Monday, January 04, 2016

But if the locusts arrive next I am seriously going to lose it

We are in the home stretch of three weeks of just-to-be-safe head oiling and nitpicking. We have the rest of this week, and are down to every other night for everyone.

If I were to start this all over again, I think I'd go for the chemicals. Because goodness is this a labor-intensive exercise in patience and pillow-covers.

The professional lice lady said you can use any oil, but she prefers olive oil because it is so thick.

However. I've switched to coconut oil for two reasons. One, the olive oil was giving both of my kids a rash. And two, it's so much easier to comb through. And easier to wash out. I no longer have to use Dawn dish soap. Plus, it leaves your hair really soft. And you get to walk around smelling like a macaroon.

Plus, if you don't wash it out the next morning--which we did a lot of not doing, because we were home on break--because coconut oil hardens at room temperature, you can actually pull your hair back and it will stay in a pony tail. I don't suppose this would work in the summer.

OK, that was maybe five or eight or twelve reasons. Let's just say myriad.

But here's my new problem. I think because of all the olive oil, my son now has dandruff. Which is obviously preferable to lice but not preferable to pre-oil-not-dandruff.

We tried Neutrogena T/Sal, which has salicylic acid, but only once because it made his head sting. We haven't yet tried any others.

So here is what I'm wondering. Have any of you dealt with dandruff in a home-remedy kind of way? Or can you recommend a super gentle kid-friendly shampoo?

I've looked it up and among the recommendations are: apple cider vinegar; baking soda; and tea tree oil--the smell of which I rather dislike, but I'm willing to use it if you seem to think it's miraculous.

Another suggestion was coconut oil and then combing. Which is how I first noticed the dandruff. It is true that it softens and loosens the chunks that are there. But it doesn't prevent new ones, so it's clearly not getting to the root (heh) of the problem.

So if you have any dandruff suggestions, I would love them.

As for the lice, here's a little tip from a friend who owns a daycare and has four girls of varying ages: Once a week, put coconut oil in your kid's hair and inspect it and comb it with the nit comb.

I'm under the impression that you maintain this level of weekly vigilance forever and ever or anyway until they grow up and move out.


  1. Tea tree oil products are the only things that have ever worked for my horrible dandruff. Trader Joes sells a tea tree shampoo/conditioner line that's cheap, natural (supposedly. I honestly am not at all a crunchy type so YMMV depending on how you define natural) and peppermint scented. I highly recommend it.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, Angel! Tea Tree oil is purported to be a lice deterrent as well, so it can't hurt to use regularly if it smells nice!

  2. I've not experience perpetual dandruff, but I've used this shampoo when my scalp was sensitive or dry:
    Primrose And Lavender Herbal Shampoo by Aubrey Organics

    I bought it at Whole Foods but it might be available elsewhere

    1. If this happens again, I will look into this. Thanks, Heather!

  3. This part of the world prefers a homemade hair mask of yogurt+lemon juice. Leave it in for about 25-30 min. and then wash with any gentle shampoo. Once a week application might eradicate the problem all-together.

    1. That actually sounds terrific and would smell lovely! We are at the end of the problem, but will keep this in mind!

  4. eau de macaroon.
    you're on to something.

    1. Yes! Not as cloying as vanilla can sometimes be. Just delicious!


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