Friday, January 18, 2019

Out of the Darkness Overnight video

Hello, friends! This Out of the Darkness Overnight 2019 promo video just came out, and some of my teammates and I are in it.

This video makes me tear up. I don't know if it has that effect on other people, but it really gets me.

I'll be walking the Overnight in Boston this year, and I am already excited.

My voice is the first voice you hear, and as soon as the video began I was like, oh wow, that's me! And then my next thought was, man my friend Cynthia in college's boyfriend was totally right and my voice really is high and shrieky.

I forget about my voice, because honestly, how often do you hear your own voice?

I mean, except in your head, over and over, repeating phrases like, "Put on your socks." and "Please brush your teeth." and "For the love of god we do this every single day why why WHY is this a conversation?!?"

But though I get sick of the sound of my voice, since I rarely hear it outside my head, I forget that I have never liked it.

There's not much of anything to be done about it, but it's true. I would like it to be lower. I'd like it to be more interesting.

When I have a bad cold and both of those things happen, I wish my voice would stay that way. But in the scheme, this is small.

Also, hi! Happy New Year!

I have a New Year's post written in my head but it hasn't made it into cyberspace but if I can get it up before January ends, I'll consider it a win.


  1. A happy new year to you too Lisa! I will watch the video later because of office-internet-not-to-be-used-for-extracurricular-activities etc....I got to read your post today. Its already a win for me.

    1. Thank you so much AR! What a lovely thing to say. I hope your new year is going beautifully!!! (This is Lisa--Google was being a hassle about my LG was sign in.)

  2. I don't recall if I've heard your voice before, but either I HAVE and forgot about it, or else I have a weird sense of recognition, because I assumed that first voice was yours before I read the rest of your post verifying that it was. :)

  3. Your voice is a bell. It rang.


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