Friday, April 15, 2016

Wearing shoes with no socks in cold weather I knew my heart was in the right place

OK, to assuage my guilt about another shoe post and potential shoe purchase, let me first say that I've given away a lot of shoes and boots lately.

I have this new policy of getting rid of one (or more) items if I buy a new one. One new top? Give away two.

Obviously, at a certain point this no longer works, but I am far from that point.

I started the Marie Kondo book but honestly, the idea of pulling out all my clothing at once and piling it up then sorting through it and getting it all put back or gotten rid of before we would need to sleep on our bed just overwhelmed me. And then we started construction and now our whole bedroom is like a closet with extra furniture shoved in.

However, I've taken the advice of touching things and seeing if they spark me, and if not, getting rid. But I haven't done the massive undertaking that she suggests.

Anyway, it is shoulder season once again, and it's been a wretchedly cold spring. Although I've been informed that really, Lisa, it's just spring. I think Nick enjoys telling me that it can legitimately snow until mid-April (which, yay, is now!).

The problem is that I take cold weather very personally.

We had a couple teasingly warm days and then cold cold cold and now it is sunny and glorious. But I have lost my trust.

And, as always I am on my quest for the perfect pair of comfortable shoes that are not sneakers because, well because. I can't wear sneaks every day of my life. I just can't.

You may recall that I ordered and returned approximately 70 kabillion pairs of shoes last year. I did wind up with a few, although none absolutely perfect. It was Internet dating with lower stakes.

Now, I do really enjoy my cowboy boots, and I know for Texans they can be the solution to everything, but for me they are not everything shoes and my particular pair do not go with my dresses plus I wear them with thick wool socks so for me they not my in-betweeny solution. I probably need a short, lighter colored pair. That naturally I would have to buy in Austin. With Nicole.

So I tried on those peep-toe booties the other day. They were totally comfortable and seemed like they might be a good in-between kind of shoe. I could wear them with jeans and, if it ever gets warm, dresses (no?) and they're sturdy enough for the bike.

But then I just wasn't sure. Am I a peep-toe bootie person? I don't know.

I didn't get them in the end because Nordstrom Rack had only one pair and they were kind of rubbed in some places and they were made of fake snakeskin sort of suedey stuff and so there was nothing to be done about it.

But now I'm on kind of a mission for the perfect and perfectly comfortable in-between shoes that I can wear in the cold but keep wearing when it warms up. A shoe that will cover a lot of my foot and give me some height but that will also be great to walk in.

I now have to be able to walk at least one quick mile in all shoes I purchase.

My friend English suggested these but they do not have them in my size in black on any of the sites I've searched on. But they look kind of fabulous.
Photo: Dansko site
Plus Dansko is generally comfy. Although I read a couple reviews saying they were wide, which won't work for me. (Which doesn't matter because of the not in my sizeness, but the lack of I can have it always makes me think it is probably perfect for me. Grass is greener, anyone?)

What's your happy footwear solution for this hard-to-dress-for coldy-warmy in-betweeny weather? (And are you impressed with how many hyphens I squoze in there?)


  1. I got these on clearance sale at a store last year and like them-height, plus comfort:

  2. All I heard in this post was that you need to come to Austin for shoes. Please come back!

    The Marie Kondo book was life-changing for me in a good way. However, you are correct - it took me 2 days over Christmas holiday with my child in daycare to try on and sort through all my clothes and shoes from every season. I didn't finish all the categories - like documents and photos.


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