo, Wendy

  13. Super lovely best blog valentine ever! So glad to have found you, your writing and friendship both on and off the page. Hope to see you and even the FEEEYOONCE on the west coast some day!

    Big hugs!

  14. My beautiful girl, I consider you a real friend as well. Funny how that works, huh? All thanks to our partner in hilarious crime, Lauren!

    I know this is one HAPPY Valentine's Day for you, so I wish for you that every Valentine's Day to come is a bright, beautiful, and exciting as this one. ;)


  15. Seriously, I'm amazed at how much my blog friends have come to mean in such a short amount of time. I never expected to blog as long as I have, nor did I expect to meet such wonderful people.

    Thanks for letting me share in your corner of the blogosphere and for joining in mine. You make me laugh each and every day - and on days when the classroom is crazy (which, some weeks, is always), I need the laughs more than ever.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Lisa :)

  16. Oh Miss Lisa,

    I feel so honored! And flattered! To be mentioned! Gosh! Great big hugs to you too. :)

    And hey, there is a good chance of a visit to your town sometime down the road, as I have a bunch of family there. I'd love to meet you for a beer or a drinky.

    Hugs, hearts, flowers, giggles, and a couple more congratulatory salutations, all headed your way from the PNW. (They're mostly invisible so you might not notice when they arrive.) Um, anyway, YAY!

  17. We can't wait to see you this weekend ! XOXXO.

  18. Lisa I am so thrilled that we have gotten back in touch and I love being able to feel like you are a part of my every day through your blog. You truly are a treasure to me:)

  19. I am so very thankful that I made your list, Lisa. It warms my heart, sincerely.

  20. Kerrie - That would rock. Seriously. Let's.

    Wendy - I'm glad. Hugs to you, always.

    Mood Indigo - Thank you! And definitely, when we make it out to CA, I will let you know.

    Almost - Thank you so much, my dear friend. I feel lucky for Lauren, and lucky for you in my life.

    ECT - It's quite extraordinary, isn't it? What a random world. And I'm glad I can make you laugh!

    A.S. - Thank you thank you! I would be so delighted to meet. You have to tell me if there's a DC trip in your future!

    Janie - So excited to see you guys!

    DD'sD - I feel the same way, and feel so lucky that we reconnected when we did!

    Justin - I'm glad. Stay strong and safe.

  21. Hey - getting this post late - thanks for the shout-out! As you know, the gang is big fans of the blog, and if I backed anything, or did any good at all, I really backed a winner! Happy Valentine's Day - 2!


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