Thursday, November 08, 2012

Jordan's taste in music

I've long claimed that I grew up with no taste of my own in music, because we lived overseas and my dad listened almost exclusively to opera and show tunes. And in the summer we'd visit my relatives, who liked country.

I embraced the 80s music at the local disco like there was no tomorrow. It's still my absolute favorite, and the only songs I recognize before the chorus are from this very narrow 1983-1987 slice of life.

So it's quite interesting to hear Jordan having his own little opinions on music at the age of three.

He and Nick go on weekend adventures, and they usually involve driving. Sometimes they go to Home Depot and Jordan watches forklifts. Sometimes to a marina. Or the hardware store. Or any construction site.

It's a magic world out there.

Jordan hears all kinds of music on XM in the car. If you start driving without music on, he requests it. And he asks you to change the music if the song doesn't appeal. So far, he's not so much on Alanis Morissette or the Beatles.

It turns out he loves Paul Simon's Slip Slidin' Away. Although he calls it Thlip Thliding.

"Play Thlip Thliding, Daddy!"

It was impossible to explain to him that we, the omnipotent parents,couldn't just make whatever song we wanted come on the radio. We are going to have to compile a Jordan's Favorites CD before our Thanksgiving drive, I think.

On Sunday we were running errands and listening to music and changing channels. Several times he asked for The Giant Song.

I looked at Nick. "The Giant Song?"

He shrugged. He didn't know either.

And then, then this song came on:


Ohhh, yeah.


  1. This made me laugh because we are going through a very similar thing with my stepkids. The youngest is three and she asks for "I like to move it". She also had trouble understanding that I didn't have that song, and I explained that it was only in daddy's car.

    We too are in the process of compilating a CD of the kids favorites. So far it's I like to move it, and I'm sexy and I know it (which I often play on purpose at home just to see the two boys (6 and 8) doing the dance from the video lol

    1. Oh, I like "I like to move it" as well! I'd be interested to hear what your final compilation is!

  2. Ah-hahaha! The Giant Song! Such a smart little boy! (Also,I'd never seen that video before and thus never realized that they were saying anything except for "Oh, yeah." Ha!)

    One of the reasons I chose the car I have now is that is has a built in mp3 player jack, so it's easy to bring a lot of music along. Invaluable! And I learn so much about what the girlies like by putting it on random and seeing what they say about whatever pops up. So far they seem to love the bird songs cd the best.

    1. That is cool about the mp3 player jack! When in my car, I only have normal radio, and the radio dial is kind of sketchy, and sometimes decreases volume when you're trying to turn it basically, it's kind of anyone's guess what volume you get.

  3. What till he see's Ferris Bueller's Day Off!

  4. I love it! He's got great taste in music so far.

    I don't know how it happened but these days Sophie is all about listening to 70s on 7 on XM. I'm hearing music I haven't heard in ages.

    1. What stabbed me in the stomach recently was hearing the 80s referred to as oldies. ARGH!


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