Thursday, December 18, 2014

That'll teach 'em

Last night, out of the blue, Jordan started singing, ""And those two little boys were drinking whiskey and rye, singing this'll be the day that I die..."


"Mama, why those little boys died?"

(Silently: Uh, maybe because they were drinking whiskey and rye?)

Out loud: "Oh, sweetheart. They were 'good old boys' and not little boys. They're called boys, but they're big men and not little boys."

And a couple nights prior, my friend LaCure had posted something about Taylor Swift and Starbucks lovers, and how list of ex-lovers made so much more sense. And I was all, "Yes! I had to look it up! Starbucks lovers was driving me crazy!"

You know about me and Big Ole Chedo Lino (don't carry me too far away...)

Right after that, I stumbled across this New Yorker article! There's a name for these mishearings! They're called mondegreens!

So go read it! And then come back and tell me about your Starbucks lovers.

Also: we love Taylor Swift around here. "Mama, I LOVE Taylor Swift!" Oh, me, too, my friend!

She's our #1 underwear dance party soundtrack. We've got a blank space, baby, and we'll write your name.


  1. TS's Style is my favorite song right now!

    In Austin, there's this little boutique that sells coasters with misheard song lyrics. They might be in boutiques across the land, I don't know but I love to read them while shopping with my girlfriends. My favorite is from Tom Petty's Free Fallin':

    She's a good girl, loves her mama
    Loves CHEEZ-ITS and America too

    Instead of Jesus it's Cheez-its. It makes my laugh hysterically. I think because I love the song so much too.

    In high school my high school sweetheart would belt out Garth Brooks: Ohh, changes!!...instead of Shameless. Vivid memory of him singing this, sometimes I sing along and say changes.

    And the one I sang as a kid was Pour Some Sugar on Me...I thought it was Sugar Bombay. It was a physical place, in my mind...because why would you pour sugar on someone? I was too young to grasp the sexual undertone.

  2. Love this! Heather's set sister always thought Elton John was singing "Hold me closer Tony Danza." And she never understood what all the fuss was about. She didn't think he was all that cute.

  3. So growing up it would be an old song that says "I fought the law and the law won," which I understood as "Hop off the log and the log's gone," and "My girl wants to party all the time" was of course "My girl wants to potty all the time" but I was pretty young at the time. A few years back though Jay Z had a song that says "Show me what you got lil mama, show me what you got pretty lady," only I thought he was saying "bird lady" instead of "pretty lady."


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