Monday, December 28, 2015

When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars...

What I'm saying is, I need some help with my hair.

I mean, look at this state of affairs:
Nice mug shot, Lisa.
And I know, I know, I always go back to the hair. (And boots.)

But here's the thing: I am getting it cut next week and I don't know what to do.

We've all been doing these anti-lice olive oil and combing treatments, and then to get the oil out, I wash my hair with Dawn, and now with all the dishwashing soap and combing, the ends are getting all dry and frazzled. And I'm overdue for a haircut and reblonding anyway.

I have this bob, which I have liked. I've had this bob on and off since I was like 15. I have a bob. And then I cut it all off. And then I grow it out. But it always comes back to the bob.

But at the moment, it's kind of dire.

So I'm fantasizing about getting it all cut off super super short. But then again, I'm afraid to get it all cut off.

I feel like I used to be able to carry no hair, and I felt bold when I did it. But now I fear it would highlight all my wrinkles. And I'll regret it immediately and it will take forever to grow out.

I loved, I mean beyond loved, my asymmetrical bob. But it was limited. When I put it up to exercise, I put the long side in a sticky-outy ponytail.

So I was thinking of maybe cutting it short but having long bangs. I fell asleep thinking about it.

And the next day I looked at Facebook and it turns out my friend Nicole had posted this pic the night before. This!

She's got very long hair, but for like 15 minutes she was considering cutting it short. Her husband was clearly amused.
Hi, Kendall!
Nicole has a perfect face and this would look amazing. But she's not going to do it, as she says she'd get bored with short hair.

I love this look. But is it too 80s?

Because I was telling one of my friends about the short but long bangs and she said, "Oh, like Flock of Seagulls?"

No. Not like Flock of Seagulls.

More like...Well, kind of like Flock of Seagulls, I guess. But hopefully not.

Or maybe I could just get a trim and grow it long and be able to pull it back, which I do like to do. But I think I need some bangs. Whenever I grow it out, it's just flat, one length, and pulled back all the time. Boring and not flattering.

What I'm saying is, I need help.  Have any of you done short with long bangs? Or long with long bangs? Or something bob-ish with bangs?



  1. I've always liked you with short hair. I feel like this would work for you.

    1. Thank you, Megan! That's very much along the lines of my thoughts, but I want longer bangs in front.

  2. Unless you hang with all hairstylists that are judgey then go for the bob. You like it, it likes you, we like you in it. I loved the asymmetrical one too. If just putting it wonky while you work out is the only minus then that's not enough to say no (unless you are going to make a living out of workout videos, which btw you could!) And there are so many products now that can soften the damage and clear it right up you could have your hair person put a treatment on it. A LOT of help I am huh? Sorry. Short hair always looks good on petite. Oh and if you don't like the cut its a great excuse to buy new boots so no one will notice your hair :)

    1. Hahaha! I am not going to make a living with workout videos. :) The limitation of it bugged, not just the looking silly with pony on one side.

      As for the boots, what a good point you make!!! Words of wisdom!

  3. I am thinking Skai and Kassie in India. They always rocked the short and long bangs and looked gorgeous. I think the 80s are very 2016 and you will look gorgeous with any cut!

    1. Yes, like Skai and Kassie in Delhi! Yes! Thanks, Lori! If 80s are very 2016 then I will likely be fine.

  4. I always do a bob too. I haven't had hair below my shoulders since college. Recently I got my hair cut pretty short up the back and then below chin length in front. Think you'd definitely be able to pull it off too. It's a good compromise between long & short. A bit of both.

    1. Mary, that's the cut I've had, and I do like it. I like it quite short up the back, and I enjoy the dramatic angle. But my hair is really fine and gets kind of shredded in front (particularly now). I've let it grow way too long so I am sick of it, but I am kind of hankering for an over-the-ear cut. I think...

  5. Do you instagram at all? The Nothing but Pixies account is what has me keeping my hair short.

    The account showcases shorter hair of all types and has TONS of pixies. I'm sure you'll find lots of inspiration :)


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