Friday, March 16, 2012

March(ing) madness, or walking my invisible dog again

It's started out in the street again.

I don't know if it's because I've hit that bigbig point in my pregnancy, or because it's been warm this week and I've been commuting in dresses or shirts and pants, not all bundled up, but the comments have begun.

On Wednesday, Nick and I were walking to work together, and a man called out, "Twins?"

Nick replied, "Nope! Just a big one!"

And the guy beamed at Nick and said, "Congratulations, man! Good luck!"

I got to my building and a man in the elevator on the way up to my floor said, "You look like you're soon to be two people! You look great!"

Later that afternoon, a woman in the gym in my building smiled at me as I was huffing and puffing along, and asked when I was due. I told her, and she said, "Just one?"

"Just one."

Now, on the street, I've started getting the "Hey, Mama!" and "Congratulations!" Also, "It's a boy!"

Everyone (by everyone I mean every stranger who has speculated so far) guesses boy.

And there's the totally random: The other night, as Jordan and I were walking home, a (probably crazy but kindly-intentioned) man leapt up from his chair at Starbucks, ran over and greeted Jordan and then leaned over and blessed my stomach.

Nobody I don't already know has suggested I name her after them, but I fully expect that one of these days.

Like I said, it's started.


  1. I get that it's started, and that it's annoying, BUT, two things:

    1. The fact that people are guessing that it's twins means that you still look petite everywhere else, AND

    2. Guessing that it's a boy is actually quite flattering. Means you look entirely too attractive for the baby to be "stealing your beauty". :o)

    1. I'm not actually all annoyed by it - because almost everyone who said something last time, and so far this time, are so nice and enthusiastic. (The stomach-blessing man did catch me off guard and scare me a little, though.)

      Mostly I think it's all very ODD.

      And thank you for the lovely interpretation. You are the best at the positive spin on things. :)

  2. Be glad their guessing boy! My best friend told me that she KNEW I was having a girl because "your butt got big before your belly got big." Um. Thanks. (she's still my best friend, BTW.)

    You're almost there!

  3. I had my first belly touch this week, and OH MAN I had no idea how much I'd hate it! It wasn't a stranger, but it was a co-worker that I don't know all that well. I dodged out of the way, but she was determined.

    I know 2 people in the last month that thought they were having a girl, and out popped a boy!

  4. i agree that the guesses that it's a boy are a compliment! i'm also one of those people who thinks that those people who only look pregnant in the front are having boys and those having girls kinda gain it aaaalllll the way around : )

  5. Ha! You MUST read my friend's post about pregnaquette that she wrote a couple of weeks ago. It had me laughing out loud!

  6. Wow, Jessica is one smart cookie! Where was someone smart like that in my childbearing years? Kind of corny what people say. But the tummy blessing was a bit much. I mean, cool, but he could have done it from his seat without you even knowing. That would have scared me too.
    Hey, Happy St. Pattys Day!


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