Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cold Pants (He Got to Use What He Got to Get What He Wants) - apologies to James Brown

You know how I told you that Jordan hates shorts, really likes the cold pants, and hates the crunchy pants?

Now the cold pants are the ONLY pants he will wear.

Also, we learned the other day that crunchy just generally means bad. Because the back door was locked and Jordan wanted to go out on the deck. And so he yelled, "Daddy! I need HELP! The back door is CRUNCHY!"

But back to the cold pants.

Months ago, my friend Michele very kindly gave me a bunch of her son's clothes, and among them were two pairs of Jumping Beans nylon track pants. These have turned into the magic cold pants.

They're not pants I'd choose to wear, because they're all nylon, and not lined with cotton. And so, while soft, you know how synthetics are chilly, particularly in winter?

Apparently this is a desirable feature for some people.

The cold pants we have are size 24 months. Jordan is thin, so he can still wear them, but pretty soon they are going to fit him like leggings.

Also, we only have two pairs. We wash them pretty much daily.

I know it sounds indulgent, but the fact is that lately we've had limited success with other pants. Every once in a while we can talk him into another pair - ooooh, this pair has pockets! You can put stuff in the pockets! (Goddammit, you used to love pockets!) These have stripes! Feel how soft these (velour, loungy, Tony Soprano-style) pants are!

He'll get interested in the pockets/stripes/mobster lounge pants and let you put them on him, and then 20 minutes later you'll find him wandering around in his diaper and socks all forlorn. "Pants! Mama, I need cold pants!"

Those skinny little legs and the pleading look on his face just kill me. MUST FIND THIS CHILD MORE COLD PANTS!!!

I looked them up online. Jumping Beans is a Kohl's brand - but they currently only have shorts on their site. So on Saturday, Betty and I got in the car and headed to our first-ever Kohl's. For my son, I made the trek to Springfield.

NO cold pants. Only cold shorts. I got him a pair, hoping that perhaps this summer he'll be willing to wear them.

One of my colleagues called me from a Kohl's last night. She found one pair of 3Ts on a clearance rack. They're not knit nylon on the outside - but they are mesh inside. I'm hoping they do the trick.

Was I this fixated and stubborn as a kid? I fear the answer is yes.


  1. Did you try Ebay? A quick search there turned up these:




    1. This is awesome! I was in a meetings (no way to purchase! urgent! urgent!) so Nick jumped on it and bought the ones that look like mesh! Thank you so much!

  2. I just ran an ebay search too! Go there! I just ran jumping beans in baby clothes. There are a few!

    1. eBay is like magic, isn't it? So delighted to have more cold pants!

  3. And, if so, did Betty give in to whatever you wanted?

  4. This made me laugh. My grandson used to have a "hot B" and a "cold B." They were his security blankets. They were exactly the same but one was a little warn out and thinner - the cold B, lol. He had to have both most of the time. When he was in to his superman and batman phase, he'd come up to me and say, "Nana, can you tie my cape." I'd tie one of his B's around his neck and he'd fly. Kids are a scream!


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