Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I don't think guys do this

Recently I was walking down the street with a very close friend of mine and her boyfriend.

And I said, "Hey! You know who I passed on the street today?"


"You remember that first date I had with that one guy?"

She replied, "Yes." At the same time as her boyfriend said, "Right, that one."

Which is valid. Considering the myriad.

But she knew exactly who I was talking about. He was incredulous.

"Anyway, so you know how I was walking home and then that cute guy started talking to me on a corner standing in the rain waiting for the light to change? And we walked part of the way home together?"




  1. How lovely it is you live in a city where cute guys strike up a conversation with you despite rain and city bustle. Such a nice thought for the completly boring Wednesday I'm having.

  2. You're right. I don't think guys do this, but mothers in law do. Well mine did. All the time. know...the guy who rides the eastbound bus at 2pm on Montrose...
    oh, yeah, that guy. The one who always reads National Geographic.
    That's the guy.

    Or my co-worker and know Superman.....(because sometimes we remember his name, but we always remember his superman baseball cap)

  3. Dude, I don't even UNDERSTAND that conversation. It's unparsable. Unparseable?

    However it's spelled, I just don't get it.

  4. HKW - It was around 7 pm - no hustle or bustle. And we were both standing with our umbrellas on the rainy corner.

    DCup - Exactly! That's the easist way to remember people!

    Rich - Yah. I really don't think guys do this.

  5. umm... wait.

    How many guys are mentioned in this post? I'm confused...


  6. But there are equivalent shorthand conversations that guys are very good at. Interesting comparisons there.

  7. Of course guys do that! I've had conversations with other guys my whole life like that one... well, not EXACTLY like that one. Usually involves that girl with the thing, or that chick at the place. But sometimes it involves the movie with that guy in it, or that car whatsername crashed, or that great meal at that place over by the thing.

    I think what it comes down to is how well you click with a person. Sometimes it takes a long time to get to that level of familiarity; sometimes not.

  8. No guys don't do that. Why? Because they don't remember details. Isn't it good to have a friend like that?


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