Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our visit to the White House accompanied by many pictures of varying degrees of smiliness

We were lucky enough to get tickets in the lottery for the White House Easter Egg Roll.


Will we get to meet him? Probably not.
But then why did he invite us to his house? Well, he's invited lots of people.
Will we get to see him? I don't know. Maybe! Wouldn't that be awesome?

By the time they were all dressed up, they were kind of...tired.
But then we got all jazzed again! We were going to Daddy's office! Where we would see the fish! And then we would go to the White House! And it would be awesome!

Mama was foolish enough to wear 4" heels. Because she lacks judgment.  And why is she currently writing about herself in the third person? Hell if she knows.

In any case, I wore, the heels, and there was a TON of walking just to get to the point where you get in an exclusive line with 6 kabillion other Easter Egg Rollers.  Which we were in for an hour and a half.

Which didn't go over so well with the kids. India wanted to be held almost the whole time. By me. Finally Nick convinced her to ride on his shoulders.
They were temporarily entertained by the program.
Eventually we got in the gates, and the parents were the only ones impressed by the backdrop.
We got in line for the Official Egg Roll, which is also where you can take an Awesome Photo. The volunteers tell you to Keep It Moving. So you tell your kids to SMILE. And they basically say FUCK YOU WE ARE TIRED OF THIS NONSENSE.

I think if we can get tickets again when the kids are older, it will be great. As it was, they weren't interested in any of the activities beyond the egg roll, in which India sat down and tried to eat the egg, and Jordan wanted to throw it.

They were both too scared to take pictures with the big fuzzy characters. Even the awesome Lego ones. Even the compelling and odd green elephant.
Jordan was crushed that we did not see President Obama. Crushed. And tired.
And then on the way out, to the tremendous delight of our kids, we got boxes of Peeps, a frozen yogurt sample, and a commemorative egg.

All in all, I'd say it was a great success.


  1. Nick looks great in these photos. Has he been working out?

    1. Not that I'm aware of, but I'll pass along the compliment.

  2. Haha, so cool, in theory! It sounds like so much possible frustration (yikes especially in 4" heels lady) but would be hard to pass up after winning those tickets. Also, CANNOT believe India is two... I still think of her as a new addition to your family!

    1. It was a GORGEOUS day - one of the best we've had this year (which I realize is not saying much, but it really was beautiful) and it is, of course, amazing to be at the White House. But honestly, it was exhausting. So many many many people. So much waiting.

      And I think of her as new as well. But TWO!


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