Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When you brunch with ex-bloggers

A week or so ago, my friend Kris texted Megan and me and suggested brunch.

We went back and forth on where, and then someone suggested Circa in Dupont, and Kris said she'd make a reservation.

She wrote and said she had a reservation under "Sister Wives" and that she'd see us on Saturday.

Now. Kris and Megan are both the kind of people who are five minutes early to appointments. That for them is on time. And I am the kind of person who arrives either on the minute but panting and gasping and sweating profusely because I have flat-out sprinted the whole way, or five minutes late.

This was exactly how I arrived for my last first date with Nick.

So on this particular Saturday I started out early and was wearing shoes in which I could jog, and as such, arrived sweaty but not gasping a good two minutes early.

I am almost never the first person to arrive. And I was the first person there. I had to ask the hostess if I had the date right. I did.

The hostess asked if we had a reservation, and I said, "Oh, yes! I just need to look it up...give me a second..."

I scrolled through my text messages and then through our conversation and found it.

"Sister Wives!"

"Excuse me?"

"Do you, uh, do you have a reservation for 'Sister Wives?'"

She looked down at her screen and back up at me. "No."

"Oh. Well. How about Kris Lastname?"

"We do. Would you like to sit inside or out?"

Last time I arrive first, I'll tell you.

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