Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What are you reading?

My title reminded me that I like to call Nick and say, "What are you wearing?" and hope that he doesn't have me on speakerphone, although at this point in our lives I believe he knows better.

Recently Australian Builder was walking up the stairs after our HVAC guy, who was carrying a big roll of bubble wrap, and before I could stop myself I was all, "So, Mike's not planning to wrap you in bubble wrap and do kinky stuff, is he?"

This, before I remembered that I don't actually know Mike, the HVAC guy.

I mean, I do now.

Soo, yah.

Here is the actual story. This weekend my mom and I are flying to Los Angeles. I got the flights late, and so we don't have assigned seats.

Know what that means?

I mean, beyond that fact that we might each be squozen in middle seats? Because of course that's true and unfortunate.

But what it also means is that I will have hours and hours where nobody is asking me to do anything for them. Or anyway, nobody I'm obligated to respond to. I mean, unless I'm in the emergency row, and the plane loses and engine or something.

Which is of course always a possibility and the reason I'll have cake for breakfast at the crack of dawn and then probably a Cinnabon or five at the airport.

But beyond that. No Mama Mama Mama! Nobody fighting. Nobody asking for snacks. Nobody spilling juice on their clothing and their backup clothing and then me having to work to keep their gagina covered for the rest of the flight (and yes, I know it's her vulva).

Here's what it means assuming all goes well.

It means I'll have hour after uninterrupted hour to read! Airport time to read! Plane time! Maybe even evening time in the hotel!

My friend Ingalisa just recommended and then so kindly sent me Birds of America, which, although I am not typically a short story person, sounds right up my alley. But I'd like to have an abundance lined up so that I don't find myself stuck in the middle seat without reading material.

I should tell you that we are going to LA for a memorial service, about which I am terribly sad. And I have of late been reading self-help-ish books, and would like a diversion.

What I mean is, I want no death or tragedy or self-improvement. 

I would ideally like something that is going to suck me out of my seat and straight into the book, much as that may make me sound like Thursday Next (and who doesn't love Jasper Fford?).

Anyway, you are all smart, interesting people. And so I turn to you.

Do you have any suggestions?


  1. I was about to ask if you've read The Martian, then I remembered I suggested it last time and you made some comment about skipping the geeky math/science parts. That said, I can't recommend "The Boys in the Boat" too highly. It's like Seabiscuit meets the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. But with rowing. And Nazis. Fantastic story.

    1. Haha, yes! I did skip the math parts. Not about geekiness, about my loathing of math problems. My son now loves math and I am glad, but he didn't get it from me. And we have The Boys in the Boat! I remember thinking it sounded amazing! And then, as I am wont to do, sallied forth forgetting all about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I wrote a great long comment and it disappeared! ugh! I'll rewrite a few, I have so many….
    Definitely: Where'd you go Bernadette by Maria Semple, it's lovely and funny and sad….
    Wreckage by Emily Bleeker (but there's a plane crash so depends on your comfort level while flying!)
    The Simply series by Kate Pearce mildly erotic but well-written, unlike many others out there,
    The Song of Achilles (don't remember author)
    The White Queen (Philippa Gregory ?)


    1. The only one of those I've read was Where'd You Go, and I absolutely loved it! I don't think I can handle plane crash while flying--you make a good point. Thank you for the suggestions!

      And it makes me INSANE when I write a long comment and it disappears!

  3. This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper is about a family sitting shiva because of a death but the story has so little to do with death and is not at all sad, it's such a great story about dysfunctional families and their love for each other... I loved this book.

    The Potty Mouth at the Table by Laurie Notaro is a collection of comedy essays that made me laugh out loud in public while I read it, so it may be exactly what you are looking for. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan is also fascinating and hilarious, a story about the incredibly rich people I had no idea existed (and it's sequel China Rich Girlfriend!).

    Also you cannot go wrong with anything Jen Lancaster or Christopher Moore--he's my all time favourite.

    1. These all sound very intriguing, and I hadn't heard of any of them! Thank you! And laugh out loud is definitely what I am in the mood for!

  4. I've been reading a lot of really trashy borderline erotica books lately. Gideon by Woolf Cynthia and Playing Dirty and its sequel by CL Parker

    They're decently written and made me laugh out loud and screen shot a passage to sent to a friend when they're ridiculous.


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