Friday, February 24, 2012

The health edition. Plus, doesn't "flip a breech" sound like an album title?

Little Facey Face

I had a sonogram this week, because I have this extra bit of placenta which is, they assured me, totally normal but something they want to keep an eye on. And in my sonogram I learned that I still have the extra placenta, but it's all fine and good and she's all healthy and normal and not growth-restricted, which was their big (unbeknownst to me) concern.

In other words, my AMA placenta is doing a good job and she's growing great guns and onward and upward. Excellent.Apparently she was facing away from the camera and so the sonogram guy did a bunch of poking and prodding and this was the best he could do. But it's a real face, no?

Flip a Breech, or Ding Dang Heckfire
Less excellent sonogram news: the little head of cabbage or what-have-you of delight currently residing in my uterus has flipped herself back head up. So the midwife directed me to the Spinning Babies website and I'm now doing inversions daily and tomorrow I'm going to do a headstand in a pool. With help.

Also, I'm trying to talk to her gently and coaxingly when really my inclination is to swear and stamp my feet.

The midwife also suggested a version, which sounds painful. And scary because of the possibility of emergency C-section.

Have any of you done this? Was it successful?

Flu/Norovirus/Vomit Plague
Betty has been sick all week. We thought she had the flu. And then my midwife said the Norovirus is going around and that will make you puke and ache for a couple days straight and basically beat the stuffing out of you.

Which is precisely what has happened with her.

She just saw the doctor, who ruled out pneumonia (we were supposed to be worrying about pneumonia again?) and they're doing a blood test but odds are it's this stomach flu that's going around.

Lazy Eyes and Doctor Crushes
As a kid I had thick glasses and a patch for a lazy eye. It was, in fact, as cute as it sounds. I'll post pictures if you're interested. And Jordan's eye sometimes turns in, which prompted me to get a recommendation for a pediatric eye doctor.

So this morning Jordan and I went on a Big Adventure to Friendship Heights. He was all excited because: 1. We were going on the metro! 2. The Eye Man was going look at Jordan's eyes! (See how we avoided the D-word? Made all the difference.) 3. Then we would get a treat!

The Eye Man turned out to be tall and charming and Latino and super kid-friendly. Really just all around the kind of Harvard-educated doctor you might fall madly in love with IF you were single AND the focus of his "look at me."

Rather than, you know, happily married to the love of your life and also lumberingly waddly, and the recipient of his "Will your toddler still fit in your lap at this point?"

But most importantly: Jordan's eyes are fine. Borderline fine, but fine. The hope is that Nick's awesome perfect eyesight genes will prevail and Jordan will grow out of these Mama-gene inflicted issues.

We go back in six months for a follow-up. And the girl should see him at age two to make sure she's not following in my um, eyesteps.

The Eye Man had toys, and he gave Jordan cookies, and made things so pleasant that as soon as we walked out Jordan said, "I want to go back and see him!"

Best doctor visit ever.


  1. Tobias was breech. My doctor's group - heavy on the midwives - suggested an acupuncturist way out in Timbuktu. Maybe near Tyson's? I can't recall precisely. But he flipped Tobias within the first or second visit. I SWEAR by this technique.
    If you need me to track down his information, I can. But I'm sure there's a respected acupuncturist closer to the city that someone can recommend.

    1. Thanks, Dana. I love the acupuncturist who helped me with all the fertility stuff. I'll see her next week.

  2. Oh she is so amazingly cute I cannot even stand it. So cute she brings a little tear to my eye.

    Also, you are funny! You made me snort out loud with the "look at me" versus "will your toddler still fit" thing. Funny lady.

    So now the question is, do you tell Jordan that Eye Man was a doctor? To help dispel the doctor fears? Or perhaps that would backfire... hard to say.

  3. She's so pretty! Also, I had the thick glasses and the eyepatch, too. It gave me character. Or so I claim.

    And I hope Betty feels better ASAP!

  4. she's super cute. don't forget to hammock and I also think the accupuncturist is a super good idea! have fun inverting!

  5. Right there with you on the eye patch and glasses. Unluckily, I ended up with surgery. Twice. And will need another sometime in the next 10 years. Here's hoping Jordan gets daddy's eyes. And you never know, maybe next time you'll catch the doctor's eye! (Just for the ego boost, of course!)

  6. The awesome midwife place where I had Tom recommended a chiropractor when he was breach. But I didn't need to as my (also awesome!) gynae is also a homeopath and she gave me some potion or other to turn him. Within 24 hours he was the right way up again. Best of luck! xx

  7. i mean breech. Check before u publish Miranda! Sheesh!

  8. Feel better, Betty! And oh my, you've got a pretty little lady up in there. :) I can't wait to see what she looks like on the outside!

    As for the versions.... I've never heard of anyone having one and it being successful, unfortunately. But maybe I only hear the horror stories, you know? Good luck to you. Hopefully the hand stands, acupuncture, and all the other things you're doing to flip her will work. I DO know someone who did the hand stands in the pool, and it worked for her.

  9. ugh! never had the glasses or eye patch but I did have braces, along with one of those god awful night brace contraptions that stuck out of the mouth and went around the back of the head......:(. My little sister whom I shared a room with refused to sleep in the same room as me when I got it, made me feel so self concious I would hide in my room from the time I put it on until I could take it off the next morning.


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