Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This topic is so boring. Thinking about it bores me. This first paragraph will probably put you to sleep. But I'm not quite sure what to do about it.

Lately, I go to bed tired and I wake up tired.

Tired and tired and tired. Everything seems like effort. I drag myself into the office, and I get through the day. But every time I'm in the bathroom I look in the mirror and think, "Holy crap! Why do you look so tired?"

I wonder if I'm drinking too much caffeine, but I mostly just drink it in the morning. And the truth is I love coffee, love the caffeine. Plus, how to wake up tired and not have coffee?

Perish the thought.

On grim, grey days, I expect the tired - weather and sunshine really affect me. But on bright days, I feel like there's just no reason for it. But even so, with the happy sparkly sunshine, I could go back to bed and stay asleep for at least another couple hours.

I'm not unhappy - quite the opposite. And I'm not depressed. This isn't heart or soul tired, it's physical. But what to do about it? It drives me crazy that I'm not the perky (yes, a word I hate, but it's my norm), energetic, jump up and down-y person that I like to be.

Purely because I'm just so effing tired.


  1. I've been like that for soooo long now, I don't even know when it started... I can definitely relate -- and no, coffee, red bull, none of that stuff works, I drink it only for the psychological effect "I know I tried"

  2. Solution to the "effing tired"...more cake and bacon (but not together).

  3. Dr. VVK's prescription: Spend an entire weekend just sleeping and being lazy. It's good for the body and soul. :-)

  4. I offer no solution but in the case tired likes company, I join you. I slept until 10 am last Saturday like a teenager.

    Maybe a spa appointment would do the trick? With Nick or Betty?

  5. Not sure what the solution is. I spend my life exhausted, but largely because I have a 4 month old who still wakes up to eat twice a night. Plus I'm a shitty sleeper anyway.

    The best I've ever felt, sleep-wise, is when I've traveled west (to another time zone) and been able to sleep in the morning until I just wake up on my own -- no alarms, no early light, nothing. So my suggestion is to go to California for the weekend. Of course, that doesn't solve the problem of having to wake up early again when you come back.

    Ok, I guess I've got nothing.

  6. Not to add to a to-do list of home remedies - but instead of giving up caffeine, why not make sure you're drinking enough regular water to compensate?

    I get tired when I'm dehydrated - and slight dehydration might be something you wouldn't recognize immediately... :o/

    I hope you feel better!

  7. Look at your nutrition too - deficiency in certain nutrients may be the culprit!

  8. Of course you're tired- you have some HUGE life changes- you met a bunch of new future family, you're getting a new dresser, and trying to decide what kind of cake to have at your wedding.
    Seriously I was exhausted during my engagement. Too many things going on, on top of ordinary life. Even if I wasn't making a decision at that moment, there were plenty of things I was worried about or wondering if I had messed up (and I totally did make some really wrong decisions because of stress).
    Or you could just be having some horrible disease that's eating away at your brain. I hear that makes people tired.

  9. Beach Bum - Ugh! I want out of this cycle! I do feel like more caffeine is not the answer...because that's what I've been trying!

    Anon - More cake and bacon, even together, sounds completely fan-effing-tastic!

    VVK - Ooh, I so badly want a weekend with absolutely nothing to do. That would be good for my body and my soul.

    HKW - I'm happy to have tired company. And a spa appointment sounds delicious. I do have a gift certificate, actually...

    Wendy - YOU, and everyone with small children, have a reason to be constantly exhausted. I do love the idea of Cali for the weekend, but you're right - that gets me nowhere in the long run.

    Dagny - My water consumption in the winter is always terrible, because I'm always cold. I'll try. More water!

    Alexandra - I think you might be right. If I think about it, I've been eating a lot more sugar, which is never helpful.

    Mary - Your mention of the new dresser made me laugh out loud. I do think you make a valid point. I am pretty constantly stressed lately. Or it's a terrible brain disease. I have, of course, considered that.

  10. Lis, it's totally normal to be tired under these circumstances. I agree with mary - aside from the brain disease, LOL! Engagement and marriage rank as one of the top 5 stressors in life. You can absolutely expect to be exhausted because even when you're sleeping, your brain is probably still on overdrive about cake, ceremony, invites, seating charts... ok, even typing all of that made me tired, so I can only imagine what you're feeling! A B12 shot might not be a bad idea if you have a doctor friend who will do it for you.

  11. Maybe you just need some vitamins...and a day of playing hooky. Works wonders.

  12. Not to mention that lots of sex is exhausting.

    I was middle-aged when I found the love of my life, I thought all that sex was going to kill me.


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