Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Turn around, bright eyes...

I have a mini high school reunion this weekend. This weekend!!!

If you know me then you know this means I'm going to spend the weekend laughing uproariously, chatting, dancing, laughing some more, and not sleeping. Next week I will have a tremendous emotional hangover.

And every minute will have been worth it.

So now let's talk about outfits. Because you know I love few things as much as I love to talk about clothing and footwear.

We know it truly doesn't matter what I wear, because these are people who love me. Who knew me when I was an angsty, insecure teenager with a Cyndi Lauper crisscross shaved into the side of my head sporting the best Mary Quant blue mascara and a neon green RELAX T-shirt that I wish I still had.

OK. So. There are two nights: a bar night and a dinner night. I could wear jeans or a dress to either. Mostly I need to be able to dance. It might be warm and it might be cold because Ned Stark is long dead and winter is here.

Here are options I pulled together over the weekend:

1. Embroidered mirrored jumpsuit 

This is, I think, the most fabulous. My mom made it in the 1960s for a friend. This friend kept it in storage for decades after she stopped wearing it, and then gave it to me.

The main downside for a party is that it is hard to get into and out of and I can't zip up the back by myself.

2. Jeans and a black top and platform boots. 

Maybe for Friday? I don't know how flattering this top is, though it is floaty and comfy. I could pair it with the jean jacket in the last option.

3. Black dress and booties

What about the booties, though? Too solid black with the screamily white legs above?

3. Black dress and superhero boots. Seriously--look at the backs.

4. Blue dress and boots (or booties? Or sandals?).

SAME DRESS just turned inside out! So tricky! And it has a secret pocket whether it's on the black or blue side! Could be with booties or boots.

5. Black sundress and sandals (in case it is warm) with chunky jewelry and jean jacket.


  1. Ok, that jumpsuit is AMAZING!!! You MUST wear that for one of the evenings— maybe the dinner night? Am thinking dinner night will have less bathroom breaks than the bar night making the “team zipper” more manageable? Old friends are the best- I hope you have a fabulous time!

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking the first night, because dinner night is also dancing, and, to be honest, the jumpsuit is a little short-waisted. And not stretchy. Not good for dancing.

  2. That jumpsuit! Wow! It looks great! Has a sweet history and did I say looks great on you? My second choice is #2. Slimming, your arms look great! And you'll be warm, but cool. #1&#2 Great choices!

    1. Thank you, Lynn, for such kind words! I love the history of the jumpsuit and how it looks. I am going to wear it; I do wish it were a tiny bit longer in the body. :)

  3. Hi! Had to comment on an outfit post! Love the jumpsuit, don't adore the sandals with it, but that might just be the angle of the picture, feels like it's all too busy and the sandals take attention away from the jumpsuit (where it should be...) but as I said, might be the pic.
    You always look great in jeans and tops and that's easy, though might I suggest a lighter wash jean for contrast?
    And the double sided dress is amazingly convenient... I wish I had it, awesome for travel!! I love the blue side on you, not with the ankle boot though... shortens your legs, and you're tiny already. Superhero boots are super cute, or sandals. Do you have a black leather jacket?

    1. Oh, that is interesting! I hadn't thought about them being too busy and detracting from the jumpsuit, but that makes sense! Thanks for the feedback. That's helpful. I don't have lighter dressy jeans but I could wear a different color top. Maybe too much same same, huh?

      I'm super excited about the double sided dress! I am going to travel with it this summer. But also, thank you for ankle boot feedback. I do have short legs. I don't have a little black leather jacket. That would be cool. I have a neon orange one but I don't think that's the right look. :)

  4. Wow!!!! Your mum made that jumpsuit??? It’s gaaawwwgeous and you look totally delicious in that dark red! And the black dress with jean jacket - love!!!

    1. She did! You remember that batik dress my mom made? She made this for the same friend, and I am the lucky inheritor of both!

      And thank you thank you! Big hugs, Paula!

  5. 1, 4 and 5 would be my picks. In case of only two choices, 1 & 4!! I would look for peep toes with that blue dress though. Your mum rocks!!! I want one too!!!! I would love it even in a neon green color!! Yes. Please consider my mind officially blown.

    1. Aww, thanks, AR! I did wear the jumpsuit and then a totally different dress Saturday. I revisited everything and nothing felt right. It's always fun to freak out half an hour before you need to leave. :)


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