Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aaaaand we're back to the hair. Oh! Plus the new glasses!

So, this is the hair I currently have.

At the moment, it consists of four principle chunks: the front blob of bangs, which like to wing out over my glasses, two flaps on the side, and the back, which is too long.

In other words, it has no style and I hate it.

Also, I have to go to a new stylist because the one I had, who I liked, said she was moving to New Orleans the end of March, and so I should schedule for her last day in the salon. And then she up and quit two weeks early.

It's really inconvenient when people's life plans do not accord with my hair needs.

So this afternoon, I am trying someone new. This makes me twitchy. But I need the back of this hair offoffoff nownownow!

I knew, I knew when I asked for the pixie cut that I would loooaaaaathe the growing out process. I'd done it before, and it was an ugly year.

But in the moment, I neeeeeded that cut. I needed the cleanse of a drastic change.

Immediately, I missed having hair. I hated using product. I missed being able to wash my hair at night and wake up in the morning with it looking the same and just head out the door without even brushing it, much less applying all kinds of crap to it.

I'm not saying my hair always looked great, more that it always looked the same. And I usually liked it just fine.

So, fingers crossed in the heading back in that direction business.

Also, these are my new glasses. Don't they make me look like I should be taken seriously? I mean, minus the oh-grody-to-the-max look on my face?

I pretty much love them like crazy.


  1. The photo...made me laugh out loud. The laughter did not go unnoticed by my cuble neighbors.

    I just tried out a new stylist and she's amazing, love my hair cut right now. I know she'll leave me one day, she's a free-spirited wonderer, that one. Thinking good hair thoughts for you!

    And the nownownow comment reminded me of Jordan :)

  2. Funny girl... it's hard to get past the sneer!

    Can we see the post-haircut photo tomorrow? I'm sure it'll turn out great.

  3. i am in love with the glasses. in fact, i may have to go out and get those exact glasses, and i don't *wear* nor *need* glasses!

    dogspeed re: the new stylist. i heart my new one. you shall be gorgeous regardless of her prowess! (is that the word i want? really? "prowess"? meh, i already typed it)

  4. HK - Glad to make you laugh.

    And yes, J and I are probably veeery similar in our nownownowness! :)

    Maiden Metallurgist - Thanks! I tried on like 50 pairs and then these were just IT!

    Susan H - Well, yah, probably. If I like the hair, yes, I'll commit to posting it tomorrow! If not, I'll probably just complain about it. :)

    Coleen - Lucky you not to need glasses! I wouldn't go to the expense (which is always shockingly high - I always forget and I'm always surprised).

    And prowess is totally the word! Thank you!

  5. The glasses are kickass.
    I hope your appointment goes well. I always get very twitchy when I have to try someone new.

  6. Where'd you get them specs? I need a new pair.

    And I always like your hair, and seem to always like it far more than you do. Can't wait to see the new 'do (that I'm sure I will also like more than you do).

  7. I think you always look fabulous. And if I had your face shape, I would totally own those glasses!

  8. Great glasses. Great expression!

  9. Can't wait to see the new do.
    I've had the same pixie cut for more than a decade and twice tried to grow it out. You're spot on: the growing out sucks balls. I have the opposite problem from you, though. My pixie cut requires precisely zero effort. I wash it, dry with a towel and run my fingers through it. Voila. It's the longer styles that required effort and product and an actual hair dryer, GOD FORBID, so I gave up both times after about 10 months.
    I don't think I'll try a third time.
    (Also, just realized, this thumbnail photo is from one of the times I tried to grow out my hair. Maybe it's time to change it...)

  10. Looking good, lady! Love the glasses, too. Mine are desperately in need of chucking for something new and fun.

    Good luck with the new stylist. That always makes me nervous, too. I can't wait to get back in the area to go to my guy - I've been with him since 1997, and seriously don't know what I'd do if he closed up shop.

  11. I think you look yummylicious.

    If you posted that to fish for compliments, it worked.

    You are cute. CUTE.

  12. And there is the Billy Idol sneer! But where is the clenched fist? Hahaha!

    I join with the many to say you look beautiful as always.

    Fingers crossed for you at the new stylist. I have such a loathing of trying new stylists that I just haven't had a haircut since, oh, almost two years ago I think. Since before little C was born anyway. I'm getting to the crazy lady hair stage, so maybe I will try again...

  13. Oh, I'm there with ya on the short hair woes. Mine sticks up every which way in the a.m. and the only remedy is a shower.

    I'd rather shower every morning than deal with long hair though!

    Good luck!

  14. The glass look great! I would love to have your hair.

  15. I'm growing my hair out. I still look like a muppet. But that pixie cut was super cute on me, too. Dang it all.

  16. Hillary - Thank you. I totally feel like I could kick ass in them.

    And the new woman is good. I liked her immediately. I think together we can achieve the bob I want. :)

    freckledk - Dupont Optical. And you are sweet sweet sweet and always so kind.

    Jessica - I love you, I do I do!

    Miranda - Haha - thank you!

    Dana - I LOVE pixie cuts and it's a cut that works well with my face. But I have such fine, flat hair I have to keep it dyed and put a whole bunch of shit in it. And that really bugs me. If I were in your scenario, I'd keep it forever and ever.

    Luna - Mine were three years old, and still worked but my prescription had changed slightly, and these are better. Plus I like how they look SOOO much better!

    As for your stylist - you are so lucky to have that continuity! That's pretty impressive!

    Empress - You are too kind! Thank you!

    A.S. - I forgot! And I had the hugest crush on him in the 80s! How could I forget??

    Thanks for the compliment. I like the new stylist. Let's hope this one keeps living here for a while.

    frugalveganmom - I can't manage a shower in the morning. I crawl out of bed as late as possible. Plus I love getting into bed freshly showered. Thus, I need hair that will cooperate with my lifestyle.

    JDaniel4's Mom - Thank you and thank you!

    Kate - Yes, the pixie was adorable on you. And the growing out just sucks.


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