Thursday, November 18, 2021


Right now the world feels like a hopeless place

This is not a cry for help
Yes, I'm taking my meds

Although a three-day involuntary hold does sound
Kind of appealing, I must admit

I'm kidding

It's sunny, and for this I am grateful
Yes, I'll take a long walk
A nap might help

But when I say the world is hopeless
I feel like this is more fact than opinion


The world is alternately burning and flooding

And yet climate change is still in debate
Coal and gas are money
And money always wins

Why'd it take me so long to learn that money is power and power decides everything
For everyone else
And good people in power do not stay good

The world is gorging and starving

A college student choked to death during a hot-dog-eating contest
So much of humanity has nothing, literally nothing, to eat

I guess there are lots of ways to die

I read where a German Shepherd is selling one of Madonna's old houses
For millions and millions
Apparently it has a spectacular view of the water

I saw a tent in our park with a small table and plant placed in front
So maybe it's home now

DC is lifting the indoor mask ban
This makes me anxious
But what doesn't, really

If people died faster of Covid
It wouldn't spread as far
This is an epidemiological fact

Look at ebola

Turns out a horse dewormer will not cure it
Our brother-in-law took ivermectin and died
Of Covid
Though they lied and said it was a heart attack

Because masks are socialism and the vaccine is government control

People are the worst and also all we've got

The voice in my head keeps whispering, "Make bad choices"
Have a drink or three eat the whole box of cookies stay up all night watching Netflix

The opposite of a constructive playground mom

I don't do it but I want to

This is not a cry for help

It's that the rich white guys have the money and are the lawmakers
Or buy the lawmakers

They fiddle in outer space

While the world is burning and choking and drowning

I feel like this is more fact than opinion


  1. Hi Lisa. This is so incredibly well put. Thoughts exactly like these circle in my brain all the time, infuriate me, disgust me. I mostly push them aside. It's how it is, and I can't do much about it. I can do small things to help improve the lives of people around me. I can try to enjoy the good life I've been given. Too often I say fuck it and drink the 3rd drink and eat the midnight plate of nachos and then the next day I remember that being the constructive mom feels better.... mostly...

    1. Thank you, dear! I take the same approach as you. We can do small things to make our nearby world better. I get paralyzed when I read too much news...but then I miss knowing what's going on if I don't read news. Hugs and keep on keeping on.

  2. You spoke my brain AND heart, as you usually do. The world seems to be falling apart at the seams, and people ask me "why have you become so silent? Something wrong? Something NEW wrong?". As if there aren't enough things already to bludgeon one into zombie-hood. Also, I do get why this isn't a cry for help Lisa. Coz you know that everyone around you is in the same boat. There's no one out there to through you, and me, a float.

    Just keep swimming, as an annoyingly wise fish said.

    1. Oh, thank you! I love how you point out "something NEW wrong?"--when there is so much, so much. Hugs, and you keep swimming with the annoyingly wise fish, too! Hugs and more hugs!


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