Friday, March 20, 2020

SD Day 5: Running to stand still

I have now forced my children to run four times. Well, actually, only Jordan and I ran yesterday. India has run thrice.

Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d. Thrice, and once the hedge-pig whined.

Yesterday, India absolutely, completely, unequivocally could not go because she had no running shoes and her regular sneakers hurt and that was that.

Then the ordered running shoes arrived and they were adorable and comfortable and she was utterly ungrateful about the whole thing.

The first day, Jordan complained the entire time, with India adding in her certainty of perishing from lack of water in the last 10 minutes.

His legs hurt. No, really, they hurt. His back hurt. His shoulder hurt. I didn't understand that they HURT.

The second day India complained that her feet hurt. The whole time. To be fair, her shoes are cute and gold but have no cushion. So when she said she was NOT running, I agreed.

Jordan only complained for about 25% of the time, and asked how many more minutes maybe 10 times. In the 30-minute time span.

But! We ran for 20 the first day, 21 the next, and 22 the third. We are very slow runners, but we keep moving.

Today my hope was 23 minutes of running but we ran for 20 under duress and it was fucking wretched the whole entire time.

We got to the top of a hill and a woman going by on a bike started laughing when she heard me say, "Now this is downhill! Stop whining!"

Like telling my kids not to whine has ever helped.

I have used encouragement. I have cajoled. I have lost my temper. I have stopped the timer and said, THIS 30 MINUTE RUN CAN TAKE TWO HOURS IF THIS IS HOW YOU'RE GOING TO BEHAVE.

I have never been fast at distance but I have always had strong legs and been stubborn. And to be honest, I like running. I like the motion.

But I don't like running so much that it's still a pleasure to drag two belligerent, complaining complainers along.

And still, I persist.

The first day India said she was going to run really fast and get there and be done. And I was like, that's not the point. The point is to run for 30 minutes.


Anywhere. run. For at least 20 minutes straight. We'll work up to 30.

We're not going somewhere? We're just...running?

(It sounds kind of stupid when you put it that way, doesn't it?)

Just wait till they encounter treadmills.

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