Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you think this is funny?

I saw this video last week on finslippy and I laughed so hard.

So naturally, I sent the link to a number of friends. People who read fashion magazines and know who Chloe Sevigny is. People I think are funny. People I thought would also find it hilarious.

Not so much.

Responses ranged from: "Huh. Weird." to "I giggled, but no, not really my humor." to "I don't really get the references."

Then I sent it to Nick. I know he has no idea who anyone in Hollywood is, although I think he can recognize Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but we watch Big Love (go Selmer!) - except somehow we completely missed the entire last season, so now we have a whole bunch of Netflixing ahead of us!

So I sent the link and said, "Chloe Sevigny is Nicki Grant on Big Love."

And he replied, "I have no idea what she's talking about. But she looks terrible. She's really gone downhill since we saw her last."

And all I could say was, "That's not her. That's a MAN."


  1. I probably snagged only a third of those references, but I laughed. It could have something to do with my speed and obesity.

  2. I'm with Lisa on catching only certain references (woo hoo, I know who Proenza Schouler is!) but I think it's pretty funny. Not side splitting funny, but smart person funny.

  3. Shhh, you guys! I'm watching the other Chloe videos.

  4. Also, I'm going to be calling it To-ast from now on.

  5. Kate Bee - I had never heard Proenza Schouler said out loud, so it took me a moment to figure it out...

    Lisa - You are cracking me up. And yes, to-ast. Don't drop crumbs on your ironic coin skort.

  6. I'll never pronounce Chloe the same way either. Have you watched the other videos? I'm dying here.

  7. Now I'm watching all the other videos. HiLArious!

  8. well i loved it..not sure what that says about me?? ..but i am allllways trying to explain who CS is..and nobody ever knows? WTF?

  9. I must live under a rock.

  10. i chuckled through most of this, no belly laughs for me but definitely entertaining enough for me!
    and the final season of Big Love - OMG! i can't wait until you watch it, i don't know ANYONE else who does, i've had nobody to talk about it with! please get on that Netflixing ASAP

  11. I get the references and I get why it *should* be funny, but it didn't quite work for me ("to-ast" got a chuckle, though).

  12. Ok, so the to-ast part was the highlight for me, though I did get many of the other references..just chuckle level response, even so.

    But now I think I'm going to watch the other Chloe videos just to give it a chance.

    I didn't like Dexter until the fourth or fifth episode, so maybe I'm just slow...

  13. i have hearted chloe and her weirdness since "kids". the huz and i watched every blessed (see what i did there) episode of the big love. you must tell what you think of the end!

    i shall also be pronouncing it "to-ast". wtf is hawaiian sweet bread?!!"?? should i know?

  14. Lisa - Only a couple. I liked this one best. I love this Chloe man! He does it so well!

    Miranda - It's a huge time suck, isn't it?

    Lynn - It most likely means you don't waste loads of time poring over fashion magazines and and other such stuff.

    jen - I will let you know! Dying to get my hands on it and start watching!! Very few people I know watch either. And it's so good!

    Wendy - I know. I don't know why I find it so much funnier than others.

    Stevie - Yah, sigh. You and most people I know. Oh, Dexter. I was opposed to it because of the idea and then I wound up loving it soooo much. That show is so well done.

    Coleen - She drives me kind of crazy. I hate how she stands around all bad-posturey and pouty - and I think this guy imitates that perfectly!

    I cannot wait to start devouring Big Love! The best thing about having missed the season is that we can watch multiple at one time!

    As for Hawaiian sweet bread - no clue. I make my to-ast with wheat bread.


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