Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yeah, and she's probably a West End girl...

So this morning my old friend Richard shared this on Facebook.
Photo credit: http://skreened.com/musiclife/oldies-classicsss
Loving all things 80s (except shoulder pads) with a deep and abiding passion, I could not resist jumping on the thread.

And she wore her Sunglasses at night...

While riding on the Metro...

Wanna play?


  1. She screamed "I want Candy" because she was Hungry Like the Wolf! :)

  2. She was secretly a Caribbean Queen

  3. Turnaround. She has Bette Davis eyes!

    I love the 80's, especially the music

    1. So good, so so good!

      Yes, love the music!

  4. Perhaps she was a Wild Thing because she always asked to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go because Girls Just Want to Have Fun. However even though You Shook her all Night Long, yelled “Come on Eileen,” and Hit Her with Your Best Shot like a Sledgehammer, she didn’t wake because she had just had No Sleep Till Brooklyn. That sort of thing happens In a Big Country, and it’s the sort of situation When Doves Cry even when they should just Relax. You Might Think she will be Missing You, but Things Can Only Get Better when she’s Walking on Sunshine. Then she will Bust a Move like a Maneater, which will be a Thriller to see.

  5. She Works Hard For The Money on Electric Avenue, is looking for A Little Respect, but Time After Time she just ends up looking for a New Sensation.


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